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Mutants & Masterminds: Struggles of Iannin - [SOI] Wulkyn - The Timekeeper


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Wulkyn - The Timekeeper

- God of the Sky, Sun, Moon, and Stars, Lord of Prophecy

Wulkyn is the parton of astronomers, astrologers, and navigators. Wulkyn determines the paths of the two suns and three moons, the positions of the stars, and the timing of the seasons and the calendar. Wulkyn split the Iannin year into 11 months of 30 days split evenly between each of the gods. With the downfall of the Magus he once more reallocated the year into 10 months of 33 days.

Notes: Wulkyn pronounced "woll-kine"

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The Calendar:

First Cycle: Aerr, The Cycle of Kaer

Second Cycle: Kyn, The Cycle of Wulkyn

Third Cycle: Belk, The Cycle of Beltok

Fourth Cycle: Zaya, The Cycle of Zahan-Thaya

Fifth Cycle: Talen, The Cycle of Tal & Len

Sixth Cycle: Zath, The Cycle of Azath

Seventh Cycle: Kahn, The Cycle of Konsea

Eighth Cycle: Onak, The Cycle of Siponak

Ninth Cycle: Que, The Cycle of Quaress

Tenth Cycle: Kass, The Cycle of Ankassar

Decades, centuries, and millenniums follow the same pattern. The common terms for the preceding are:

Month - Cycle

Year - Turn

Decade - Ring

Century - Coil

Millenium - Age

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The Luminaries - Those of the First Race who gave praise to Wulkyn above all became known as the Luminaries. They alone could see the future that the Magi would cause, but as with all prophecy they could not change what they had seen, for what is set in motion cannot be stopped, such is the will of the Timekeeper. The Luminaries are composed of pure light and energy and do not appear to have a physical form at all. When they must act, they solidify into the form a featureless humanoid of glowing quartz. It is the duty of the Luminaries to ensure that the Heavens and all within run according to plan.
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