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Aberrant: 200X - Yushiro 'Tora' Tanaka


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Public Profile for 'Tora'

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Name: Yushiro Tanaka

Occupation: Nippontai Member, currently assigned to Tokyo Special Joint Nova Task Force.

Legal Status: Japanese Citizen

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Identity: Public

Nova Name: Tora

Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan

Age: 25

Eruption: Gang-related violence

Height: 1.8288 meters

Weight: 227.3 kilograms

Eyes: Blue*

Hair: Black

Distinguishing Marks: Tora displays an altered physiology, which is present in about 3-5% of known novas. (citation needed) In Tora's case, this has manifested in the form of bionic* modifications to his musculoskeletal system [1] as well as certain organs, most visibly his eyes, which have been replaced with highly advanced imaging cameras. These seem from a distance to be striking glowing blue eyes, while up close multiple layers of shutters can be seen within a transparent outer housing.


Approximate Power Level: At the time of his eruption, Tora's abilities, while flashy, were deemed to be rather modest [2], putting him in the lower 20% of known novas at the time. During the Heaven Thunder Purge of 2008, Tora displayed a dramatic increase in power level [3], although there has been speculation regarding whether these were new abilities or if he had been intentionally holding back before revealing them to the public. [4] He is now estimated to be within the upper 20% in strength, speed, and durability. (citation needed)

Known Quantum Powers: Tora's most famous power has been the subject of debate amongst both nova-philes and scientists alike [5]. Related to so-called quantum summoning, or matter creation powers, Tora has the ability to manifest or call Akatora ("Red Tiger"), a quantum fueled "superbike" capable of surpassing the speed and handling of any engineered motorcycle. [6] Tora himself was altered physically, his bones laced with carbon-fiber and musculature replaced wholesale with synthetic myofibers [7]. This has fueled speculation that these modifications are actually technological in origin and that he is not, in fact, a nova. (citation needed)

What is known however is that Tora has a "symbiotic" link with Akatora, enabling him to vastly increase it's performance. (citation needed)

During the Nippontai raids conducted against the Heaven Thunder Triads a year following his eruption, it was revealed that Akatora is actually an advanced mecha, capable of transforming into a powered robotic armor that can encase Tora, placing him in the upper echelons of physical novas (citation needed) and providing enhanced movement in the form of jet-powered flight and devastating "sonic-saber" claws [8] that vibrate at ultrasonic frequency and have been shown to carve though armored vehicles like butter. [9]

Abilities/Special Skills: Tora is a highly trained police officer [10], skilled in investigation and criminology, as well as being rated in a wide variety of S.W.A.T. and milspec anti-nova weaponry.

Weapons Used: While in the field, Torashiro is sometimes equipped with both an Anti-tank Laser and an Ultra-machinegun on special hardpoints built into the sides of the motorcycle. [11] These become handheld weapons when in the mechaslave configuration. [11]

Appearance and Personality: Tora was rated 96 on N!s Top 100 Hottest Nova Bachelor's listing for 2010[12], an award which he has disdained in interviews. [13] He is known to have a rather gruff and dismissive demeanor toward the press (citation needed), though he has been described by fellow Nippontai teammate Kyojin as "shy."[14] In a special feature for Noveaux Magazine entitled The Novas of Nippon, he expressed a humble perspective towards his celebrity saying, "We get all the celebrity, but it's the everyday cops on the street, risking their necks with no powers who are the real hero's." [14] He is rarely seen in public without his distinctive Ray-Ban sunglasses, for whom he has a contractual obligation for product endorsement under his Nioppontai contract. (citation needed)

Early Life


Tora was born Yushiro Tanaka to father Shigeru Tanaka of Tanaka Technology Corporation (TTC) and former actress and model Orihime Kurosawa, on August 12, 1985. He was 12 when the Fireman erupted and has said that "As a child, I admired novas, very much, and aspired to be like my heroes and serve my country. This I believe is what led to my becoming a policeman, though my father would have preferred I follow in his footsteps and become a businessman." [14] Tora was enrolled in the prestigious Osaka Preparatory Academy, sometimes referred to as "Nippontai High" both for it's proximity to that team's headquarters and for the several erupted children rumored to be in attendance. (citation needed) Several other novas are known to have attended the school including Novox starlet Nezumi. (citation needed)

