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Mutants & Masterminds: Struggles of Iannin - [SOI] Kaer - The Dark


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Chaos, Darkness, and Greed

Kaer is the name not mentioned, the one shunned. Believed to be the representation of the Chaos they were born from, many of the other Gods do not associate with Kaer.

Petty and self-serving he prides himself on the destruction of the best laid plans.

Commonly followed by criminals, thieves and the desperate.

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Marghuls - The shapeshifting servants of Kaer. To say they suffer would be an understatement. He washed them through the entropic storms of Chaos and stripped them of their identity, leaving them formless slaves that painfully change to his whim and desire. Nearly everything in his realm as the Guardian of Chaos and Taskmaster of the Damned is formed of his Marghuls, from his throne, to the chains that bind the souls of mortals in torment.

If one could say there was a 'common' form for a Marghul, it would be similar to a small, obsidian-skinned gargoyle, with or without wings.

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