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World of Darkness: The Darkness of Space - New Game: The Darkness of Space


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It has been a long time since the first War of the Triat when the Wyrm, the Weaver, and the Wyld were removed from direct influence over Earth as the supernatural community banded together to stop Gehenna. Eight hundred years after the first War of the Triat, with those from Earth scattered among the stars, the second War of the Triat ripped through the universe. Planets, species, breeds, clans, tribes, all known peoples took sides in this ultimate war for the future of everything. In the end, the Triat and some of their more devoted followers were removed from the universe. In this new age of peace Gaia and Osiris, the strength behind the battle, again took themselves from creation, stepping back to allow the universe to proceed and grow on its own.

Everyone knows that the reason the Triat had to be removed was that the Weaver caused the Wyrm to become insane, destroying balance and causing the universe wobble dangerously on the verge of ultimate destruction. There are rumors that there was a dark force from beyond creation whispering in the Weaver's ear. And with hushed voices some speak of the darkness as an entity that will not stop until the Universe is destroyed. Rational people know these rumors are the products of overactive imagination and a need to understand the unknown.

On the edge of the known universe sits a planet, known as Incarnum, previously untouched by the war on the other worlds. A world of myst and magic in constant flux. Many of the races had spoken of a need for a place of peace where all could gather and organize and speak and trade with each other. A place far enough from normal space that it is not under the influence of any of the current powers. When the planet of Incarnum was discovered, a moon in its orbit was deemed a perfect location for this United Planets Base.

The United Planets Base would be a place where all peoples were welcome and could work in harmony. Each major race is invited to send an ambassador for a council that would work to insure fair trading and continued peace. The base would also house researchers who would study the planet Incarnum below the moon base. And it would be a port of call and a place of trade for any non-embargoed items [no drugs no weapons no slaves].

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This is a game using Old World of Darkness rules but with twists that come from the passage of time and the introduction of space travel.

The Wyrm, the Weaver, and the Wyld are gone - though many of the spirits they created are left behind. Those that could not change left with them, others were changed by the touch of Gaia or Osiris.

The following OWoD characters are options in this game:

Normal Mortal Humans:

Ever present and ever adaptable.


Garou have spread into space with a fierce will. Many of the tribes participated in setting up a Garou only planet called New Gaia, and though some still travel among the other races, the percentage of Garou on the United Planets base is about the same as the Garou population in the late 20th century on Earth.

The most populous tribes outside of New Gaia are the Glass Walkers and the Bone Gnawers. Two tribes were lost to time, the Red Talons, most of whom sacrificed themselves in the first War of the Triat, those who survived were too few to keep the tribe alive. The Silver Fangs have also become extinct. Their policy of inbreeding proved unsustainable and they died out. The Uktena and Wendigo tribes combined and took on the name of their fallen brother, Croatan, tribal gifts from both tribes are available to the new combined tribe.


No longer fighting the War of Rage, some of the Fera have grown and spread out in the universe, others, unable to adapt have waned.

The most common Fera are the Bastet. Adaptable and curious, they love the adventures of space and most of the Bastet thrive. Following closely behind the Bastet are the Kitsune. Sly tricksters, they are clever and outgoing and adapted to space well. The fact that their metis are not cursed and they do not invoke delirium makes the Kitsune ideally suited to this new age. The Ratkin quickly spread out into space, as is their want, and the Nuwisha found their ability to adapt served them well as the traveled among other peoples.

The Ananasi disappeared at the end of the first War of the Triat and have not been seen since. No one knows what happened to them. The Mokale have slowly died out, not able to adapt to the changing universe. Two Zhong Lung remain on earth, but there are no other of the breed still alive. The Nagah find that their quest for balance seems meaningless after the second War of the Triat and have slowly begun to fade away. A few of the Nagah remain, but they will not long survive as a species. Rokena have also mostly disappeared. It is said there is a colony of Rokena on a planet made almost entirely of water, but if they are, they have cut all contact with the rest of the universe. The Corax have neither faltered nor thrived but continued as they were. The Gurahl do not easily spread beyond Earth. There are some on New Gaia and other worlds full of forests and mountains, but it is rare to see one outside a forest. However, the Gurahl are recognized as wise protectors and are honored where ever they go.


