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[OpNet] I am sorry,please forgive me.

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I have returned,and i am not going to pretend anyone missed me.I have looked this message board and I do not know half of those here. I Still am sorry for the pain,and changes the world has gone threw.I am ashamed of what the world has gone threw, but I will not point fingers.Nor will I call name.

Looking back, I wished I stayed.I could have dealt with the pain, i could have changed with the time.I could have let others into me, but I was a fool.So here I am again, I plan to fight the good fight.i plan on changing the world again.I do not have my love,and I will never get him back,but that is a problem, that I can't fix.No, that is a problem I wouldn't fix,if I could. He would not have the heart to see the world as it is.

But enough of that tangent.I am back, home.And I do hope to help the world around me.I would hope that the wiser of us would find a way to make this world a better place.We are the chosen people, we will lead the way for the rest.But we should not judge those who think differently than us. For if we do that, then how long will it before war?

As I said before.Know yourself.If you know nothing else,you must know yourself.

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