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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Bleach - Bleach 2.0 BESM edition

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Okay, so there's been interest, enough for me to see about bringing this game back.

First off, there will be changes. We'll be using BESM 3e, as I'm much more comfortable with it.

starting build will be simple, 500 points

Kido will be represented by Power Flux Kido (major) and built from flux points. I will allow the duration variable to be taken, so that it can be changed once a turn.

Shikai and Bankai

These are represented by Alternate form on an item. They will Stack.

Bankai is not available at start

As a note, all Kido will cost EP to use

I will be using my BESM house rules.

Now the fun

It was a quiet day in the seiretei, things went about normally. Perhaps most notably, there were no reports of hollows, and All the Captains were in residence. It was in a routine report that Captain Yammamoto stopped and fell over. Captain Unohana was brought immediately, and pronounced him Dead. Messages went out to the other Captains, and as their lieutenants delivered them, They found to their horror, Each other Captain was Dead. Captain Unohana Ordered her Lieutenant to find the source of the scourge, before it killed all the souls in the seiretei.

With the death of the last captain, the Seiretei was sealed, and the Soul Reapers took stock. In the following search, containers from the real world were found placed around strategically. The Lieutenants gathered, and dispatched teams to the human world, to find the source of the scourge, and those responsible for it.

Within days of the attack, Hollow Activity resumed at four times the previous rate, forcing the leaderless Thirteen Court Guard Squads into action on that front as well, beefing up the search parties with Soul Reapers skilled at elimanating hollows as well.

The PC's are a group of soul reapers dispatched to the human world. You will search and try to ascertain the cause of the affliction, and the rise in hollow activity.

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I'll give it a shot, but I want to ask something I should have asked a long time ago.

For high point BESM scenarios, what's a good rule of thumb to use on attack/defense bonuses? In every BESM game I've played, my characters always wind up pretty far behind the others in those bonuses. Where's the 'sweet spot' for a 500 point game?

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I'd consider Kaori for a game like this, but like Max I've a few questions:

1. Same as Max... what's the 'sweet spot' for combat oriented PCs?

2. Is there going to be any RP in this game or is just going to be nothing but combat, combat, combat...? I like to develop my PCs, and doing nothing but fighting every time I'm trying to RP with them just kinda doesn't do it for me.

3. I know nothing about Bleach... do I need to?

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Sorry to double-post, but I also had a second thing I should mention to Max and Kaori. Jierumi (My char) will have ACV and DCV of 11, which Long rated as 'solid.' However, your's should be higher, since (for reasons Long and I can't reveal as of now) mine character is effectively 400 CP, with 100 CP given to Unknown Power. Just my take on the situation.

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Bleach Inna Nutshell:

In Japan, people who die become ghosts. These ghosts typically move on to the next life in place called "Soul Society" which is almost identical to the mortal realm in most ways. It's not heaven, it's not hell...it's just another life.

Ghosts who have something tying them to their old life will not pass on naturally. For them, there are Soul Reapers...spirits from Soul Society who have gained training and abilities, and can cross back into the world of the living.

Ghosts that spend too much time bound to the living world will eventually forget themselves and everything else except a boundless hunger that can never be sated. They become "Hollows," and immediately begin to seek out other ghosts to consume them. Hollows of sufficient power can even threaten the living. Vanquishing hollows is another duty of the Soul Reapers.

The fortified city that is home to the "shinigami" (soul reapers) is called the Seireitei, and is generally off limits to other spirits. The shinigami organize themselves into 13 squads, each focused on particular duty, and each governed by two exceptionally powerful shinigami; the lieutenant, and the captain. Each lieutenant is more powerful by far than an ordinary squad member. Each captain is orders of magnitude more powerful than their lieutenants.

All shinigami possess a sword called a 'zanpakto.' The sword is a manifestation of their inner power in its 'sealed' state. By discovering its name, a shinigami can unseal their power, causing the sword to be released into a more powerful form. This release can be sensed, and it requires effort to maintain. It is called 'shikai,' or first release.

Advanced shinigami, of captain rank, will have a second release, or 'final' release in which all barriers separating the shinigami and their inner strength fall away, and they fight at their full potential. This is called 'bankai.' It also involves a transformation, often not just the sword, but themselves as well.

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Thanks Max.

Also I've been reading up and making "Kidō" a Major Power Flux is probably not the best idea. Each spell is something that possesses its own incantation, thus, under the BESM rules, it's a separate and distinct ability.

Just making it a major power flux essentially grants weaker spell users access to tier 99 spells by making Power Flux a dump power.

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in a 500 point game combat values should be at least 10

For combat focused PC's 14-15 is the norm.

As far as Combat, Bleach has alot of it, and this game will have it too. Will it be the only thing? No. Characters should be just that, and not a collection of numbers and ability to slay other things. I do have a plot for this, and I like to think it's solid. This is more about finding out about whatever struck down the captains, and how you all go about doing this. You will be fighting hollows, so don't leave yourself defenseless.

It is reccomended that you take the time to familiarize yourself with Bleach, it's setting and the like, and the link Jeremy provided is a great source for it. The Captains only recently died, so if you'd like to have history with them, or the lieutenants, or other personnel, go for it.

Chad, Orihime, Uryu, and Ichigo are not in this game, beyond that, none of the other charachters are being removed.

You MAY play a human with powers, or you can be a Quincy as well.

I prefer that you play Soul Reapers. The Squad, I leave up to you.

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part of the reason I did it that way is so that people can have more than one Kido spell. It's similar to a dynamic array in Mutants and masterminds.

The alternative is to work it as standard. You pay full price for the most powerful Kido you have, and half price for the others.

As a note, All soul reapers will have a zanpuktou.

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Btw, to inform these fine players of something that has changed. Jierumi is not going to be a Substitute Shinigami in the future. I felt sticking to the original High-Spec Human concept would be better. Which is good, as far as being able to reallocated and make greater use of the 100 CP I would have otherwise spent on Unknown Power. Heheheh. laugh

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As a note, This game will start in full force by Feb 22

Those of you who are finished, and approved, you can go ahead and write any fiction you like about adjusting to life in Karakura town.

There's generally going to be at least one hollow in town each night, usually more.

You were all sent independently, by your Lieutenants.

This reflects the disorganization of the Sereitei at the moment, and yet something feels off to all of you. The town simply has too many hollow attacks.

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