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[OpNet] Nova Combat Rocks Small Virginian Town

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Nova Combat Rocks Small Virginian Town


DeVries elite Singularity was assaulted last night in a suburb of

Lexington, Virginia by a group of independent novas, resulting in one nova

fatality, one nova injury, and two baseline injuries.



Franklin 'Singularity' Alden was assaulted last night while driving

home by Jack 'Thunderhead' Rogan, Don 'Mutagen' Cole, and Beth 'Ghost'

Johannes, resulting in the death of Mutagen. Eye witnesses report,

Thunderhead brought up a thunderstorm before striking Singularity's car with


The combat continued for several minutes, spreading into the parking

lot of a local strip mall and inflicted limited property damage. The

brawl ended after Mutagen began to attack bystanders and Singularity broke

the nova's neck, killing Mutagen instantly.

Team Tomorrow Americas arrived on the scene shortly aftwards, applying

first aid to the injured bystanders and taking Mutagen's body and an

unconscious Ghost into custody. Team Tomorrow later released the

following statement, "We do not condone vigilante actions taken by novas nor

baselines, no matter how justified the violence may be. Although we

applaud Mr. Alden's efforts in reducing the property damage, we do not

support his use of lethal force to resolve the conflict." Thunderhead had

already fled the scene when the Team Tomorrow agents arrived and he is

currently wanted by the authorities and is considered armed and


Singularity was briefly detained and was released after the arrival of

DeVries representatives. The DeVries Agency made a statement on the

behalf of Mr. Alden, "We regret the unfortunate death of Mr. Cole and the

injuries taken by Ms. Johannes and Mr. and Mrs. King. However, Mr.

Alden was acting in response to the unjustified assault against him, only

resorting to lethal force after Mr. Cole proved to be incorrigibly

unstable and intent on committing mass destruction and murder. If

anything, Mr. Alden acted in self-defense and in defense of neighbors and


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