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Mutants & Masterminds: Future Imperfect - Anniversary (May)


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It was supposed to be Christmas but the city obviously had different plans for today. Adrian pulled his sister closer to him unsure what to do next. They wanted to go shopping, he wanted to buy her a nice present, give back some of the past they had, when the world was a place they didn’t have to fear.

„I’m scared, Adrian“, his sister pleaded unable to jerk herself free from his grip. „You’re hurting me!“, but he barely heard her. His mind was searching for a way out.

„Why didn’t we stay at Juno’s?“, his sister asked but before he could answer a Policeman was getting in their way.

„Hey you! Get the hell outta here this is no place for kids.“, he was about to shove them away when he saw Adrian’s sister starting to bleed from her nose.

„Waitaminute... Mutants!“, before Adrian could react he felt several hits from the Policemens Tonfas and although they didn’t really hurt him it slowed him down. Especially since his sister was so fragile.

„Stop, please!“, but they didn’t...


Ronnie read the text message on her phone and frowned briefly. She checked her watch and then jumped into her car driving back home as fast as she could. It was a short run from where she lived but she still had some time left and started to sprint to Rebecca’s hidden shelter where she kept some of her stuff just for a case like this. Once she was in in the alley she already started to transform making sure she was unwatched. Her large frame shrank and reshaped itself leaving a very young looking and slender girl in place insteada of the purple headed amazon. She rummaged through her duffel bag and quickly changed her clothes stuffing Ronnie’s stuff back. She’d take care of it later.

Once on the street she searched the next public phone and dialed a number waiting for it to ring 2 times after which she hung up again. Within a minute the phone rang and she answered it.

„Secured line activated.“, a mechanical voice announced, then a female voice took over, „Rebecca, I need you to check something for me, it is very urgent. Can we meet?“

Now this was new. Actually she couldn’t recall the last time she’s seen her handler in person. It was considered too dangerous for several reasons. A short moment of doubt crept up her spine...

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"Of course," Rebecca said, swallowing past the fear. "If that's what you need... but where and when?"

A crash down the street made her jump and grip the phone tighter. Clinging to the strap of her duffel, she waited for her handler's answer. The barked question made her jump again: "Where are you now?"

"The 7/11 near Baskin Park, on West Oakley," Rebecca quickly answered. Christmas eve, and I'm here, alone. She missed her family.

There was a moment of silence. "Stay where you are. A car will come for you soon," her handler told her. The phone cut off with a click.

"Ok," Rebecca said, digging in her pocket to see if she had any money. There was a five and some change; she wieghed that amount against how hungry she was. Frowning, she stuffed the money back in her pocket and leaned against the building, waiting.

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It didn’t take long and soon a SUV stopped and opened a door. The tinted windows making impossible to look inside and see who were the passengers. Rebecca was unsure as she’s never been before. Once entering the car there was no real turning back but it was part of the job. The interior of the SUV was comfortable luxurious. Opposite of her sat a hauntingly beautiful woman with jet black hair and incredibly radiant green eyes. She was wearing a graphite colored business suit which was definitely cut to emphasis her shapely figure.

Raven smiled at Rebecca and placed a small cylindrical device between them. From the middle console, which was now physically separating Rebecca from her handler, controls for an onboard computer emerged which Raven manipulated with nimble fingers. Rebecca’s uneasiness crept up her spine and she swallowed hard.

“So… ?”, she began but Raven raised a hand putting her finger on Rebecca’s mouth. Read my thoughts. Music filled the interior of the car and in the background Rebecca could hear her own voice speaking and Raven’s responding. It was a prerecorded conversation. The young girl nodded with widened eyes and did as she was told.

We don’t have much time. This info is hot and we may burn ourselves if we don’t play our cards right. I need you to find two Mutants. One Adrian Tyler and his Sister – Rebecca Tyler., Raven smiled wickedly at Rebecca as she revealed details. Within seconds Rebecca had a very precise description of Adrian and his sister – almost as if she knew them personally.

It is elemental for our company to catch those Mutants before they are brought in by the local authorities. The future of Mutant-kind may very well depend on it. Can you do this for me, Rebecca? Can you find them and befriend them? Once you gained their trust I need you to signal us. Usual procedure. We will locate you and extract the Mutants within 5 minutes of your call.

The SUV stopped at a crossing and Rebecca could see they were driving to one of the homeless shelters. Here, buy yourself some food, Raven handed her five 10$ bills. Questions?

