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[OpNet] Dr. Ether is a bastard.


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So I was assigned by the tribal court to talk to a anger management specialist after hurting Will.

Turns out he is a Nova therapist by the name of Dr. Ether. Seems they picked him because he can turn into a gas so any violent outburts can do nothing to him.

Which is good since I almost threw my truck at him.

Now you wonder.. Totem, why do you have a truck?

Answer: Because the people at Dodge wanted to send me a present for my sponsorship deal. WTF am I gonna do with a truck!?

Anyway I have my second session with him next week. He is already talking about a Mox/Paxil/Valium mixed drug treatment.

Yeah right.

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Originally posted by Franklin 'Singularity' Alden:
Sakurako, Machina, or maybe even Alchemist might be able to rig something up for you so you can use the truck, Totem. The bigger trucks should be able to handle your weight.
Not really that interested. Why the hell do I even need a truck did they miss the wings? Did the miss that in the commercial I am flying?

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