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[OpNet] Hello N!Prime!

Juri 'Salamander' McClendon

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Hello all you Nodesparks out there! I'm the hottest little bitch to come out of the University of Alabama Huntsville and I'm ready to join the ranks of the quantum-born!

I'm tired of being a simple little baseline having to watch the rest of yous on N! all the time. What I want to know is how you think I should try and get myself to erupt, you know? I've been reading the sites out that give you suggestions, but I want to know if anyone here is a self-made Nova or if all of you are just quantum accidents?

How the hell can I get me a node???

And how can I get one of those tricked out little manga-style pics that everyone seems to have?

And who's the Site Admin of this little haven of conversation? Gotta know who not to piss off.

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Uhm, question here, if you ain't a nova yet, why do you have a handle? I mean, what happens if you actually do erupt but you end up with those wicked cool Cheese Mastery powers that Zed is always talking about? I mean, someone named Pyre probably got fire powers from getting caught on fire or something. Name comes after the node-pop sweetie.

As for 'quantum accident' why do I feel fucking insulted here?

And how to erupt? Shit, I've heard some weird ones. Dude loses his keys and erupts. Someone else gets mugged by some bikers, gets the living shit kicked out of him, but doesn't erupt until they say their going to kill him. Another guy has a cargo container drop on his leg and the thing that actually sets him off is the wait for the ambulance because he's convinced that they're taking so long just because he's a Turk in France. Though, to be honest, sickest one I ever heard, and it ain't been verfied, was some Terat guy who is waaaaaaaaaayyyy to charming and convincing for anyone's good corners this little lady. Seems she was the sister of an elite and this dude wanted to experiment and see if this kind of thing runs in families. So what does he do? He turns the juice on in his Quantum Powered Charm of Doom and starts asking her questions. "Wouldn't it be horrible if you weren't a nova?"..."Wouldn't you just want to die?"..."Have you ever tried just thinking yourself into eruption?"...."Wouldn't it be the worst thing ever if you didn't" He spends like an hour driving her fucking insane before she just suddenly stops crying and screaming and opens her eyes. Boom, they're pure silver. And, she is one scary powerful chick now.

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Leamy, she ain't worth your time getting pissed off,or bothered with. Relax, kay?

As for funny node popping, I got mine during sex.Not rape.The rest of the details of it.

As for you Pyre, please understand that very few people can become novas.So please do not do anything that could harm yourself or others trying to become one.

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People still think getting a lump of extra gray crap in their noggin means a free ride, fortune and glory. Look I hate to break it to you but you still will have a lot of the same problems and a whole bunch of new ones to boot. Try to be happy with who you are before you try spinning around and becoming WonderWoman.

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Gonna disagree with ya there Totem my man. It is a free ride to fortune and glory. Fuck, even Sloppy Joe could be living high on the hog if he wasn't bitching about his balls floating around and all (though, I don't blame him for bitching.)

Yeah, there are problems, but not as many if you just realize that so much of their shit isn't your shit anymore. That takes care of a lot of it.

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I don't know about weird eruptions, but I reckon I got some of the weirdest powers amongst novakind.

On a more serious note, Pyre, trying to erupt yourself is pretty bloody stupid. Save your money and get the test done first if you really want to try, that's all I can suggest.

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That's pretty short sighted there Lemmy. The world has a way of making things your problem whether you like them to be or not. And while you might have gotten a free ride with everything your heart desires don't presume that every Nova out there has gotten or can get what they wanted from this 'gift'.

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Pyre, I offer you this.If you wish to come to my G.A.T.E.S corporate head quarters in San Diego, I will help you with a reasonable way to figure out if you will become a nova.If this is so, then i will try, in the safest way to cause your eruption, or at least give you advice on the safest method for you.

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Well, if your name is Juri McClendon, going somewhere else might not be such a bad idea, Pyre.

As for going to Signy's place ...

Well, if you want to be a pawn in someone else's shuffleboard game, go right ahead. That's what the land of the Free is all about. She will only use you while it is convienent for her, then the bad visions will come, and that's it for you.

Please play again.

(Whoops ... I must be clarivoyant!)

