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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Fiction - Elspeth in Fantasy Land [Place Holder]


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This thread is a place holder for a 'story' I am writing using Elspeth.

The world described within is a fantasy world that I have been working on for a very long time and I recently decided to get back to writing something in it. What follows is me putting Elspeth within this setting in order to look at the world with fresh eyes. By writing about her within the setting it is forcing me to think more deeply about the setting itself. As I said this is not a real story, as it does not contain all the elements of a story like conflict, etc... it's just me putting her in the setting and seeing what happens and what ideas it gives me. That said, if you just want to read about the setting itself and find it interesting, then more power to you. If you read it for 'story' you'll probably be disappointed.

If anyone is interested in reading it, just let me know... I certainly wouldn't mind suggestions and opinions on the setting. It is much like the World Building project, in that a friend and I worked on building the world for several years as a campaign world. Because of that, it has a depth that many fantasy worlds lack, but it's been years since I really did anything with it. As I said above, by putting Elspeth into the setting (a non-fantasy character), it is making me look at the setting from a different perspective and ask questions that I never dug into in the past. Hopefully the result will make the world not only unique, but also give it even greater verisimilitude. (ooh, big word!) wink

As for Elspeth, she has Crosstime travel so from the her perspective she has just traveled to a very far divergent 'Earth'.

Because I intend to eventually try to get stories within this fantasy world published, I'm not exactly eager to put it out here on the net where ideas could be stolen. Unfortuneately, it's not possible to make threads Private and restrict access, so instead I will put them in PM. If anyone really wants to read what's being written I'll be happy to shoot it to you in PM provided you agree not to share details with anyone else or use my ideas without permission.

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Just an update for those who might be curious, if there are any.

*Looks around the room at all and doesn't see anyone...*

I hit page 101, in my little 'story'. It's actually worked out pretty successfully so far. While it's not something I'd ever try to publish since it doesn't have all the elements of a real story, it has been great for helping me to flesh out things that I never thought about when I was younger and just playing in it as a game world.

Best of all, it's actually sparked a whole other story idea for a novel that I might pursue later.

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