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[OpNet] Well, you learn something new evryday.

Blue Cherry

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I was reading a book, it is one that is hard to come by. I think there only a few hundred in it's only printing. But it was rather interesting. "The legal status of the thinking machine"

Let me get the points I found interesting. It posed the question, what would the legal status be of a computer who could "think"? And what would be the legal status of a non-earth based life?Would it mater if it was "smart" or not?

These topics are more pivotal to me when you take the teragen mind set that Novas are not Human, and the fact that corporations are "people". I think we really have to ask oursleves this, on what grounds should things be given legal rights? Does the ability to think equal life, or does flesh in blood. But in any case I am still thinking on this one, so I couldn't tell you my stance on this topic.

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