Mages have not only survived, but thrived since the first War of the Triat. The evidence of the supernatural world no longer kept a secret, much that caused paradox in times past no longer bears that burden. There is still paradox, the collective minds of the universe still strong, but minor magics are accepted and paradox free. However, Hedge magic stopped working, no one knows why. Psychic powers, however, became much more common and do not suffer from paradox. All traditions are acceptable for a Mage character [if you want something other than the basic traditions, feel free to PM me about it].

Mages have discovered a way to imbue artificial blood with viate, allowing the kindred to go without feeding from a living source indefinitely. This is a time consuming and difficult process that only a mage with Forces and Prime may use.


The Jyhad is over. It is said all the Antediluvians are dead. The Clans have been restructured and rules have been applied and enforced. A vampire can not feed from an unwilling donor. They are forbidden to kill and may only turn those who request the embrace after an approval process that insures the likely stability of the new Kindred.

Vampires are no longer tied to sleep during the day and take reduced damage from direct sunlight [each degree of sunlight damage is reduced by one]. Golconda Vampires are not damaged by Holy, Hallowed, True Faith.

The Tremere lost themselves with the loss of Hedge magic and are no longer a clan. One or two of them might still wander, but much of their power is lost with the absence of Thaumaturgy. The Followers of Set followed the mad Wyrm in the last war and were banished with the Triat. The Giovanni are on the brink of extinction, their family too scattered to continue as they have. Only the artificial blood gained from Mages keeps them going, few people willing to donate to their kiss. Malkovian, Nosferatu, and Tzimisce are all rare, few new childer apply or are allowed to these clans. Assamite claim to also be few in number, rumors disagree. Both Toreador and Ravnos thrive and between them are the most likely clans to be anywhere in any numbers. All other clans are still around. A new clan, Aven is also available but isn't overly populous. [PM me if interested for more info on clan Aven.]


The magic of Ancient Egypt was again awakened in the world when Osiris returned. The Amenti themselves were returned to the cycle [yes, there is reincarnation in this game] but those who find balance before the Judges can learn Hekau Paths. [For the purpose of rules, treat them as Udja-senn.]


Changelings are Changelings, the seem unchanged by the wars or exploring space.


They had been locked away for eons. But before the second War of the Triat Lucifer visited them. He spoke with the Fallen and his words eased their pain and torment. He explained they were part of The Plan. All who heard him know that they were told The Plan and that they chose to forget his words in order to continue in the Universe. Others chose to return to the cycle, changed but part of the whole again. Fallen who remained were able to journey out into the universe without physical form and without being drawn back to the abyss. They could only join with those who welcomed them in, usually choosing those who were dying. Fallen can not access Torment for powers or form. They still remember their past, but the memory of their time imprisoned and all the rage and hatred that came with it have been lost, they are at peace, nearly angelic again.


With the new peace, there is no need for Hunters, they do not exist. [[Mostly - I don't have the book and am not going to get it, so no Hunters.]] Ghosts are pulled back into the cycle of reincarnation [[another book I don't have]]. Other: I think I've addressed all the ones I have books for, but it's possible I missed something, feel free to PM me if you have questions about an OWoD type I have not addressed.



They exist and there will be many different types here. However, since I don't know what everyone wants to play, I'm going to build that database as I'm asked for specifics or need them for NPCs.


Syolis come from a planet with .82 Earth gravity. From the outside it almost looks like a gas giant, the air thick with gasses that contribute to great crystalline growths. The cities of the Syolis are grown from seed crystals and are beautiful in striated colors and designs. While the Syolis can survive in Earth based environments, humans and most other species can not visit the surface of Lisyol [syolis home planet] without a full environment suit. The main problem for visitors is that the gets in the lungs and crystallizes. Syolis have delicate wings which allow them to fly through the air of their home planet, but are not useful in environments with thinner air and/or heavier gravity. Other than the wings and crystalline growth on their bodies, the Syolis are much like standard humans in build and capabilities. They are not as strong [max str 4 dots] but much more graceful [max dex 6].