Pyre, if you already are a nova, good luck.

If you aren't, take a good look at your life. Do you really want to change it? Listen to what Totem has to say, as well as Lemmy. Sometimes the lottery comes out your way ... and sometimes there are steep consequences.

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Jager, you make me out to be power hungery woman, such scandles words.you truly think I have done nothing without gaining somehting in return?That I am not capable of doing kind deads?If so, you truly do not look too deep into those around you.Has age made you sloppy?

But if others wish to live their lives not knowing, I will not tell them.

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Hot damn! I already got some replies. Thank you everyone! Now, let's get to replying.

Lemmy: You're not too bright, are you? Even in lowly baseline forums, we generally have some kind of alias. You know, other than the name our parents gave us. Usually they tend to be masturbatory, like Endless_Night, but sometimes you get something clever, like Osmium_Penguin. So, when I decided to come here, I didn't want to use my real name. Pyre is actually an acronym. Stands for Pretty Youth Ready to Erupt. P Y R E.

About quantum accident, well, sorry, rockstar, that's the truth. Most of you didn't deserve your power, you didn't do anything for it. Some fucked up twist of fate put in the right place in the right time, and kaboom, you're a nova. Some people, like me, actually put our lives and well-being on the line to try and make the quantum genie pay attention to us. If we come out of it alive and erupted, we fucking earned our nodes.

Blue Cherry: Well, fuck, don't harm myself? I hate to break it to you, but most novas don't get hit on the head with the fairy godmother's magic quantum wand while getting pumped like you. I doubt I'd be as lucky as you, and that means doing it the nasty and hard way.

Jager: What the fuck are you talking about? Are you blind? Why the hell would I want to be damned baseline in today's world? You know, it's always the fucking lucky quantum accidents that try to tell people like me to give up and just accept being a second-tier member of the evolutionary chain.

Apep: YES! I got a comment from THE Apep. Hot damn, it's my lucky day. You know, that seemed like the easiest way to go about it, but that way never works. Ends up killing too many people, and even if that did work, I'd get some lame flying or bouncing powers. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Totem: Hey, nature boy, don't come crying to me because you subconsciously wanted to be a mythological raptor, 'kay? At least you got the quantum genie to come to your door.

Codex: I know you're meaning well, and all, but if I could afford the fool test, which I can't, I could probably afford to do more than try and solicit free advice from all of you online. Like talk to paraphysicians, and stuff. Long and short of it, I can't afford it, and I'm not going to waste my life trying to save up while I could be trying to erupt in the meantime. Let's just pretend the test came back positive. What advice would you give me then?

Signy: Alright, FINALLY someone offering to help me. As I told Codex, let's just assume any such tests are positive, that I got the genetic goodies, and I'm good to go. How do I go about doing this, anyway? I've lurked here a bit, so I know people say you've got the gift of seeing the future. Can't you just tell me how it happens and spare me the grief?

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Wile G.A.T.E.S stands for genetic anomaly treatment,examination,and study..I suggested this place, as it is both public,and has the best medical equipment I own. I will not sample your DNA, unless I have to. If you are a nova, I will give you a list of names of people who could help you. On the list would be people from Utopia,Devrises,and others.

I am sure you are a good person,at least on some level.I do not wish to tangle you up into things too big for any reasonable person.

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What the fuck are you talking about? Are you blind?

I was asking you a question, to which you gave an angry, flippant response. Okay.

Seriously, what excites you about becoming a nova?

What powers are you looking at, or is it something else?

If/when you become a nova, are their any aspects of your old life you think you will miss?

When you become a nova, your life will change, alright. Some of us were warning you that it isn't all for the better. Chose to ignore that advice if you wish.

Why the hell would I want to be damned baseline in today's world?

Beats being dead?

Is there this mythology that baselines can't have rich, full-filling lives?

You know, it's always the fucking lucky quantum accidents that try to tell people like me to give up and just accept being a second-tier member of the evolutionary chain.

Glad to see you are feeling so powerless. I would also point out, we novas are not "fucking lucky quantum accidents". We are eons of evolution at work. I hope that when you cross that line, you will feel that the way I do.