Law Enforcement


After graduating Osaka Preparatory, and reportedly in defiance of his father's wishes, Yushiro elected not to go to America to attend Harvard Business School, and enrolled in the Tokyo Law Enforcement Academy, where he graduated at the top of his class and was recruited by the Tokyo Special Crimes Unit becoming the youngest detective in Department history. [15]

From 2006 to early 2007, Yushiro was placed in deep cover, under the guise of "Tora" (The Tiger), and was able to successfully infiltrate and expose the narcotics smuggling operations of Ujio Usui, leading to the crime boss's arrest and imprisonment. [16] It was his first and last assignment prior to eruption.


(Age 21, during the Ujio Usui trial, just prior to eruption.)


(See Main Article: Eruption)


Yushiro erupted on August 21st, 2007 during an assault on Route 1 while driving to Osaka. He was reportedly attacked by the "Pale Riders" a Bosozuku motorcycle gang. Yushiro was reportedly riding his motorcyle when he was accosted by the gang, who have been known to harass drivers. According to one eyewitness account, the Pale Riders "singled him out and ran him off the road." [17] where he crashed down into a ravine several hundred feet down. Yushiro then reappeared, "rocketing out of the ravine like a beast from hell" on the now famous Torashiro. Using his enhanced speed and strength, Yushiro ran down the gang and apprehended them. It was revealed later that the Pale Riders were linked to Usui's narcotic smuggling operations, although his involvement with the assault could not be proven. (citation needed)


See Main Article: Nippontai)


Shortly after his eruption, Tora was approached by the Japanese government about joining the country's premier nova team. [18] Initially Tora was reluctant(citation needed), stating his duty and obligation to his department, but a compromise was reached when then Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda announced the formation of a special Joint Task Force to combat rising nova-related crimes and terrorism in and around Japan. Members would be drawn from Nippontai, the Japanese branch of The Directive, and members of the elite Tokyo J-SWAT paramilitary police forces. Funding would be provided by the Japanese government with tech subsidies via Japanese industrial giant Kuro-Tek. When Tora heard the announcement he promptly volunteered, however due to the perceived comparative weakness of his powers he was allowed to participate in an investigative capacity only. (citation needed)

Heaven Thunder Purge

See Main Article: Heaven Thunder Purge)


In 2008 a series of grisly kidnappings and murders were committed that attracted the attention of the Joint Task Force when nova involvement was suspected. [19] Preliminary reports suggested an isolated serial killer but further investigation revealed a turf war between local Japanese gangs and encroaching Chinese Triads.

For 2 months during the fall of 2008, a series of raids were conducted to systematically shut down all foreign narcotrafficking in Japan. A number of pitched battles were waged between Task Force Novas and Triad enforcers culminating with a massive assault upon the Triad's Japanese headquarters outside of Chiba.

Tora lead one of the J-SWAT units containing the perimeter when teammate Richter was badly damaged by Triad enforcer DeathWind who was was manipulating the weather and bombarding the law enforcers with supersonic strafing runs. In a startling turnabout, Tora's supercycle transformed into the iconic mechanized powersuit he is now famous for and engaged the powerful Chinese nova in high speed aerial combat. The battle ended 20 seconds later when Tora used his "Limit-Break Overdrive" ability to outclass his enemy in speed and maneuverability. [20]

The raid, which was captured and broadcast on national Japanese television was dubbed the Heaven Thunder Purge by the media and put Tora on the map as the nova to watch in 2008. [21] Tora was promoted to field assault agent within the Task Force and received a Parlimentary Medal of Valor.

Public Perception


Upon eruption, Tora was immediately proclaimed a hero by the police department [22], eager to curry favor with their new nova agent. As with all Japanese novas, Tora is worshiped as a celebrity and is considered a deity by the devotees of the Kamisama Buddhist sect. After the Heaven Thunder Purge, Tora's popularity skyrocketed in Japan. [23]

He has a persona and reputation of being "cool under fire" as well as being both humble and independent of thought. (citation needed) These traits have ingratiated him with the government while making him a champion of the common man. Due to his vocal stance on Japanese national pride [24] he is seen as being a symbol of patriotism, and the technological manifestation of his abilities fit in perfectly with the premise and presentation of the Japanese Saisho mentality.