Planet of Incarnum:

Deep in the Wilds the Incarnum Mysts lay so heavily upon the ground that the sounds of the world are muffled. Masters of Magic have long known of the powerful energies in the Myst and have learned how to tap into those energies to create spells of immense strength.

Not all who have tried to tap into the Myst have been masters, and the Myst twists the wills of those unable to contain them, warping their minds and turning their spells awry.

Once, all peoples were the same. Then came the time of the First Myst Storm and the world was remade as the Myst lashed out at those who could not wield it’s strength and rippled forth onto every thinking being.

Unto each part of the world did the Myst Storm twist the people, finding common cause for each place and people.

Given to the caves and cliffs of the mountains were the Tanygres. Their skin hard and colored like unto the rock walls of their cave dwellings. They also gained wings, which allowed them to find new purchase and explore new homes. The Tanygres were the most isolated of the peoples, living in a region few others could reach or survive.

Given to the forests were the Avoral. Losing their hands to two sets of wings, the Avoral became excellent fliers, able to maneuver in the dense trees of their homes. They made their nests in the tops of the tallest of trees, willingly isolating themselves from the other peoples. However, with much of value for trade, the Avoral remained in contact with the other peoples.

Given to the deserts were the Liskash. Their hides becoming thick with scale while their coloration ranged the gambit of hues. They removed themselves deep into their deserts, having little dealings with the other peoples and only trading for what was necessary.

Given to the meadows and open places were the Mrem. Their new soft fur insulating them from the vagaries of weather with coloration that allowed them to blend in with their surroundings. The most social of the peoples, they gathered together and built great cities, trading with all other peoples.

Given to the rivers and lakes were the Fenlings. Their oily fur keeping them dry and warm while their small size allowed them ease in escaping predators. The Fenlings are the most outgoing of the peoples, however their slow wits and small size leads many of the other peoples to view them as little more than children. Fenlings have some of the most sought after trade goods.

As the peoples were changed by the Myst, they gathered together with others like themselves. Soon intolerances of those different from themselves grew and hostilities abounded.

None know how the war started, though the Mrem claim the Liskash attacked first, while the Liskash contend that the Mrem were responsible. But the origin of the combat is inconsequential. The lands were ravaged by conflict for hundreds of years. The Mrem allied with the Avoral and the Liskash allied with the Tanygres. The Fenlings remained neutral, being friendly to all and keeping trade open. The other peoples, viewing the Fenlings as children in need of protection, did not bring the war to them.

As the war raged, Mages on both sides of the conflict pulled great energies from the Incarnum Mysts. On the four hundred twenty eighth year of warring, the Myst Raged. Sweeping out across the land the Second Myst Storm changed the face of the world. And again were the peoples changed, though this time, the change was to their magic.

The Second Myst Storm changed the land such that where there once was lush forest, now stood barren desert. And where once stood mountains now were layed low to plains. All the land was changed, and all the peoples struggled to survive as their homes were no longer suited to them.

And with the changing of the land, came the withdraw of Magic. Those born with the Talent to use magic are now very rare, as are the other Talents of Power. For some this change affects little, for others, their very survival is impacted as the use of Magic is necessary to successfully breed.

And so came the time of peace, as the peoples learned to rely on each other to survive in the changed world. Still there are lingering animosities between the Mrem and Liskash, though the other races have put their differences aside. It is hoped these two peoples will soon follow suit, though the hatred of ages makes such healing difficult.

There has been passed a Law unto all Peoples that the Myst is sacrosanct. None may use its power lest they suffer death at the hands of the people. None wish to see another Myst Storm. And with the ban is lost many ancient wonders of Magic, no single mage being able to summon the energies needed without the Myst.