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Rebecca took the money without question. Funds were always tight for her and this was the only way she got money; a drop from another agent. Her palms were already slick with nervous sweat as she leaned forward and asked, *Where were they seen last? What background can you give me about them?*

She paused only a second before asking the last question, *I know that I'm not supposed to ask things like this, but in this case, I will: why are they so important? I feel I need to know this.*

She didn't really like to ask those kinds of questions; even if they gave her the answers, they usually didn't help. Most of the times, the answers were more trouble than they were worth. But this time felt different, so Rebecca dared what she wouldn't ordinarily.

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Raven looked at Rebecca with a mixture of sadness and worry. She sighed and slowly nodded finally after giving Rebecca the feeling that her question did cross a line she wasn’t supposed to peek over.

She opened the mini-bar and poured herself a glass of whiskey and downed the amber liquid with one gulp.

*We drop you off at the last known position. We are only guessing but they’ve been frequenting an area in the general southern suburbs. The boy earns his money with illegal bareknuckle fights. Maybe one of the local gangs know more about his whereabouts. He must have some kind of shelter for his sister, though. Maybe even befriended someone who he trusts enough to look after his sister when he is involved fighting.*

When Rebecca asked her second question Raven briefly froze. She surely wasn’t expecting that kind of question.

*They are the children of Bruce and Valerie Tyler, better known as Valiant and Will-o-Wisp. They are both class V Mutants... at least.*, there was a pregnant pause Raven made as if she didn’t dare revealing more.

*Our scientists believe that the key of finding a cure for the Mutant-Virus lies within their DNA. Valiant and Will-o-Wisp were very resistant to the V and our latest analysis of footage hints at a partial immunity to it when they were close to each other. It may be a long stretch but we’re taking every chance we can get. If our scientists proved to be wrong we can at least give them a shelter and provide for them. They don’t deserve living on the streets.*

Raven gave Rebecca a warm smile and sighed again. Something about this mission seemed to touch her on a personal level. A very odd behaviour and it was nothing Rebecca ever remembered seeing before.

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Rebecca was quiet for a moment. *Then why are we resisting the authorities finding them?* Rebecca asked. *After all, if scientists think they can do this, they why are we working against them? I mean, if there's a chance that they can help the virus... You have to tell them, so that they don't hurt them!*

*I don't think that they would believe me,* Raven told her gently. *This is our organization's take on things, not anyone else's.*

*But if there's even a chance!* Rebecca protested, her expression angry and confused.

*Find them first,* Raven said, and her tone made it clear that no matter what Rebecca thought, she had to do her best to find them.

The car rolled to a stop and the door opened. The driver held it as Rebecca scurried out and headed off without looking back. All she could think was that these two might hold the key to curing all mutants of the scourge of their lives.

As soon as she hit the street, she started looking, scanning every mind she could reach for a sign of those two.

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Three Plumbing the Depths (Mind Reading): Taking 10 for 14 total
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The first thing Rebecca immediately took notice was the general state of panic people were in. She could her explosions in the distance and people were hurrying to find shelter in their homes. The streets were filled with police cars and ambulances and for a moment she thought someone had dropped her off in a war zone. But this was Las Vegas...

Slowly she entered one of the alleys half sneaking, half tripping as she made uneasy steps unsure whether to approach the area or not. A woman, roughly in her mid 50s walked around the corner, she was carrying a rather largish basket and the clothes she wore made obvious that she was one of the homeless people.

„Hey, you lost or looking for someone?“, she had a friendly voice and a very very motherly aura.

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I’m keeping the scan in mind. So far no real results, people are too scared and afraid, some planning to leave the city or just get away. The woman approaching Rebecca has no ill intentions, at least not at first glance/surface mind scan
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Rebecca had drawn back as the woman approached; the fear from the minds she touched had infected her. A quick scan of the woman, as well as her own presentation to Rebecca, assured the mutant that she meant her no harm. "Yes, I'm looking for two friends of mine," Rebecca said quickly. "I'm worried about them, in the riot."

"Maybe I've seen them," the woman said.

Rebecca smiled. "Maybe! They're brother and sister-" That got a hit, quickly suppressed; the thought, Simon and Savannah! I hope they got away! "-about four years apart, with dark hair." Rebecca felt the relief in the woman; she cared about the two blondes she was thinking about. Rebecca gave them no more concern as they weren't her targets. "Have you seen them?"

"I've seen two children looking like that," the woman told her, turning and looking south, toward the MIC. As the woman's mind told her that the boy, Adrian, did some things he shouldn't, the woman's mouth said, "They're not far from here, but its closer to the MIC, and there's trouble breaking out there."

"I know," Rebecca said, already in motion, ducking around the woman. "That's why I have to find them!" They might be the key to saving so many lives! She was about six feet away before she remembered her manners. She spun long enough to shout, "Thank you!" before turning and running south. She had to find them!

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