In other Media


Tora's manga, "Born to Ride" is the second most popular in Japan, outselling all titles except Kagemusha's Shadow Chronicles. He has appeared in several anime series including the feature film Red Sun Rising as well as two OVA series, Mutant Crisis Tokyo and ADN Police Files.

Tora is a playable character in the 2009 and subsequent versions of Capcom vs. Novas.



Tora'a action figure was the hottest selling toy of the 2008 Christmas season in Japan [25] and featured in Toyfare magazine in the U.S. in January of 2009 spurring sales in the west. His figure comes bundled with a fully transformable Akatora made of die-cast metal (plastic in the U.S.). It currently ranks number 35 on Toyfare's worldwide bestseller list. [26]

In Japan, several nova-philes have kitted out their motorcycles in an attempt to replicate Akatora's look and motorcycle suits have been made to mimic the look of his Neofiber costume. Numerous other merchandise exists, from lunch boxes and t-shirts to wall posters, motorcycle helmets and Halloween costumes. [27]

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Estimated Power Levels:

Strength: 7

Intelligence: 6

Speed: 8

Offense: 7

Defense: 8

Versatility: 6

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*****Directive Dossier*****



Subject: 107Z9AN00X

Alias: Tora

Name: Yushiro Tanaka

Nature: Paragon

Theme: Ghost in the Machine


Physical (Primary)

Strength: ●●●●● (Hydraulic)

Dexterity:●●●●● (Precise)

Stamina: ●●●●● (Relentless)

Mental (Secondary)

Perception: ●●●●● (Observant)

Intelligence: ●●●●● (Questioning)

Wits: ●●●●● (Quick)

Social (Tertiary)

Appearance: ●●●●● (Stylish)

Manipulation: ●●●● (Persuasive)

Charisma: ●●●


Athletics: ●●●●●

Awareness: ●●●●●

Computer: ●●●

Drive: ●●●●●

Endurance: ●●●●[●]

Firearms: ●●●●●

Interrogation: ●●●●

Intimidation: ●●●●

Intrusion ●●●●●

Investigation: ●●●●●

Linguistics: ●

Martial Arts: ●●●●●

Resistance: ●●●●[●]

Stealth: ●●●●●

Streetwise: ●●●●●

Style: ●●●●●

Subterfuge: ●●●●

Weave: ●●●●●


Attunement: ●●●●●

Backing: ●●●●

Contacts: ●●●●

Eufiber: ●●●●●

Influence: ●●●

Node: ●●

Resources ●●●●●


Eufiber Attuned- 3

Runner- 2


Curiosity:- 2

Enemy:- 3

QUANTUM: ●●●● (14 BP)

Quantum Pool: 30

WILLPOWER: ●●●●● ● (Confident) (3 NP)

Permanent Taint: ●●●●● ●

Temporary Taint: 0



-Aberrant Eyes

-Altered Physiology

Yushiros's body has become an almost completely cybernetic organism. Physically his bones have been replaced with nanotech marrow factories and sheathed in a previously unknown metallic element. His muscles are synthetic myomers made of nanotubes of the same element. His organ functions have been gradually replaced with nano-constructed mechanical systems. Even parts of his brain have been augmented with circuitry wired directly into his node, all of it powered by an incredibly advanced quantum fusion reactor at least 100 years ahead of current baseline tech. As a result of this medicine skill does not work, being replaced with Engineering, and may only be used on Yushiro by a Nova with a Mega Intelligence rating of at least 3 and the Engineering Prodigy enhancement.


-Multiple Personalities

From Yushiro's perspective, Akatora is a QI or Quantum Intelligence, that claims to have awakened the same night of Yushiro's eruption. The Intelligence claims to be a Kami. According to Akatora, everything has a spirit, including rocks, trees, rivers and streams, and even man made objects, just waiting to be awakened. Akatora can communicate to Yushiro via his brain implants, and to others through a vocal synthesizer built into Akatora.


