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EarthDawn: A Brave New World - [Travel/Combat] Nayobee


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I'll need init after my next post, but can I please have 6 Quality of Life* rolls from you.

*A Quality of Life roll is something that I use to determine how good or bad something is going to be for a character. It is a single d10 roll. Some times I may be looking for high numbers, other times low numbers, you never know. This is just one way that I allow players to have a hand (even if it's just rolling dice) in their own fate.

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Jomano holds action to intercept 1st attacking griffon

G1 Dive attack - Average success

Jomano intercepts G1's attack - Average success

G1 damages Jomano - 12 damage

Jomano damages G1 - 12 damage

Nayobee, please post your actions/intentions

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Nayobee saw the Griffon striking down on Jomano and for split second she flinched. She had never been this close to one of these beasts and they looked even more impressive from up close. Her Warrior instincts took over fast enough and she launched herself upwards gaining a brief advantage over the Griffon timing her strike with a spectacular summersault as she sent her blade down across its neck.

Acrobatic Strike vs. Griffon 1 (1d10.open(10)+1d6.open(6)=8) Attack Roll = 8 – Strain 1, New Physical Defense because of Acrobatic Strike is 12 until her next turn.

If hit is succesful: Damage roll (1d10.open(10)+1d8.open(8)=8) Damage = 8 – if attack hits

Damage taken: 1

Karma left: 24

Damage: 1/63/78

Karma: 24/25

Physical Def: 12

Attack - Average success

Damage roll: 8

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Jomano releases Air Dance, new Init: 11

Jomano Anticipates Blow on G1: Extraordinary success

Jomano Melee attacks G1: Average Success

Jomano damages G1: 16dmg

G1 resists knockdown: Failed - G1 knocked down

Free action: Jomano tells Nayobee to help 'him'(the servant)

G1 stands up

(G2 still prone/knocked down.)

Nayobee's turn.

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Nayobee nodded at Jomano and quickly closed the gap to the still prone Griffon taking advantage of the situation. Her strike was graceful and supernaturally agile as she brought down her blade on its large body while offering as little as possible to be attacked in return.

Click to reveal..

Acrobatic Strike - causes 1 Strain, adds 3 to Physical Resistance

Acrobatic Strike vs. Griffon #2 (1d10.open(10)+1d6.open(6)=11) - if 11 hits her Damage roll is: Acrobatic Strike vs. Griffon #2 (1d10.open(10)+1d6.open(6)=11) 7 Damage.

Damage Taken: 2

Karma Left: 24

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