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[OpNet] Now Hiring...

Sakurako Hino

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I'm looking for a couple of Novas who don't mind the labor, to help move my stuff into my new abode. It's not that far of a trip, and the hazards are minimal (All of a 1% risk of tripping and falling overboard from the deck).

All room and board arrangements will be covered, as well as food requirements.

The total time needed to completely move my earthly belongings will take no more than 7 days, and no less than 3.

Who's interested? ^_^

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This is a little disappointing. I'd a figured you for just folding up your boat into a tesseract cube then having it carried to the new digs by your race of manufactured human/cat hybrids servitors.


Seriously, you couldn't afford me and eruption didn't change my views of moving day enough to want to do it when its someone else's stuff.

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I'm in. I need a little vacation. It would be nice to socialize with Novas in person.

I'll need a ride though. Although I can "fly" I'm not very good at it. If I fall in the ocean, I'll sink real fast. And I'd rather not walk along the bottom of the Pacific.

So get me out there, and I'll definitely help.

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The now hiring was the joke, but the offer of room and board stands.

So far, it looks like I got Totem, Conduit, and Long, and a Maybe on Jager and Amped.

Machina, Your price I ain't payin.

It'll be a while, so those that need schedules opened, this'll take a couple weeks to set up.

Thanks again for taking a moment ^_^

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Originally posted by Long:
Hey Conduit can you be at Dynatech Labs in LA before 2 am? if so you can hitch a ride with me on the company jet.
If I had read this message earlier, I might have. Thanks for the offer, nothing trip on a private jet.

Since we aren't doing this for a little while I guess I have plenty of time to plan for this.

Amped, if you still wanna come down give me a PM.
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