Strength: ●●[●●] (Irresistible Force)

Dexterity: (Tainted)(Enhanced Movement)

Stamina: ●●●●[●] (Adaptability)

Perception: (Electromagnetic Vision, Hyperenhanced Hearing)

Intelligence: (Compartmentalized Mind)

Wits: (Multitasking)


-Bionic Construction

Armor: ●

-Ultrasonic Sabers

Claws [Armor Piercing]:

-Vectored Energy Force Shield

Force Field [impervious]:(Tainted)

-Cloaking Field

Invisibility [Enhanced Effect]: (Tainted)

-Limit Break Quantum Overdrive

Boost [Dexterity and Hypermovement]:(Tainted)


Clone: ● (Weaknesses: Only one clone.(5) While active, only the clone body has access to Hypermovement, Bodymorph and Body Modifications (2), Linked (3): Bodymorph (Simultaneous) Strengths: Reduced to Level 1, Cosmetic: Clone body manifests as Akatora.)

-ExoArmor/Motoslave Mode

Bodymorph (Technology): ●●●●● (+1 Bruised HL, +2 Maimed HL, +2 Dice Damage in Melee)

-[sizemorph Grow ● Flight ● Armor ●● Psychic Shield ●●] (Weakness: Linked (3) to Hypermovement (Simultaneous), Strength: Increased Duration: Scene)

-Tigeroid/Motorcycle Mode

Body Modification: Digitigrade Legs/Wheels (Weakness: Dependent (2) on Bodymorph)

Body Modification: Quadruped (Weakness: Dependent (2) on Bodymorph)

-Gyroscopic Servo Arm Hardpoints

Body Modifications: Extra Limbs (Weakness: Linked (3) to Bodymorph)

-Quantum Supercycle

Hypermovement [Extra Mode: Flight]: (Tainted) (Weakness: Linked (3) to Bodymorph (Simultaneous), Strength: Increased Duration: Scene)

-Quantum Cyber-Link

Psychic Link: ● (Weakness: Only usable with Clone, Reduced Range: 100 miles, Strength: Reduced Quantum)

Combat Statistics

Initiative: 12


Soak: 12/7

Eufiber: + 8/8

Bodymorphed: +7/7

Average Force Field: +19/19

Average Combat Total: 46/41



Walk: 7m

Run: 24 m

Sprint: 44m


Walk: 14m

Run: 88m

Sprint: 88m (60 mph)

Akatora (Motorcycle/Tigeroid Mode):

In combat Driving/Running:

Run: 84m (58 mph)

Sprint: 300m (205 mph)

Enhanced: Run 168m (115 mph) Sprint: 600m (410 mph)

Out of Combat Driving/Sprinting: 311 mph Enhanced: 622 mph

Akatora (ExoArmor Mode):

In Combat:

Run: 42m (29 mph)

Sprint: 150m (103 mph)

Enhanced: Run 84m (58 mph) Sprint: 300m (205 mph)

Out of Combat Sprinting: 155 mph Enhanced: 310 mph


In Combat: 50m (35 mph) Enhanced: 100m (70 mph)

Out of Combat: 311 mph Enhanced: 622 mph

Health Levels:

[bruised, Bruised] Bruised, Bruised, Bruised, Hurt, Injured, Wounded, Maimed [Maimed, Maimed] Crippled, Incapacitated, Dead

Note: Never suffers any wound penalties.

Special Gear:

Brain-implant Data Connection with Full Op-Net Connectivity and Symbiotic Slave implants

-Outcome Prediction Program

-Best Route Program

-Shot Placement Program

Nanotech Mosquito Canisters (2)

Nanotech Dragonfly Surveillance Drones (2)

Directive Nova Restraints with Mox Injectors (4)

Eufreeze Grenades (6)

Quantum Scanner Watch


Laser Electro-Shock Sidearm

Twin Portable Laser Cannons with Hardpoint attachments (double capacity power packs)




Expenditures: (93)

Mega Strength 2: 5

Mega Stamina 2: 5

Mega Stamina 3: 10

Mega Stamina 4: 15

Regeneration: 5

Mega Perception 1: 6

High End Electromagnetic Scan: 5

Mega Intelligence 1: 6

Mega Wits 1: 6

Claws (Armor Piercing) 1: 6

Body Modification: Extra Limbs: 3

Hypermovement (Extra Mode) 1: 5 (Tainted)

Boost (Dex and H-Move) 1: 5 (Tainted)

Invisibility (Enhanced) 1: 5 (Tainted)

Force Field (Impervious 1: 5 (Tainted)

Psychic Link (Weakened): 1

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