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---News Flash---

Dateline: Chicago, Illinois

A tragedy was averted when two novas rescued a news team from their stricken chopper, when it's engine failed. The two novas involved were Interceptor, usually spotted around the Chicago area, and Sakurako Hino. Who is more known for calling Japan home.

The two Novas were actually being followed by said news crew, as the Novas were heading to a local diner. The helicopter the crew was in had an engine failure, and landed badly on a nearby building, the six-story Fairday, Michael, and Smith law offices. Luckily, with Interceptor and Sakurako's efforts, the news team was saved.

Miss Hino has been currently tight-lipped on the reasons for her being in the Chicago area, and Interceptor has of yet has had no comment regarding the incident.

The NTSB is currently investigating the wreckage of the evacuated chopper, and will publish a report in the next few weeks.

In lighter news, Interceptor and Sakurako have accepted an offer by the very news reporter they saved for an interview. It will be available right here, on N! News.

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Well, it wasn't my intent to be a hero, but as always, sometimes trouble finds you.

I'm not really comfortable being lauded for this. Quite frankly it was the right thing to do, but it's not my career.

I've had to block my OpNet mail because of all the new fans I've recently made. Quite frankly, I don't see what's special. I saved a few lives, and managed to survive the ordeal. That alone is the reward for me.

Perhaps this message will get outside of this community, but I'd like everyone out there to center themselves, and reflect on how life is fragile, and that technology fails. All too often.

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That was a heck of a day let me tell you. One minute we're eating Hot Dogs, the next we're rescuing a news crew that's trying to interview us at the same time! It went smoothly enough, I got clipped by the blade as it went down. On the plus side, the MR Facility doctor's theories proved correct, I can regenerate. Heck of a way to find out though. :rolleyes:

Never a dull moment in Chicago.

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