Tell you what. You want to know if you can become a nova? I will help you out. No need to go to the west coast. Were would you like to meet?

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My goodness. From the sign on the door I thought this was the place to say 'hi'. I guess it's rather a place to come in and insult people.

Well, I'm not one for insults myself, so I think I'll restrict myself to my original intention and simply say hello.

Hello, the name is Leonard Hoffman aka The Great Monster C and I figure after walking around all nova and all for ten years I should probably actually start speaking to you people. Sorry for the lack of communication with my 'brothers' but I've been just too darn busy. Lobbying is a bit more than a 40 hour week.

Now, wouldn't want to be accused of thread hijacking, so Pyre or P.Y.R.E. to be more accurate (Sorry, but I'm always going to be thinking of P.Y.T now)I don't have any real suggestions for you. I erupted during an argument, so I guess I'm even more accidental than most. Hasn't changed my life too much though. I'm a little better at my job, I get more attention, and I spend about 30k a year on cookies. But if this is your dream, you're going about it the right way. Ask advice and go from there. Good luck, I hope you don't do anything stupid.

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Just in case your last name is not McClendon I shall offer some advice.

1. Get tested. If you aren't an unrealized Nova then trying to erupt is a silly waste of time. Simply kill yourself and maybe you'll be lucky next time around.

2. Should you already know that you have the potential to erupt, then there are a number of ways to go about it. Presence to other quantum presences has been known to do it, but that is rare. Some occur naturally, especially if you've been experiencing a life filled with stress. But, the one tried and true method has always been physical danger. One thing must be stressed however:


Fear is of utmost importance. A sense of impending doom. Many erupt in microseconds, but you are actually going to be the one responsible for the danger you put yourself in. You don't want your last second being spent in regret. You want utter bowel loosening terror. Put yourself in a situation that will be removed from your control almost immedietely but where pain is still minutes away, and that pain should last some time, to make the threat real. It is imperitive that the horror of coming death should saturate your mind.

If it works, congratulations. You are a realized Nova.

If that should fail you'll be a corpse and stop coming here.

Either way, excellent. Now stop blathering and come back when you're worth speaking to.

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Hmmm ....

This is tougher than it appears.

Testing costs a pretty penny.

There are some novas who claim that they can tell unerupted novas, but most keep it close to the vest, so as not to be swamped with the hopeful.

Hey! Someone posted like a thousand links to the GATES Opsite!

God, I love the Opnet, but this is kind of crazy. Now, every wannabe in a five state radius is going to be swarming the facility.

Good luck, Siggy. You asked for it, I guess.

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Mmmm. More comments from those already erupted. Let's see what I have to look at today.

Signy: You lost me there. What do you mean, tangle me up in things too big? Can you drop the cryptic fortuneteller act for a moment and just tell me what's what?

Jager: Well, blind-man let me reiterate to you a few things. First off, I don't think you understand what its like to be me. I don't know when you erupted, but I but you've been a Nova so long or erupted early enough in your life that you don't remember what it was like to be in a world without Novas. And I don't think you know what it was like to grow up in a world with Novas, watching them change the damn planet while you had to sit and just watch it happen.

I'm tired of riding the fucking evolutionary bench, you hear? Its funny how I don't hear people off this board complain about their poor, unfortunate erupted lives. I'm still waiting for Alejandra, Core, Firefly, or Narcosis to tell me how terrible their lives are. How they never anticipated all the stress that accompanied having superpowers?

You know what, I'm aware that some Novas get the shit end of the stick when they get their nodes. I'm also aware that among all Novas, that's a damned tiny percentage and I'm willing to take that fucking chance, okay? Stop trying to lecture me as though you're some fucking wiseman Buddha come down from the sacred mountain. You're a former spy or some kinda of spook like that and I bet you don't know shit about what living a baseline life is like in today's world with Novas running around.

Great Monster C: I want everyone to read Mr. C's letter to me. Polite, kind, and not in the least bit condescending. Thank you, G.M.C. Even though he didn't have valuable suggestions, he told me that in friendly manner. You're okay, man. Thanks.

