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Mutants & Masterminds: Struggles of Iannin - Myth: The Birth of the Gods


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In the beginning there was chaos. Formless and infinite; all that was and will be swirled in the ever changing empyrean. Unguided by will or thought pandemonium roiled with untempered change until the birth of Elan, The Magus, the first of the gods.

By chance and random fate a spark of will was formed, and in that instant it shaped a vast swath of chaos into the embrace of order. The energy of pure magic was formed and from it The Magus emerged. Elan was not alone, for like a stone dropped in water, his birth sent ripples throughout the empyrean and Kaer, The Dark, was birthed. Together the brothers simply existed within the embrace of chaos, Kaer riding its whim, and Elan seeking to control it to bring order.

After æons Elan sought to shelter himself from the empyrean and with his will and the power of magic he created The Heavens, and into them he created the stars, and to them he granted the gift of order, and thus Wulkyn, The Timekeeper, was born and he was given to stars to rule, to lay their paths, and dictate their locations both past and present.

Of this act of creation Kaer took notice and chaos twisted and congealed, solidifying into the form of Beltok, The Maker, he who inspires creation for its own sake, who seeks only creation regardless of the cost and heedless of the outcome or future.

Beltok saw the Heavens and the stars and the vast void of emptiness that they hung over and he whispered into the ear of Elan, and the Magus saw the vastness of his creation and sought to fill it. Thus was born Iannin, our home, the world, and the domain of the gods, but Iannin was but rock, and so Elan sought his brother Kaer for he wished to create life, but without chaos life would be unchanging, and together they created Zahan-Thaya, The Mother, who filled the world with life, birthing the fish and birds, and the trees and beast that walked upon the land.

The Heavens were dark, and Iannin resided in shadow so deep that even the gods struggled to look upon it. Beltok whispered again to Elan that the darkness should be warded by light that all may look upon his creation in awe of its glory. So Elan took one star, Talen, the brightest in all of the Heavens and breathed into it the power of magic, and the star grew large and heavy and bright. But Elan continued to stoke Talen, until the star sundered and Tal and Len, The Light, were born. And Elan gave them unto Wulkyn to shepherd through creation and bathe Iannin in light so that its glory could be seen.

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Zahan-Thaya found Iannin to be too dry; her creation called fish could not swim through the dirt, nor through the air. Beltok came to her, and whispered to her, and so The Mother went to Tal and Len, and took a portion of icy Tal, The Light of Truth, and a portion of fiery Len, The Light of Grace, and combined them and breathed life into the union birthing Azath, The Lord of Frost and Fire. Zahan-Thaya showed the young god the world of Iannin, the fish unable to swim, the beasts and trees unable to drink, and the cloudless sky, and she bade him to bring his hands together. Azath clasped his hands together and the waters poured forth unto the land, and the oceans and other waters, and the ice wastes and the clouds in the sky were rendered unto Iannin.

Life flourished at last growing, and competing, and growing, but there was no end to life, only the continuation of it and the rivers and oceans grew full, and the lands grew packed, and strife came unto the world as beast and tree and bird and fish struggled against each other. Kaer was pleased and from the chaos outside of creation he brought forth energies untamed and bathed them in the struggles and strife that suffused life, and thus was born Konsea, The Hungry One, who fed on the strife and grew strong and powerful.

Without death to cool the hot furnace of life Konsea soon became more powerful than even Kaer had foretold. Kaer went to his brother and beseeched him to return Iannin to order lest Konsea become too powerful to contain and Elan created the Underworld and death and The Reaper, Siponak, whom would claim the souls of the living and carry them from Iannin to the Underworld. And thus was death born and all things would now end and all life would now perish when its time had come. And Siponak stretched forth his scythe and reaped, and reaped, and reaped, until nine parts of every ten were reaped. The balance restored Siponak withdrew to the Underworld to await the next soul needing to be reaped for in his work he saw neither pain nor pleasure, it was what was and would be, and all things that had a beginning would now have an end.

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On Iannin the First Race emerged. Strong and powerful, and gifted by the gods with great powers, the First Race became aware of themselves and in doing so elevated themselves about the beasts. And once more the god Beltok whispered of grand designs and creations, for the gods desired the prayer and sacrifice and worship of the First Ones. The first ones knew nothing of these things and they cared not but for the dispassion of logic and thought and so Kaer, master of chaos, once more stepped forth from the empyrean with a gift to the gods and the mortals below, his child the goddess Quaress, The Trickster.

Quaress went among the First Race and taught them passion and love, arts and beauty, and the First Race fell to their knees and gave praise to the gods for the first time, and made sacrifice to the gods, and worshiped their creators. Quaress had other gifts for the First Race however and soon taught them of greed and envy, jealousy and desire, deceit, trickery, and luck, and soon the First Race not only worshiped the gods but sought to become as gods themselves.

Zahan-Thaya saw these evils that Quaress wrought and with Elan's blessing birthed the child Ankassar, The Judge, who taught the First Race of justice and law, and gave them the gifts of governance and rule. The First Race blossomed and made war and art, and worshiped and blasphemed, and created life and meted out death, and in all things they became the servants of the gods. So passed æons and with time the First Ones divided unto each god with devotion and were in turn changed and empowered by the gods and became more than mortal and less than divine.

Still the burning ember of envy glowed hot within their breasts and the First Race began to desire more and wished to become gods themselves. Quaress and her father Kaer spoke of such things to their progeny, suggesting that only the lifeblood of a god could raised the First to become gods themselves, and their progeny spoke of this to the Magi, the servants of Elan, the greatest of the gods and the master of all magic. Stoking the ember of envy into an inferno of greed the Magi set forth to take Elan's blood and use it to make themselves divine. The god Beltok, heedless to the risk or outcome, regardless of the danger, aided them; whispering to them of rituals and binding magics, of weapons and spells of immense power, and drove them to create their greatest of feats.

In an instant the Magi struck, with the swiftness of the mortal races and the power of the divines they enacted a grand ritual that rendered the Magus unto Iannin and made him vulnerable. With weapons enchanted with Elan's true name, and spells designed to pierce through his magics the First Race slew Elan, The Magus. Siponak reaped his grandsire mercilessly, for all things must die, even the gods. Their deed had consequences unforeseen, and upon his death, Elan, The Magus, who was magic incarnate, his great will no longer able to contain the potent, pure, and raw magic which composed his every fiber burst. Raw untempered magic washed over Iannin and saturated the mortal plane and the world, but magic was born of chaos and with magic forged by will came chaos, the bane of will, to the world and thus madness and evil. In the Heavens, Kaer smiled for the first part of his æons long plan had come at last to fruition, for Kaer was the embodiment of chaos and sought the return of all things to the formless empyrean.

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