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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Bleach - [Bleach] Kaori Aoyama

Kaori Aoyama

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Kaori Aoyama


Name: Kaori Aoyama
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student
Age: 17
Height: 1.7 meters (about 5’7)
Weight: 53 kilos (117 lb.)
Size: Medium
Measurements: B37D W25 H34
Blood Type: A

Image: Slender, athletic and blessed with perfect, enchanting beauty Kaori Aoyama is usually seen wearing her long, straight blonde hair tightly in a pony tail while attending her duties. Her uniforms are always neatly pressed and never will one find nary a single thread out of place. She never ceases to seem uncomfortable while attending her duties, since for some reason her clothes always seem to find some way of bringing attention to assets she’d prefer remain well hidden.

The uniforms she wears for her duties or the civilian clothes she’s issued hug her figure in ways she finds unacceptable. The tops are way to tight the skirts are way to short and the pants she wears always hug her hips and butt in all the wrong (yet oh-so right) ways. This makes her feel incredibly uncomfortable, since she despises being stared at or having her alluring body from being on display... for perverts. This is not fault of Kaori or anyone else; it’s simply a by-product of her ‘Guy Magnet’ curse and even a muddy burlap sack draped over her will find some way of looking exotic and sexy on her, much to her dismay.

When not attending to her duties she is always found in her Kendo attire (Kendogi and Hakama) and only during periods of meditation, prayer, meals, or other responsibilities given to her by her superiors, will she not be practicing the Way of the Sword. It is during these times when she is feeling comfortable.

Having made Kendo her life's passion, Kaori only feels at ease when she covered in her traditional 'uniform' with her chest wrapped tight and in less cumbersome and baggy clothes she is able to shed any traces of her femininity and focus solely on her mastery of her life's passion.

Background: Oddly enough, there is nothing to be found on the ‘Aoyama’ family in any records. Strangely enough when one searches for any history all one finds is that apparently Kaori is the first and only member of her family. Obviously this not the case, but many wonder from where she really comes. One thing is certain: someone is looking out for her. She is constantly receiving care packages, often delivered in expensive, ornate cases, which contain exotic foods, new and expensive clothing of the finest materials and wads of spending money.

Kaori is one of the finest warriors in the 6th Squad. Her skill and abilities are nearly legendary, despite her rather short career. This is mostly due to her anti-social nature, which her superiors fear is more harmful than helpful. All Kaori knows is combat and fighting and every free moment she has is spent practicing the Way of the Sword.

Her Zanpuktou has made her the object of much envy and even more speculation as to whom she really might be. She dual-wields her Zanpuktou with amazing proficiency and is added to the list of only three other Shinigami who posses the power to command the strength two souls at once. Kage and Rai are twin katanas that are polar opposites of the other. Kage, or Shadow, is a matte black blade that is cold to the touch and constantly surrounded by a dark, sinister aura of pain and bitterness. Rai, on the other hand, is a lovely weapon, a blade that gleams with a steely blue sheen like sunlight upon electrum. Strokes of electricity sometimes dance of the blade or up Kaori’s wrist and arm as she wields the weapon.

Some claim the Kage and Rai are too powerful for her to control, stating that she spends all her time in meditation and combat training is not improve he own abilities, but to control the weapons before they consume her but her current mastery of Shikai seems to have disproven that theory.

Personality: Kaori is a kind and polite woman but rarely talkative. She says no more than what is necessary to get her point across. She is polite to a fault and never lies, even if it might damage the feelings of someone asking he ran honest opinion.

Kaori hates men. Being as lovely as she is she seems to be some sort of odd magnet for every pervert, creep and wandering set of hands that the world has to offer. If she can help it she will seek to ignore speaking with any male she meets, the only problem is her code of honor demands that as long as the man is polite and civil she is required to be the same.

As an aside her name means 'Fragrance of the blue mountain.'
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