James "Prodigy" Meehan: Hot damn, a good, solid suggestion. Thanks for the tip on fear. I'll keep that in mind. Nice wit too, btw. For a moment, I almost considered leaving without insulting you for the other half of your comments. Almost. But since you gave me the good advice, I'll reign myself in enough to just say, hey, brainiac-quantum-accident. Don't be so damned arrogant. You didn't earn your brains or your education, you stole them from a hundred or so people. Next time you want to talk to me that way, you talk to me that in the voice of one of those people you killed to become who you are.

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It sounds as if you think yourself ready to attempt an eruption. The question is: are you willing to place yourself in a situation in which you will either erupt or die? Have you really decided that - one way or another - you do not wish to live as a human?

I gather that you have made this decision. Good. Go do it - there is no reason to delay. Eruption is unpredictable, and there is nobody here who can give you a perfect formula to success. Therefore, you shouldn't waste time with questions.

Just make sure eruption is your only way out, and go do whatever 'suicidal' stunt you have in mind. If you erupt, look me up sometime - I'll show you a few opportunities most people can't touch.

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Originally posted by Pyre:

Don't be so damned arrogant. You didn't earn your brains or your education, you stole them from a hundred or so people. Next time you want to talk to me that way, you talk to me that in the voice of one of those people you killed to become who you are.
No, I did not earn an IQ of 750. However, I did earn an IQ of 7500. My eruption was not of my conscious choosing. Everything that I am now I am by effort and will.

The Nova that we are now is more important than the Nova that we were.
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First off, I applaud your ability to engage us.

You're right, Pyre. I don't know what it is like to be as unhappy and insecure as you appear to be.

It is also good to know you already know so much about us. wink

You think you know, but you don't. You haven't a clue, until you become a nova.

Imagine not being powerless, but being too powerful. To be so powerful that you can do things, both great and terrible, instinctively.

You want someone to love you? They love you, but love loses all meaning for you.

Someone pisses you off? Sure, you could incinerate them and be on the otherside of the globe before their ashes hit the ground. But, what meaning does life have after that?

Man, you are going to get invited to parties, get job offers with the seven figure salaries {eight if your really gifted or lucky}, but their not going to want to be with you. They want the nova.

Everytime someone talks to you, you are going to be able to finish their sentances, and every moment they babble on and on will be a never-ending torture. Then, you realize its only been ten seconds. Sorry Mom.

Yeah, you get to hang out with other novas. A few of them may even be your equals. Aot more will be far better than you, and you will know it.

Why don't we talk about this? Why should we. We already know it.

We know that Prodigy humors us with conversation and hears us out. If he didn't know what we are there for before we arrive, he will within ten seconds, but he lets us babble on for a few minutes, anyway.

Walking up to Signy and asking her something? She already knows how the conversation is going to go, but she waits for you to get around to it.

You go around Totem, and you have to remember he knows what you ate last week, as well as who you slept with last night. All in one wiff.

Just some things to consider, courtesy of the blind man.

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Leonid 'Zima' Lov: Well, I'd almost agree with you, but I figure if it's gonna be the choice of erupt or die trying, I'd better make damn certain I get it right the first time. Which is why I came here hoping to find a self-made Nova to give some pointers.

James 'Prodigy' Meehan: Touché. Nice one. I'll keep that in mind before challenging you in the future.

Jager: First off, you're right. The only thing I know about you people is what you say here or in other places like this one. Secondly, you think that any of that is gonna make me change my mind? Shit, you are so undeserving of your node, Blind Man. All you can do is bitch bitch bitch about how difficult you have it. Wake up call, asshole, life doesn't have all that much meaning being in the shadow of homo sapiens novus. I've never spoken with a quantum accident so desperately in need of being turned into soma in my life.

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In some circles, that would be considered hostile.

Pyre, a thousand stories are already out there, telling everyone how good novas have it. I was just showing you that it isn't always the sound bites and the Op-clips. Its still living your life.

But, you don't want to hear that. Okay. I can deal with the willfull ignorance.

Right now, you're just some chucklehead who would rather die than not have the node. More power to ya.