[[more info will follow as needed/requested]]

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Given to the meadows and open places were the Mrem. Their soft fur insulating them from the vagaries of weather with coloration that allowed them to blend in with their surroundings. The most social of the peoples, they gathered together and built great cities, trading with all other peoples.

5% of Mrem have True Magic.
20% of Mrem have Empathy.
10% of Mrem have Precognition or Postcognition - only 5% have both

Mrem are skilled in Stealth, Jumping, Climbing and Balancing.
Mrem are weak in Swimming and Bluffing.



Given to the forests were the Avoral. Losing their hands to two sets of wings, the Avoral became excellent fliers, able to maneuver in the dense trees of their homes. They made their nests in the tops of the tallest of trees, willingly isolating themselves from the other peoples. However, with much of value for trade, the Avoral remained in contact with the other peoples.

Either Sha or Laf Avoral may hatch from any egg. While parentage will be a factor, even two Sha may have Laf offspring.

4% of Sha Avoral have True Magic.
7% of Laf Avoral have True Magic.
30% of both Sha and Laf Avoral have Telekinesis.
5% of the Laf Avoral have Luminkinesis [light manipulation].

Avoral are skilled in Highly Maneuverable Flight, Perception, Balance
Avoral are weak in Swimming and Stealth



Given to the deserts were the Liskash. Their hides becoming thick with scale while their coloration ranged the gambit of hues. The removed themselves deep into their deserts, having little dealings with the other peoples and only trading for what was necessary.

5% of Liskash have True Magic.
20% of Liskash have Pyrokinesis [firestarter]
10% of Liskash have Microkinesis [allows celular level alterations - healing, breeding, etc]

Liskash are skilled in Bluff, Perception
Liskash are weak in Jumping



Given to the caves and cliffs of the mountains were the Tanygres. Their skin hard and colored like unto the rock walls of their cave dwellings. They also gained wings, which allowed them to find new purchase and explore new homes. The Tanygres were the most isolated of the peoples, living in a region few others could reach or survive.

5% of Tanygres have True Magic.
20% of Tanygres have Telepathy.
10% of Tanygres have Cryokinesis [cold/ice manipulation].

Tanygres are skilled in Gliding Flight, Stealth, Perception
Tanygres are weak in Bluff, Breeding [require magic to breed]



Given to the rivers and lakes were the Fenlings. Their oily fur keeping them dry and warm while their small size allowed them ease in escaping predators. The Fenlings are the most outgoing of the peoples, however their slow wits and small size leads many of the other peoples to view them as little more than children. Fenlings have some of the most sought after trade goods.

1% of Fenlings have True Magic.
20% of Fenlings have Hydrokinesis [water manipulation].
10% of Fenlings have Adaptability [can survive in any natural environment - breath water or air - survive temperature and pressure extremes {they still need to eat and sleep}].

Fenlings are skilled in Swimming, Survival, Farming, Animal Husbandry.
Fenlings are weak in Literacy and are Slow Witted.
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NPCs of note:

Base Commander and Vampire Prince: Dove Hawke


Dove was the Prince of Atlanta and then the south east United States for centuries. She was an influential planer and a hero of the first War of the Triat. Some say she was only four years a vampire during the first WofT, others that she's much older than that, some that she consumed an antideluvian, and some that she was the first vampire to keep her soul. It is public record that she is a Ravnos, though only Clan Aven knows she is their founder. She was asked to command the Base but only accepted after Sam agreed to join.

Lead Researcher and Head Mage: Sam [no last name given]

Sam is a mystery to almost everyone. Even Dove, who has been allied with him for centuries, still doesn't know much about Sam's past. Sam was the hub of the first War of the Triat. He never actually fought himself, but he made sure everyone was where they needed to be with everything they needed and kept the different groups in constant contact. They say he is the oldest living person on Earth [or from Earth] and that he is more powerful than anyone outside of Gaia and Osiris. He says 'they' are wrong, but never elaborates. He is rather fascinated by the planet of Incarnum but even so, would only agree to personally come head up the research if Dove was the Base Commander.

