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[OpNet] Nova Trolling.


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Hey all,

I had a disturbing thought last night as I settled in to sleep.

The many baselines who have been attempting to erupt through various means might be trying something new. Luring Novas into attacking them. Hoping that the violence and the quantum exposure may force them into an eruption. Has this happened in the past? Has it happened to anyone here?

I know I need to be mindful of this especially since I tend to get over excited about things. Just wanted to warn the rest of you. Though I am sure people like Prodigy have long ago came up with this conclusion.

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Well is it any different than a baseline jumping from a building to erupt? It's like Blue Suicide where suicidal people forced cops into killing them.

Except this time they have a miniscule chance of becoming something they think will change everything.

Isn't it kinda creepy to think you have a better chance of becoming a Nova than hitting the lotto?

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Nova Trolling... Now I've heard everything.


Don't you baselines have any idea of the sheer... pandora's box you'd open by wanting, then becoming one of us?

It's like a child wanting a present so bad at Christmas, then getting it, only to discard it by february for the next big thing.

You can't get rid of this thing that we deal with every day, kids. This ain't your game.

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