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[OpNet] Conversation on Codex...

Sakurako Hino

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I just figured out why I've been getting this weird deja vu vibe listening to Hino and MacLachlan getting down into their mutual admiration snuggle for the last 24-hours. There use to be this show from the '60s about two gay zips wearing colored panty hose, pretending they were novas and getting into shit. I think it was called "Flatman and Robin." No shit, check it out.

I was wondering how any two modern novas could be that incredibly insipid but now I get it. Its a joke. You know, a couple of months ago I thought MacLachlan was a humorless BSBA dyke and was wondering about Hino but this was actually pretty funny. Just goes to show; its the quiet ones you got watch out for.


"Holy bikini! That was a close shave. Thanks Nova Maid."


"No, thank you girl chum. Luckily you were able to create a power supply using the only paperclip for a thousand miles and my toenail clippings to charge this beast,"

(MacLachlan holds up suspiciously cylindrical object)

Hino (blushing):

"Oh gosh, thank you. It was nothing you wouldn't have done for me with mutiple doctorates in hydraulic engineering, physics, computer science and divinity plus a nuclear fusion reactor I just happened to have."

MacLachlan (holding Hino about the shoulders):

"Yes, a tremendous stroke of luck having that stashed in your bra. And no, no, thank you. You give yourself too little credit mighty mite."

Hino (sniffling):

"Oh Nova Maid, thank you. Do you really think so?"


"Thank you and I don't think so, I know so. Now lets try this puppy out."

<font size="6"> RUUMMMMBBBLLLLLLEEE</font>

(Fade to black as they start unzipping body suits and a sound like a chainsaw starts rumbling from the cylindrical device.)

Pretty fucking funny! You got to watch out for the quiet ones.


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The simple fact of the matter is that Codex is a Nova. She is continuing to evolve and aspects of that evolution bring her farther and farther from baseline norm. Utopia is a baseline organization. They cannot stomach the thought of their employees becoming what they cannot comprehend. Thus we have friction, bad decisions and eventually dissolution of employment.

It is unfortunate but I believe for the best.

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Getting shitfaced and baking for skin cancer sounds like fun to you? Fuck's sake, I figured Batman would be able to show you a better time than that. I mean, Franklin I don't hold out much hope for, the guy's more vanilla than a Protestant church service in Vermont, but the kind of twisted fuck you keep company with, I figured he'd have you dressed up as Xena or tied up with leather straps while singing J-Punk.

Disappointing, Ronin. I figured you'd have her good and corrupted by now. If you weren't so fucking macho I'd say you're a failure as a man, so I'm guessing that you just don't have a dick. Maybe you can only get it up by strangling transients or something. Either way, work on it. The fact that you don't have Sailor Giant Vaginal Symbol on a leash yet is making us all look bad.

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