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Trinity RPG - Thought Fugitives Adventure


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Greetings all.

I've just gotten back into using the Storyteller system and I found I really like the Aeon Trinity rules for Sci-Fi. I wish WW would re-introduce Sci-Fi Psionic rules using NWOD of darkness rules (although I hear they are doing something like that for general sci-fi but tying it to Vampire etc.) Like I said I like the rules but found the setting a bit constraining. I mean I liked it, but felt they bottleneck the story.

So I intend to write a starting adventure using the rule set. Using to start my campaign or as a convention adventure (As a convention adventure I'd have 6 pre-gens based on each psionic type).

Basing all this on my own premise. Sort of Blake's 7/NBC's Chuck/X-Men. The main reason I did this was because I wanted to highlight each mode without tying it to an organization. That and I also wanted to try surprising the players with their new "powers". Having them acquire them halfway through the 1st Act. Assuming prior to that event that this was a regular human centered sci-fi game. This will be in a pre-starflight Solar system setting.

The adventure should flow in 3 Acts as follows:

Act 1: The characters are all in prison at the edge of the system. The pre-gens would either be actual criminals or political prisoners sent there by their oppressive FSA type government. Here they learn about their surroundings, get to know each other, and hear disturbing rumors about experiments being conducted on the prisoners.

Soon after tremors rock the facility and power crashes occur. Giving the PC's a chance to escape. They'll have to fight their way past the guards but also some feral alien looking monstrosities. During their attempt they come upon a scientist in his lab. He tells the PC's that all the chaos is due to an experiment on discovered alien DNA getting out of hand. Yes that's right, they foolishly created monsters that are now running amok. Another part of the experiment was inserting some of this DNA into the prisoners. The scientist believes that these experiments could unlock certain potential benefits and is willing to give them to the PC's as their best chance of survival. As the scientist never agreed with the government's totalitarianism. Once they agree the characters step into the chamber and receive their “gifts”. The rest of the act is their race to the hybrid craft bay and escape.

Act 2: The characters receive psychic signals nearby. Getting the impression that it's from the original source of the alien DNA. Coming close they spot an organic looking ship (basically a Orgotek Scarab, though I think I'll buff it up). Docking aboard they begin exploring the ship. Finding it overrun by more of the monsters they encountered at the prison. As well as guardian robots trying to fight off the monsters (along with the PCs). Reaching the control deck, they'll discover that the alien craft was overtaken by parasite monsters, which killed the entire crew. One escape pod launched, but it also had a parasite creature, this is what the prison scientists found. Another dicovery is that due to their alien DNA infusions, they can now take control of the ship.

I plan on either using the regular Scarab deck plan or Stellar Armada's Mercury deck plan PDF.

Act 3: A patrol ship has come to investigate alarm signals from the prison. And the PCs must now repel an attack by it and it's fighters. (If you're feeling like adding more action, they might also have to repel a marine boarding party).

Epilogue: The PC's now have a powerful alien ship. Which they can use to take on the corrupt government, become pirates, or whatever inspiration strikes their fancy. Future antagonists & allies could include a special forces team hunting them down, a resistance fighter wanting their help to create a rebel fleet, pirates wanting their ship, or even the original creators of the ship who may or may not be friendly. Another interesting expansion would be the finding of a Leviathan type ship. Opening up interstellar possibilities.

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Here are the 6 Pre-Gens I had in mind for the convention adventure:

Blake Seiben (obvious Roj Blake reference)

A Canadian political activist and leader. Imprisoned for speaking out against the Government's oppression. Good social skills and Willpower.

Primary Aptitude: Telepathy

Emma Wayfield

English space freighter Captain (and smuggler) Smart pilot and savvy negotiator.

Primary Aptitude: Clairsentient

Carl King

American Drop Marine. Imprisoned for refusing to follow as he saw it, unlawful orders to kill protesting civilians. Forthright, aggressive, and confident.

Primary Aptitude: Telekinesis

Vanya Valentine

Russian Hacker. Caught siphoning corporate payrolls to fund her extravagant lifestyle. Beautiful, hedonistic, and technologically talented.

Primary Aptitude: Electrokinesis

Cyrus Sigma

Hong Kong break-in specialist. Greedy, weasily, and adept at not being noticed. Does like being a risk taker. For greater reward or just to test himself.

Primary Aptitude: Biokinesis

Gale Florenza

Columbian Doctor. Was caught helping wounded protesters, was rounded up and jailed with them. Pacifist, kind hearted, and full of conviction.

Primary Aptitude: Vitakinesis

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Sounds like an interesting 3 or 4 session starter for a longer campaign.

Are you make use of pregen characters to avoid potential conflicts with weird rules or just to enforce the spectrum of character types? Either way I would suggest leaving some room for customization within each pre-gen so that the players can make the character's their own (but still withing the role they were designed for).

Looks like a good start thus far.

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Thank you.

Actually the pre-gens are mostly for conventions. My friends jokingly call them "Anonycon" style games, because in my area there are some small RPG only conventions. One of the things many of the adventures have is detailed pre-gens. Not only with pre-made stats, but also back stories and opinions and feelings about the other pre-gens in the adventure. Something along the lines of: PC A doesn't trust PC B, but tolerates them because they're friends with PC C.

I guess this is done to get the premise set, as well as encourage role-playing from the start. Even though it's a one shot game. One of my favorite games was playing as a group of kobolds sent out to track down their god (a white dragon wyrmling) after it got bored and left their lair smile

Do you think it can't be done in a 4 hour time set? I could cut down act 3 right to the prison break. Establishing everything in the character description.

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Having done both (cons/time limits) I think you should be fine. The amount of combat is the only thing working against you, as the random element of how well the dice work for your players and how well they work together could possibly (probably) stretch it out longer.

You might keep your current Act 3 as only 'possible' material, as four hours go by much faster than you think and especially in a one shot game, the desire to finish is much greater. If they get close to the end, only to run out of time, it can seem like the previous four hours was a waste of time.

Also, depending on the pace of the game, try to see where things could be added/taken away throughout the game instead of just slicing a chunk at the end. If your players pace seems RP heavy, or there is lots of OOC chatting going on...streamline combat with more narrative, less rolling to move things along.

Just a couple suggestions from having run the gauntlet. wink

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