As for me, I'm happy to be a nova. Its the only life I've ever known, and I wouldn't want to live any other way.

If you become a nova, and you still want to rip out my node, by all means, look me up.

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Greetings Pyre. So, you feel the calling to be a nova? I am willing to help.

For your information, I am a "quantum accident". I prefer to think there was a reason or destiny behind it, but I believe I fit your latter definition.

How do you get a node? It is an individual experience, so we will have to explore your personal fears, doubts, and terrors. In them lies your answer. We are all special, so your eruption experience should be special as well.

Your other two questions are system queries, so I can't be of much help. I showed up to post one day, and I had this likeness of me staring back. Also, I believe Jager is one of those system admins you were trying to not piss off.

Like you, though, I see no reason to complain about being a nova, or any reason to stay a baseline if you dont' have to.

Contact me privately, and I will come to you and help you on your personal journey toward Divinity.

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And in other circles, it would rightly be taken as the sarcasm it was intended to be.

And Blind Man, you were doing nothing of the sort. You were treating me as though I didn't know shit about what you were saying when I'd already ponied up to having taken those thoughts under consideration. Then you had to keep beating me over the fucking head with it like I'm some fucking child who you felt had to be taught a lesson because there's no way I could know what the hell you were refering to even if said I did, right? Of course not, I'm just some nodeless troll who hasn't experienced life on the other side of the fence, how could I know? All I can do are read and watch the stories of other Novas? You make a lot of assumptions about me, thinking I haven't given this some serious thought before getting to the point that I am, that I'm just some stupid bitch with stars and dollar signs in her eyes that hasn't carefully evaluated the consequences based on what evidence she has available to her.

Hey, Blind Man? You didn't tell me shit that other Novas haven't already told other reporters. Those stories are out there too, you know? The people who couldn't hack it, went crazy, etc. It's not like they're keeping their mouths shut. So if hearing about them didn't change my mind, why on earth did you think your little cliched anecdotes would work?

Or, to quote something I saw on the 'Net once.

Why don't you write that up for me in a memo and entitle it SHIT I ALREADY KNOW???

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Will do, Bastian.

So no one's gonna help me with the avatar question or tell me who the site admin is? I thought the heavy hand of moderation would've stomped me flat by now.

Wait a second, I just re-read your post, Bastian? Blind Man is a sysadmin? You know, that puts all kind of conspiracy theory into motion. He's also Spy Guy, right? If he's a sys admin, he's probably got this place up to keeps tabs on all yous fine Novas so he doesn't have to do as much work.

Tricky shit, Blind Man. That's pretty sneaky. I approve.

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Danke, Pyre.

Stomping anyone flat is really poor sportsmanship. There is something you really want, which is what I was checking, and you are willing to fight for it.

If it was easy, there would be thousands of wannabes flooding the sight, and helping the unerupted isn't why most of us come here.

I'm not the sysadmin, though.

Send me a description of how you would like your image to appear, and I will see what can be done.

Who not to piss off?

Tum-Tum - He is the only one her who has eaten another nova (by accident, I believe).

The rest of us have pretty thick skin.

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Eruption gives you a single wish from a genii who only marginally has your interests at heart. In the unlikely event you erupt, use it well.

I erupted after a several day headache when I lost my temper dealing with a computer mouse. Had I realized it, the headache might have told me it was coming. Perhaps I could have shaped my eruption and gotten more conventional powers. Being larger than life means your failures are also larger, and only sometimes your successes, consider yourself warned.

Having said that, yes, I greatly prefer what I am to what I was. Life is good. The big, often overlooked advantage, is the health we novas get.

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Does tasting the blood of another Nova count as 'eating them'? Just curious....

Also Doc Troll you are right on the money with larger than life means larger failures.

I will say the most positive thing out of being a Nova thus far is some of the friends I have made. Some seem to honestly care without trying to get anything out of it which means a lot to me.

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Not too worry Tum-Tum. I always keep back up munchies available. Rumors of our antogonism have been nothing but a headache for me though. I keep getting calls from XWF officials exclaiming the utter irrisitibility of "The Bakery Battle" or "Cookie Wars" in which you and I battle over an arena filled with bakery treats.

