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[OpNet] One time on the road

Blue Cherry

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I was walking along a strange part of New York, when I see something strange.A gang of what I would call miteoids, but they didn't really fit that.They looked normal,and we rather reasonable.That is to say they were reasonable if you weren't part of this group of men.(Who I later found out were paqrt of the CZ.)

These men were wearing some heavy looking body armour,and weilding what looked to be 90 pound hammers.And thanks to their armour they were shruging off the gun fire.

Well, I didn't wish to interfear with this,after all that's not my job.Plus, I knew something was fishy.The men beat or killed the CZ thugs, and burnt the crates.A fire in a wearhouse in New York is hardly news,and neither of the parties seemed to be intterested in letting the cops in on what happened.I could have told the cops, but that ain't my job either,and I didn't want to see cops get killed,either.

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