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[OpNet] Hello kids. What's the news?


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Yes, it's yours truely. Minneapolis's most favorite bachelor elf, once again trolling the corners of the OpNet for his latest playboy-ish fling.

Of course, looking for new jobs sometimes consumes my time as well.

So, how's it hangin. (I know for Charr it's alot. I dig the Tentacles by the way.)

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Heh. Sorry for the long... LONG delay.

I've been, doing some ultra-spooky crap.

Stuff I don't want to talk about here. Nor anywhere. At least my involvement stopped it's movement. But I can't help but think of what happened if I wasn't there.

Seriously thinking of getting back into Interpol. I know an old crew of friends of mine who'd like to get the band back together.

Ever hear of the team in Interpol called "Archangel"?

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smile We'll leave it at that then... Sometimes you scare me with what you know. Perhaps over a secure line we could discuss this.

Unfortuantely right now, the band is starting to lose members. I might be needing your help, very soon. If my sinking suspicions are correct, I may be hunted. Maybe not, it could just be an unfortunate accident too.

Just so I don't twist your head too badly, Two of my ex-compatriots got killed in a car accident. They're saying mechanical failure... but I'm never sure unless I see the part that malfunctioned, you dig?

So, I'm just wondering if I should sniff around, and see if it's legit, and possibly tip my hand to whoever did the dirt if it's like that. If it was an accident, it was just a concerned friend. No harm no foul.

I'm just being paranoid, but you gotta be especially in my former line of work. I do have enemies that I have made in the past before my eruption, and even though I'm the keebler elf of doom, I'm still a target even today.

So are my former partners.

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Perhaps it was my rational mind that moved me here to post my... dirty laundry as it were.

Then again, I didn't want to admit two of my best friends were dead because of a mundane circumstance.

I'm... talking to someone right now about it. They say it's just a phase of mourning but... I never thought I'd be the type to do so.

I mean, I have been one hardcore operator for years, now...

I don't know, perhaps I'm getting soft... and un-needingly paranoid.

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