Teenaged busybody/gossip and sometime Babysitter: Chickadee

Looking somewhere between 14 and 16, her sharp green eyes seem to see deeper than her age suggests. She has shoulder length blond hair and seems full of unending energy. A warm blush of health colors her cheeks even as she delivers gossip about everyone on the station. She arrived not long after the construction crews. No one is quite sure why she's here, but she keeps herself busy. She doesn't respond to probes about her name, there are rumors that she's runaway from a terrible situation and found a place for herself here. [Revealed to some as Dove - Base Commander]

Positions that require a specific request:

Ambassadors and Command Staff [security, medical, etc]

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~ Earth, being the first [and only] planet to throw the Triat off the planet before the second War of the Trait was in the best position during that war. Being the most free of their influence and spies, as well as having prospered most without their interference, they were the strong center and base for the war. Earth [and its peoples] were the real heroes of the war and everyone knows this. The voice of Earth carries more weight than that of other planets and they recovered from the war with the most resources still intact. Earth provided almost all the money and resources for the United Planets Base and while there are positions for other races and they will have a voice, those from Earth are more or less the most common inhabitants and have the most influence on the base.

~ Each supernatural type is a 'flavor' added to the character. Each alien race is a base race [like normal humans]. Each individual of any base race can only have one 'flavor'. Those can be existing supernatural types or custom supernatural flavors for that race. Basically - if a person were playing a Mrem, they could then add mage or mummy or demon or vampire or whatnot - but could not create a 'Mrem' type magic and then also add one of the other supernatural flavors.

~ Because of reincarnation - and because I'm evil and twisted - I might allow a few people to pick up the True Love merit for free - as long as it is open ended and I'm playing match maker. I'm doing this because I am well aware that though you get nifty stuff from the merit - you'll suffer if you take this option. If you would like the merit without the wicked hooks I will bring to bear, you are free to purchase it as normal - though I recommend you create the NPC your character has True Love with. Also, while normal mortals can have true love, it is stronger between those with a supernatural 'flavor'.

~ For ease, I'm going to use http://www.deathquaker.org/gaming/meritsflaws.html [thank you Death Quaker] as reference for Merits and Flaws. I am allowing Merits and Flaws to be bought by any character regardless of type so long as it makes sense for that type [ie - a werewolf can pick up a merit from the mage list as long as it isn't mage specific]. Also - there will be a new merit Freefaller [basically - you have zero-G training], and Fighter Pilot Training [allows a character to use both pilot and firearms at the same time without dice pool penalty]. [[might add more as I feel the need]]

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Ah.. the problem is that I have for the most part, just the nWoD books.. though this looks rather intriguing to me... a Mummy or Mage would be most interesting, though the Vampires are slightly interesting also.

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The easiest of those to play without a book is Vampire. Mummy might actually be the next easiest since I'm throwing most of the book out the window anyway.

I don't mind helping you through character creation without the book and getting you the basics of the info your character would need.

You can get the pdf fairly inexpensive for the base books of each of them at Drive Thru RPG.

Mage has a free quick start file here: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=58433

The full book for Mage can be bought here: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=199&it=1

Vampire free quick start is here: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=55733

Full Vampire book here: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=647&it=1

There's no free quick start for Mummy, but here's the book: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=1251&it=1

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I used to run Mage, so I know the game, but all the books I have now are nWoD.. which I prefer honestly, for mages and changelings at least..

Nevertheless, Mummy was one of my favorite oWoD books.

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I don't quite mean you have to be - but it's easier - and, honestly - I have a hard time imagining something that couldn't somehow fit as something that came from a myth [or fairy tale or scary story]. My idea is that for the most part, all things are connected - the reason there are stories of things that don't exist on Earth, is that they exist out there - and they seep into our consciousness and thus into our stories. So myths and fairy tales and scary stories are all based on things that really are in the universe. I just kind of took the themes WoD was running with and am taking them a step further.

