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Mutants & Masterminds: Future Imperfect - Powerpoints Rewards (House-Rule) Hard Cap


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In it’s first incarnation I had a house rule for XP-Rewards especially concerning Fics. Back then the major `issue´ was that some players simply didn’t have the time to write lots of Fics which would put them at a disadvantage to those who had both more time and more creativity at their disposal. Since I’d like to keep the PCs at a roughly similar powerlevel I was faced with the problem of dealing with this.

On the one hand I wanted to reward those, who put time and effort to flesh out the world and their PCs, on the other hand I didn’t want to ´punish´ those who didn’t. The middleroad was the creation of XP-Caps which still gave those who wrote loads of fics an advantage while not ´gimping´ those who didn’t. I’m looking for a simliar solution with M&M and came up with the following house-rule.

I will reward Fics with PowerPoints and maybe occasionally a HeroPoint (or a combination of both), Maximum will be 3 PPs (although I expect most Fics to reward 1 PP) and 1 HP. Now comes the new Cap-Rule for Powerpoints rewards.

I have a general rough sketched plan of how Characterprogress should develop. The PCs should be at X PP and Y PL at a certain point in the progression of the story, just to keep things challenging and rewarding. In order to maintain that rough range There’ll be a PP Cap to make sure that no one gets ahead too far or falls back too far.

I define a hard Cap depending on the Progress of the story. Currently the Hard Cap is simply the current Maximum PPs (150) + 20. Normally the PP Max would be 120 PP (PL 8 = 120 PP) but you all got more PPs for character creation, even those who joined at a later point (I think only Jaunt and Felicienne atm). Normally 150 PP would be PL 10

This means the highest PP maximum as of now is 170 PP.

The only exception to this rule are Jameson (Travis) and Asarasa (Felicienne) whose cap is 3 PP higher (173) – this is a special reward for their extensive help in explaining rules especially during Character Creation/Conversion from Aberrant to M&M 3e.

I will update this Thread as the story progresses and the PP rewards rise but as general rule you can assume a roughly +20 PP range between those who write tons of fics and those who doesn’t.

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