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Around the Web on January 21st

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Around the Web on January 21st

The Dark Knight Rises

Anne Hathaway has been cast as Catwoman in the Dark Knight Rises. Hathaway is an attractive woman but she seems to lack a certain seductive charisma that Selina Kyle radiates. Also, Tom Hardy is Bane. Hardy is recently of Inception, and again, while charismatic, he has none of the physicality of Bane. CG can do wonders, looking at the Hulk, but the Batman movies on Nolan's run have been more gritty noir than whiz-bang superhero movies.

Alien: Prometheus

What was Alien: The Prequel has (xeno)morphed into a shared universe but completely other story, called Prometheus. This original tale from Scott, with strong female leads (Ripley was originally written as a male), stars Noomi Rapace (of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo fame, the Swedish version) and possibly Jolie or Theron.


There is a new movie coming out about a killer tire. Savor that for a minute. A killer tire. Taking Christine, The Hearse, The Car and other movies of that ilk one step further, we have ditched the car and gone with a pissed off, telekinetic tire. And after watching the trailer, I am excited to see it. “Blow my head off. C'mon, closer” uttered through a speaker on a wired mannequin causes me to laugh, every time I watch this.

Odds and Ends

The Awful Green Thing From Outer Space was a fun Steve Jackson board game when I was younger. It has risen from the grave and is due back out in April. It's a two player game of alien dispatch with anything at hand, and the alien who wants to eat everyone around.

RPGDriveThru always has a never ending stream of new products available. But I have a question about a certain subset: Paper Models. They have a new set, Low Walls Set which looks fine, and other images lower down, like the destroyed building and the ship, look cool. Does anyone have any experience building them? Has anyone used them? They also have in soundtracks for the Deadlands game and new Warhammer and Call of Cthulhu material.

The Bad Astronomy site (debunker of bad astronomy and bad science) has up an article on Betelguse and 2012. I didn't even know there was a discussion of the Red Giant going supernova and taking out all life on Earth. But apparently, all around the Web, helped by a shoddy article on the Huffington Post, people are discussing the end of the world. The one group being “blamed” for the upcoming end of the world, in actuality, have nothing to do with it. Modern Mayans don't believe the date significant and there is nothing in the classic Mayan literature mentions the end of the world.

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