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You would be welcome Mr. Fox. And you're welcome to try whichever. [[i am considerably more flexible with Mage rules than most people who run it which should be easier for you as a new player - but might cause some problems if you try to play it afterwords with someone else.]]

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Merits and Flaws are being used - I edited a post on the first page [post 6] earlier today - there is a link to a Merit/Flaw list created by an ST on another forum, Death Quaker. Other merits/flaws are accepted, but those are easy reference from a great variety of books.

For mortal build, I'm inclined to say use Mage - but if you prefer another build, please feel free to let me know and we can discuss it. I am also granting an extra 5 build points to mortals.

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Lol - I'm surprised anyone connected it - yes, that was my B/C shop and guild [currently on permanent hiatus] and when I decided to run this game I figured I'd use the history I'd already created there as a great basis for the planet the moon base was circling. Anyone who wants to play one of the Incarnum races can request a b/c pet from that shop for their character that will be viable for GaiaOnline [ie. certed] if they so desire.

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@Dawn - Easter itself is April 24th - will probably start a few days after that. I mostly picked it because it's on most calendars and it would keep us from having a lull from those who do celebrate [my celebration is mostly going home for a big dinner with family and watching the nieces egg hunting].

@Caninicus - You are welcome to a spot. You can indeed play a Tanygres Mage [and yes, if you are a Mage, you have that gift instead of Telepathy or Cryokinesis]. Tanygres only have gliding flight, they can't actually take off from land but can ride thermals for hours and with their clawed hands and feet can climb extremely well. For purposes of build use the base Mage build with the following changes: Max Bluff 3; Max Stealth 6; Max Perception 6; Max Stamina 4; Hollow Bones [+3 to speed while flying, -1 soak]; Wings [Gliding Flight - jumping from an elevation of at least three times their height, Tanygres can fly with a controlled glide. They are able to use thermals to rise and descend and can remain airborne for stamina x 3 hours in a natural environ [completely still air has no thermals and the Tanygres can only glide to the ground]. If rendered unconscious while gliding the Tanygres' wings lock out and they continue to glide until they are stopped by something solid.]; Conditionally Sterile [Tanygres can only reproduce with the aid of Life magic [minimum 3 dots] or Microkinesis [4 dots].

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Ah, thank you for the invite. I did have a few questions.

1). Are the 'native' races aware of the human colonists and researchers, of the base on the moon? If so, what are their typical attitudes? By ambassadors from each race, you do you mean the natural and supernatural denizens of WoD?

2). Do the natives races each have their own language? A trade or common language?

3). Is the Myst the source of all True Magic on Incarnum, or 'merely' something that had been used to turbocharge True Magick and subsequently changed the native races. Is there a penalty for using True Magick without accessing the Myst?

4). Traditions. I imagine that the natives have a very different set of traditions than the colonists. Will you be adapting existing traditions? Are there restricted traditions (Sons of Ether, Virtual Adepts?)? Are the rules for Paradox any different for natives (assuming that True Magick is openly practiced among them)?

5). Ruleset. I couldn't tell which version of Mage: The Ascension are you using? 4300, 4600?

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You're welcome.

1). Some of them are aware of the moon base. The Mrem are most likely to know, since they have the cities that can be seen from the base, most contact went through them. There are rumors throughout the rest of the populace. Most mages on Incarnum are aware.

In General here's the attitudes of the Incarnum peoples [individuals may vary]: The Mrem were approached about the base before building started and gave their permission, they know there will be some limited trading and are happy about that. The Liskash tend to dislike anything the Mrem like, but they havn't fully decided yet. The Avoral are fairly insular and as long as the people from the base don't mess with them, they really don't care what the rest of the planet does. The Tanygres have some curiosity, but they're very independent and while they're interested in what these new people might have to trade, they are mostly indifferent. The Fenlings are full of endless curiosity and boundless friendship. They're thrilled that there are new people to meet and trade with and maybe they'll have really nifty shinies.

