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[OpNet] Teragen, Totem, and the QNA?, or: Media Migraine

billy Horrorshow

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Hey Totem, just heard your name on the McDevitt hour of "joy" or whatever he's peddling these days.

I heard your story...or more correctly, I've seen a media splash of it off and on every dozen or so news reels...But what's up with Andy "Poster child of the QNA" Vance being in the same boat as you? Sadly I blink (unlike a few of you) from time to time, looks like I missed something. This crap I need to stay on top of.

Temporary Tangent: Oh and because I got a great "Why the hell do you hang out with Rodney "The Rainbow" Rodi?" PM...(You Homophobic Son of Bitch that's strike Two)

Yes, I am officially a card carrying Ally of the QNA. Not a full member, but even if I was, not a big deal. It's more or less a membership card to Rodi's better parties. And for what it's worth...me and Rodi went to the same damn elementary school...Which is why I'm interviewed all over his damn biography. So I'm not as much the social leech that I look like sometimes. smile You'll notice that in defending my relation to the QNA I at no point bring up the issue I don't love man-flesh. Oh crap. I just did. Damn it. Changes the context of being the comedic "straight" man. :stops digging his QNA grave: Let's move back on topic. Damn my tangents are random.

Oh and back on topic:

Totem, if you haven't granted an interview yet then I really suggest you do it. I can get you in touch with some bigwigs who would give you air time, relatively few questions asked. Of course, if public opinion sways too soon...they won't touch you. Not a threat or an incentive: Just a sad fact. I've lost friends not to the Teragen but the spin machine that labelled them as such.

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I really have no idea what is going on with this whole thing. I am not even sure what happened with Andy while he was in Cheyenne. All I know is I just wanted to watch a god damn movie. Now because of the lesson given to Cheyenne, the company I keep and what I look like people just assume that I am a Terat. Now I am sure they will consider me a member of QNA simply because Iron Skin was mentioned in the same sentence as my name. At this moment in my life I don't think I have what it takes to be in either organization let alone both.

Personally I think Cheyenne is allowed to be as backward and full of hate as they want to be but that doesn't mean I am to be barred from a movie because of what I am.

I was out at the mailbox earlier and could smell chewing tobacco and B.O. which means that CoMA is casing me again... I just don't need this, Mr. Bailey a Restraining order would be nice. Can it be against an organization?

For some reason most journalists tend to avoid a one on one sit down with me. During the Pow Wow it was just mass interviews believe it or not none of the reporters wanted a personal face to face interview. With the exception of course Mr. James Najarian who did such a nice photo shoot of me. (Does that even count though?)

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I did not do what I did because of Ironskin, or Totem, but because

A)bigotry and hatred is bad, and

B)bigotry and hatred aimed at novas is in my opinion worse.

The final straw in this for me was the intervention of the police force AGAINST someone who had done nothing wrong.

In the future, I will continue to act against other injustices that I precieve, when I can. I believe baseline humanity can live in a blessed state of love, understanding, and tolerance.

If you pedal hate and fear, you had best pray to whatever diety(s) you believe in that you do not cross my path.

Live, love and learn.

Hate and die.

Your choice.

Totem, Andy, if I have added any difficulties to your lives, I apologize.

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Well, I know a few nova fanboys gone journalist here at N!tv that would probably be more than eager to talk to you one on one. It's not Larry King or even Snapper Carl or whoever, but it'll get on N! if you do it soon.

And don't worry about the QNA connection. Officially if you're in the QNA you can't be a Terat. I do say officially...unofficially I have no clue. Of course being thought of in either isn't really too keen with the CoMA boys.

But PM me if you want the interview set up. It's not like I have anything else to do while I heal. I'd do it myself, but, well, I do monster movies. Might send the wrong idea. Or the right one, since this whole thing started with a monster movie after all. :shrug: Just an offer.

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And I thought those that call in on Coast to Coast were nut-jobs at times.

Here's the way I see it. Image is a double edged sword. It helps and hurts in equal parts.

Thing is, when it's a run-away in either direction, it ALWAYS hurts in the end. You either become so popular that you can't get a minute's peace, or you're so reviled and despized that everyone is gunning for you.

Then again, no one could give a darn about you either, but that's another story.

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Originally posted by Endeavor:
You either become so popular that you can't get a minute's peace, or you're so reviled and despized that everyone is gunning for you.
What's amazing is when someone can pull off both. smile People love to bitch. Why do you think we still have the "2 Minute Hate" as a prime form of entertainment?
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