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[OpNet] Endeavor rides again.

Sakurako Hino

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Officially, as of now, I have re-purchased the rights to my name.

I have noticed that when I put my name on the market, it's value went down, by word of mouth. Pretty much, people associated me, Sakurako, with the name.

So, once again, at a discount, have taken on the mantle I had at the beginning.

I feel I deserve to have the name once more.

And it feels good to be Endeavor once more.

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My favorite to this day is Patrick Guinness, spokesnova for Guinness Stout.

What's even better is that the man isn't originally part of the Guinness family. Patrick Callahan changed his last name to Guinness as part of his contract with the company.

You might think that's sad, but you can't deny how jaunty that little leprechaun costume is.

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Originally posted by Ian 'Very Bad' Blakely:
You're right, and being named after a cheap liquor is such a hot deal?
Damn, Ian, and you had a world-renown PR/Image-making company working for you. Did you ignore their advice, or was Very Bad the best they could come up with for your vanilla ass?
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