Ambassadorial Counsel: Human, Werewolf/Ferra [so far there are only human base changing breeds], Base Commander is Vampire and takes the Vampire spot, Lead Researcher is Mage and takes the Mage/Psychic spot, Demon, Mummy, Changeling [[Counsel members may come from any planet as long as they are of the specified type - Members of the supernatural community can register their type and, once it is verified, vote for and campaign for the ruling body of their type - Ambassadors are named by their leaders.]]

Ambassadors in Full: There are Twelve total, including: One from Earth, One from Syolis [the rest are other alien races not yet decided upon]

Junior Ambassadors: One from New Gaia, One from Incarnum, [and up to 34 others for 36 total Junior Ambassadors].

2). All of the Incarnum races share a language, though there is some variation from race to race to accommodate the fact that not all can easily manage the same vocalizations. They believe the language has been the same since they were all the same race, before the First Myst Storm.

3). The Myst is a source of energy, kind of like a Node - only it's ever present. Incarnum Mages can use only their internal energies [quintessence pool] or tap into the Myst. The problem is, because they've lived with the Myst all their lives, few of them are able to tell what is their energy and what is the Myst and they have to be very careful when using any quintessence or risk pulling energy from the Myst. There is no penalty for using True Magic without the Myst. And there isn't always a penalty for using the Myst - the Myst is fickle.

4). Incarnum mages are treated as Orphans for the purpose of build, there are so few of them they don't have traditions. However, they don't lose the Tradition specialty but have a free dot of Prime to replace it. Paradox doesn't seem to exist on Incarnum - the races believe anything is possible with magic, however, the Myst to some degree takes the place of Paradox. Even if a mage doesn't use energy from the Myst, a sufficiently large usage of power might cause the Myst to backlash anyway. Normal usage doesn't cause this problem.

5). The book I have is 4600. I also have The book of Shadows [4050] if you want to use something from that.

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Very helpful answers, thank you. I don't have the Book of Shadows, but I do have Forged by Dragon's fire. Would I be correct in guessing that on a world where people believe in magic, wonders would be more common? How about Familiars?

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Wonders - both yes and no. To a very great degree, magic is looked upon as evil and bad - or at the very least that it will bring the wrath of the Myst upon the people again. The races on Incarnum accept that magic can do anything, but that if it is not treated with care and respect it will turn upon the wielder and all around him/her. Some races respect mages, others revile them. The ones who are dependent upon magic for breeding tend to look more favorably upon mages than the other races. Mrem generally hate/distrust mages.

Familiars - there are actually Familiar races on Incarnum, creatures especially attuned to the Mysts. They act not only as Familiars for mages, but are as intelligent as 3-5 year olds and make great pets for all the peoples of Incarnum. The Familiar races include [but are not limited to]:

Chidoha: th_Chidohastages.png

Amalas: th_gift.jpg

Fluffle: th_F9-1.jpg

Grylix: th_gf2.jpg

Gillibaa: th_F15.jpg Only Fenlings have access to Gillibaa [all Gillibaa are green].

Gilligruff: [no image - basically goats but green] Only Fenlings have access to Gilligruff.

So far unnamed: th_F7.jpgth_fc3.jpgth_F20.jpgth_F12.jpgth_F17.jpg

Also - I noticed I didn't get this information posted earlier:

Rite of the Mysts

There has been passed a Law unto all Peoples that the Myst is sacrosanct. None may use its power lest they suffer death at the hands of the people. None wish to see another Myst Storm. And with the ban is lost many ancient wonders of Magic, no single mage being able to summon the energies needed without the Myst. [[Most mages try to honor the law, but few are 100% effective.]]

The only exception to this ban is the Rite of the Myst. An individual may choose to take a journey of self discovery deep into the Places of Incarnum and take upon them the Will of the Myst. To undertake the Rite of the Myst the individual must first gain approval from his or her Elders. Then the journey must be undertaken into a Place of Incarnum, wherein the person carries nothing with them save a small skin of water. The Rite of the Myst changes those undergoing the rite on a basic level at the Myst's Will. Many believe the change is affected by the mind of the ritualist, yet not all are changed as they would have wanted and some change not at all.

