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[OpNet] Goodbye For Now.

Lemmy Chillmeister

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Well, the thinkings gotten so loud I can't stand it any more. I've never been a very bright guy. Always led with my heart and not my head. But, just can't stop some thoughts and I ain't bright enough to get them to make sense. So, I'm going away for awhile. My Dark Princess has hooked me up with someone who can help me out. I think.

So, I'm walking away from a buncha stuff right now. Sold most of my places, my cars, hell, most of my shit. I'm not going all Cain or nothing, just trying to make shit simple. This is my last computer and I'm just leaving it here. Someone can have a free one on me.

So, I wanted to say so long for now.

Jager and Ashnod, thanks for the show. You guys really got me looking at things differently.

Apep. Thanks just for showing up. Never stood that close to death before. Again, you just being you made me just being me seem not enough.

Zed. You're a fucking crackup.

Sakurako. Thanks to you too little lady. You're a blast and a peach. You made me think some too. Made me realize I don't want to be doing what you're doing. Trying so hard to hang on instead of choosing a direction.

Codex, I'm so sorry. We don't find someone close very often and losing them just isn't right.

Violette. I know you ain't here. But thanks to you too. Showed me what guts is.

Totem. I'm definitely gonna miss the Pow Wow guy. Sorry. Next time you're flying high over a landscape coverered in fresh snow you just think of me.

To the rest, nice knowing you. Sorry if I didn't mention you by name. This is just some rambling.

I'll be back. Maybe. I dunno. Just have to see what's on the other side of the hill.

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I'm not going to be bitter about not being mentioned. It's because our friendship is closer than the opnet can allow and you wouldn't insult me with such a low form of goodbye? Yeah...Whatever.

Good luck to you Lemmy. Have fun in terat-land. If you happen to run across Chitin, remind her it's been a while since she's stopped by the parlor.

And as far as you're concerned. When you're ready, if you're interested, I have a follow-up piece in mind for you.

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