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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Bleach - House rules

Justin OOC

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*House Rules*

6,6 always hits and does double damage for PC's

6,6 is auto hit for anything attacking

6,6 auto defense for anything defending

1,1 always misses for attacks

1,1 always fails for power activation

1,1 always hit when rolled for defense

Defender always wins

reduced to negative HP

characters with regeneration regenerate all negative HP in one turn, regardless of how deep they go, so long as they do not die.

The use of a healing power on somone in negative heal will always bring them up to at least 0 hp, regardless of how deep into the negatives they are.

There is no limit on Tough, or Energy bonus.

I am changing their costs to 1 cp per rank.

Each rank gives you 10 hp or 10 ep.

Regeneration can be used for EP or HP, but must be decided at Character creation, You may have both kinds.

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I'm borrowing these from Max and making them official for this game.

First, I propose a couple of Custom Restrictions for several powers. Specifically, Flight should have the "air walk" restriction which is just -1 point, and represents the fact that a character who is walking or standing on air will FALL if they are knocked prone by an effect. This accurately reflects how shinigami work in the series...they don't really fly, they just don't need a solid surface to stand on, but they fall if knocked down when standing in midair.

Teleport should have a 'shunpo' restriction at -2. This reflects two limits that Flash Steps have that teleportation doesn't. Flash steps don't let a character bypass obstacles, for one. The character -does- cross through the intervening space, it just takes effectively zero time. Thus, you can't look through a window and teleport in. There has to be SOME way you'd actually get to where you Shunpo to. The second limitation is that you can't flash step your way out of restraints. If you get handcuffed or wrapped in chains, or whatever and you manage to flash step, the restraints come with you. Similarly, you have to be able to MOVE to flash step. Anything that immobilizes you, or slows you down, prevents Shunpo.

I also suggest you make a note to people that if they're Soul Reapers, they need at least one rank in Organizational Ties (Squad number). Rank 1 indicates a rank and file member of one of the squads of the Gotei 13. Rank 2 would be a seated member. Rank 3 a lieutenant, and rank 5 a Captain. Ranks above Captain would be for members of Central and the hypothetical Royal Guards. Somewhere up there is the King of Soul Society too.

The most any of you should have is 2

You should all buy Sixth sense (Spiritual Pressure) as well, at least one rank.

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