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Yes, I just scored the biggest haul yet!

A Japanese Zaibatsu (Which will remained unnamed per NDA agreement) retained me for a high-profile case. I'll mention what's on the public record as to how it resolved.

A rival corp had played dirty pool, and kidnapped the daughter of my clients to leverage a merger deal. I, with the help of some old Interpol friends who still owed me a marker or two, decided to level the playing field.

In the end, the kid was returned safe and sound, and suprisingly enough, hostile casualties were kept to a minimum. Mostly broken legs, sprains, and concussions.

I'd just like to thank some non-Interpol people for their lending of some resources.

Spooky Deluxe; thanks for the info you grabbed for me. You are quite the hunter. Paycheck is all ready for you. Perhaps we'll meet in the shadows in a couple days to trade stories. Over an Ampwell.

Crystal Princess; That was indeed a righteous hack. Thanks for the toys too, I was bored. Good luck playing preacher. There's a box of Pocky in your future.

You guys know who you are. Thanks.

I'm back in Minneapolis, with a ton of Yen weighing me down like a Sumo after an all-you-can-eat. Anyone up for a party?

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