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World of Darkness: The Academy - [Mortal] Isaac Rotterdown

Isaac Rotterdown

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High School Junior

Always seems to have some sort of illness (runny nose, coughing fits, etc.) Will not generally talk about his illnesses though, most commonly attributing them to a weak immune system (while in fact he has a very strong one that is slowly being overwhelmed by leukemia). Isaac is a bit of a stoic, and doesn't like to show people that his life is quite difficult, though those closest to him could probably figure it out quickly.

He will persevere through just about anything, often giving more than he can afford to. He has forced himself through his life thus far, and is determined to make every day count for something. He will generally not ask for help, but will offer help where he can. This can lead to him getting a bit overwhelmed by everything he takes on.

School wise, he has a knack for all sciences, and especially chemistry. He is also a gifted investigator, loving to solve puzzles, fancying himself as a young Sherlock Holmes.

On the rare days that he is not feeling the pain of his maladies in his joints, he is a capable athlete, running on the track team.

He often seems to be a font of unending useless knowledge, although from time to time his mind will make a useful connection to the situation.

Physical Appearance:

Tall (6'3") skinny (155 lbs) light tan skin (though he has rather severe farmer's tanlines) can have a sickly appearance from time to time depending on his current illness, brown hair and bright green eyes

Mental (Secondary)

Int 2

Wit 2

Res 3

Physical (Tertiary)

Str 2

Dex 2

Sta 2

Social (Primary)

Pre 2

Man 2

Com 4

Mental Skills (Primary)

Academics 2

Computer 1

Investigation 3 (Puzzles)

Occult 2

Science 3 (Chemistry)

Physical Skills (Secondary)

Athletics 2

Brawl 1

Larceny 2

Stealth 2

Social Skills (Tertiary)

Empathy 1 (Lies)

Persuasion 1

Subterfuge 2


Encyclopedic Knowledge (4)

Natural Immunity (1)

Iron Stamina (2)

Virtue: Fortitude

Vice: Pride

Health 7

Will 7/7

Speed 9

Size 5

Morality 7

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