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[OpNet] Birthday.


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On a side note someone (Dunno who it was) sent me a portrait of me in flight based on a photo shoot Mr. James Najarian did with me last month. (I doubt I make the N! swimsuit issue though)

It might be rather vain but I like it. Check it out and tell me what a pretty bird...thing I am! laugh


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No... I was just thinking of something else, when I should have been wishing someone I respect a Happy Birthday.

Ever since I've dropped the "Endeavor" nick, I've dropped substantially in the rankings both in Japan, and across the world.

That means, I'm yesterdays news with the younger crowd, but now the scientists I've been trying to work with are taking me more seriously. Trading Fame for Recognition in the scientific community is something I'm willing to do.

You've been gone a while, Blue. Welcome back, by the way.

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