The Avoral are the most likely to undertake a Rite of the Myst, unable to gain their adult form without undergoing the Rite. However, as it is a racial necessity, the Elders are much more likely to grant permission for the Rite and the journey is less tedious as the route to the Places of Incarnum near Avoral Forests has long been tamed and made comfortable.

The Liskash are the only other race to regularly have members who undergo the Rite of the Myst. Many of their warriors undergo the rite, it's results establishing their placement in special forces. The journey to the Places of Incarnum near the Liskash's deserts is very strenuous and not all survive it.

The Mrem, as a people, avoid the Rite of the Myst fearing the changes it brings about. Few Mrem have undergone the rite and of those alive who have, only one did so willingly.

The Tanygres occasionally take the Journey and undergo the rite, though such cases are rare.

The Fenlings live in the low places, where the Mysts lay heavy and thus far, no Fenling has undergone any changes during the undertaking of a Rite of Myst.

Familiars seem unaffected by the Mysts.

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This is going to be fun!

I'm guessing that undergoing the Rite would be something to be roleplayed out? Definitely something I'd be interested in. Ditto a familiar, most likely one that flies/glides. Do you have any available information on the social structure of the Tanygres?

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So I'm batting around two ideas and I'd like people to give me ideas for which they would prefer to see.

The first is a deaf engineer; she's young and new to this 'career' concept. She has tech that interprets sounds into text on a HUD or colors, so she 'sees' sounds (this is to compensate for the limitations that I worry would negatively affect game-play, hence I'd be taking the deaf flaw at half-cost - basically she could be subject to the full limitations if her tech is damaged or stolen).

The second is a burned-out security officer. She's seen action in a war she thought was just and she's still wrestling with the psyche-scarring issues she was exposed to. She's guilty about some of the things she's done or helped bring about, but she still feels that she did the right thing. Incarnum would be a chance at a fresh start and to bury her ghosts.

I like both ideas equally so I'm kinda stuck. Does anyone have comments, concerns or preferences?

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I don't have much info on the social structure of the Tanygres. There arn't alot of them and they live in [structured] caves they carve out of mountains [fairly high up]. They have very close family bonds [comes from the issues they have with breeding] but are usually reserved with outsiders.

Familiars are available with the background.

Rite of the Myst is indeed something that would be RPed.

Dawn - I still love the deaf engineer - the burnt out security officer can work too - but I think the engineer is a bit more fun and novel. Of course, I'll work with whatever you want to make. [[it's been almost 2 1/2 years since the war.]]

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Okay, last questions (I think) before I do chargen. What is are the relative tech levels of the natives? Of the Tanygres in particular? It sounds like the Mrem might be the most technologically advanced of the Incarnians, while the Tanygres, being so isolated have less exposure.

Also, is the Myst something that permeates in Incarnum as a whole, or is it something mostly confined to a single area? Does it have a constant thickness or presence, or does it vary in characteristic from time to time?

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Mrem are the most advanced - think Roman level technology. Because there is trading, other races do have some access to that technology, but the Tanygres are mostly stone workers. They have artisans who carve their cave dwellings into spectacular masterpieces of form and function. Because each race is really adapted to the environment they live in, there isn't alot of need for technology. However, there is the occasional relic found that indicates Incarnum was once a much more advanced society.

The Myst is somewhat omnipresent. There are wispy swirls of its energy everywhere, but there are areas of deep myst, where it pools in undulating curtains. These are the areas where the Rite of the Myst is performed. There you can not see anything not directly in front of your nose except the eddies of glowing color that light the Myst. Where it is thickest, one can not breath without drawing power deep into the lungs. The higher one goes in the world, the less likely one is to find Deep Myst. However, sometimes cave carvers find pockets or even Wells of Myst. A few mages and philosophers have speculated that the Myst comes from the planet, that something happened to crack open the power center of the world and it's bleeding Myst.

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