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Around the Web on February 4th

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Around the Web on February 4th

Bond News

Javier Bardem has been asked to play a role in Bond 23. A great choice for a worthy villain, if indeed he signs on and plays the bad guy. Sadly, John Barry, the Bond composer/arranger of the theme known worldwide, has died. Everyone should take a moment to hum, Du Dum da Dummmmmmm, in memory of a great composer. Technically, and because he is litigation happy, one must note that Monty Norman is credited with writing the theme, and Barry with arranging it. But Barry did score 11 Bond films on his own.

The Dark Tower

Speaking of Bardem, he has also been offered the role of Roland Deschain in the Dark Tower adaptation(s). Finally coming to the screen after so many tries. But Bardem is not the only one supposedly up for the role. Bale and Mortensen have also been mentioned though not offered the role. Ron Howard is set to direct, 3 movies and a television series, to bring it to life.


More Stephen King love

The Stand is headed to cinemas. The Lord Of The Rings (special editions) is three movies totaling 680+ minutes. The Stand, when last I read it, seemed to be about 5,000 pages long because King was given the chance to throw out all editorial suggestions and include every random thought or snippet of text he had ever written. One has to wonder how long it will run.

Dungeons and Dragons makes it to the small screen.

Community dedicated an episode, last night, to the the RPG. The article on Time is full of spoilers. Time also through in a call out to to Freaks and Geeks Carlos the Dwarf Episode.

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Dark Sun

The Dark Sun setting has a couple of preview comic previews up. These are not the whole comics but the pdfs show some of the stylized art I really enjoyed from Dark Sun. One is at One, and Two is, no surprise, at this link.

Murphy's World

Drivethrurpg has a new RPG game which looks like a lot of fun, Murphy's World, from Peregrine. The description reminds me a bit of the world of Retief, from the Laumer series.

REMEMBER LONG AGO, all those creatures that once lived under your bed? The Ogres in the closet? The way your clothes, thrown haphazardly over the back of a chair transformed without warning into a horrible monster once the lights were turned out... and nobody else could see what you saw waiting in the shadows?

You somehow knew there was a universal law which said that you were safe as long as no part of your body stuck out from under the bed sheets. If you could only hold out until morning, all would be fine.

Even when you got older, a sock or shirt occasionally went missing. Where did they go? Was there some supernatural force that transported old left socks, loose buttons, and items placed "where I know they'll be when I need them," to a weird and mystical place?

Most of us stopped believing in closet monsters, and the intergalactic left sock cemetery when we got day jobs and had to deal with worse horrors like the 'incompetent boss' and 'coffee from hell'.

However, if you're the type whose mind remains a bundle of uncertainty and believes in the subjectivity of reality, or if you're simply someone with a knack for getting lost in strange places, the best place to begin your search for whatever it is you're looking for is Murphy's World.

Murphy's World happens to be the junk-heap of the universe. If you've lost something or someone, there's a good chance that they were swept through a Dimension Gate and deposited in this place of chaotic whimsy.

So how do you go about reclaiming lost property and friends? (And what about getting your hands on some of the great stuff that other people have lost?) Where do you find a Teleportation Gate, and how do you operate it? Well, that's where the adventuring comes in....

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