I've tried to tell them, they don't have enough money to fill either of us up.

This place looks to be a bit more, ahem, spirited than I thought it would be. More interesting too. Nice to see it isn't a bunch of "Terats Suck...No Utopia Sucks....No, your mother sucks" kind of thing.

Well, good luck Pyre. Do you have anything planned? Better question, do you have health insurance?

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Well, to back Jager up a bit, you can have consequences just from trying to erupt. If you're not Juri McClendon (I think there's a good chance that you are), then you can learn something from her experience. Sure, she erupted, but she'll probably end up doing some prison time for arson in the end. I know you're gonna spout off about not caring about it; you'll probably even say that it's better to be an imprisoned Nova than a free baseline.

On the other hand, trying to erupt...Prodigy's got the right idea. Fear is what should do it. I think that's why jumping off a cliff wouldn't work; you're expecting to erupt and save your life so you aren't truly scared enough. You're not genuinely afraid of losing your life because you're expecting to come out okay, thus no reflex action to wake up your unformed node. This is true of my eruption; fear at seeing the man who abused my mother and I track me down after years of not having to worry about him.

You're on the wrong board if you're looking for self-made Novas to help you out, though. A girl as educated as you on Novas ought to know how rare we are, and someone looking to force an eruption ought to know how exceptionally rare those Novas are in comparison to the ones who had unplanned stress or fear make them one of your "quantum accidents." That's why there are places like The Nova Site which caters to people trying to do it themselves.

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Pyre, you do not know nearly enough about what it means to be a nova to judge what it is like.I do not know nearly enough about being a baseline ina age of novas to judge what it is like.

I can tell you this much, being a nova is not what the PR spiners sell you.I live a live greater highs,and deeper lower.i see things you could only dream of.But I will tell you this, i do not think you would like what I see. I will tell you what I saw the day I went back home.

When i looked at my children, I saw them grow old and die. I truly loved my children, but the sight of them growing old,and me staying young..A mother should never out live her children. I was being tron up each time i saw my children. Does that sound nice? The facts are that if I relax too much, or look too long at people I will see how they will die.The more i care about them, the harder it is for me to keep my node in check.

I will say this, if you take what help i give you, understand that I give you all the help I can offer, with causing the least amount of trouble for you.I will give you games of novas, and people who can help you more, as one of the most dangerous things on earth is a novas who doesn't know their own limits.

As for the Genius said fear is the answer. That is as true as all music is rock'n'roll.Wile all novas who erupted from fear, did indeed erupted from fear.Not all eruptions were caused by fear.I erupted in a brief glimse into the under laying effects of my words on others.

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I think Miss D'Aronique may be on to something there. As long as you are putting yourself into a situation and expecting to erupt, you won't be truly terrified. I erupted in a moment of absolute terror, when I saw that a chemical storage closet had caught fire. I knew what was in there, and I knew that if the fire had spread to the chemicals, everyone in the lab would have died from the toxic fumes (the explosive chemicals are stored elsewhere).

My eruption was caused by personal terror, and if you go into a situation willingly expecting to come out of it with 'kewl powers', then you will most likely not survive, even if you have the potential to become a Nova.

My best advice for you to try to become a nova: Live an interesting life. It doesn't have to be a dangerous life like a gang member or a mercenary, just an interesting one. Be something like an acrobat, a mountain climber, even a test pilot or a police officer. You'll learn, enjoy, grow, and you will most certainly experience stress and terror enough to cause you to erupt.

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Checking the daily suggestion box.

Jager: So I've past some kind of test? Well, Blind Man, that's fair enough. So, now that I've passed, what happens?

Dr. Troll: Your failures are larger, but only rarely your successes? Dude, you need to seriously have some Ampwells and start enjoying life. I know you said that you enjoy it now more than before, but sounds to me you have some unworked issues to get resolved. Why don't you try writing to that Abbie column I see here?

Totem: Dude, seriously, you're actually starting to dissuade me here, if only to avoid erupting and becoming someone who goes on and on about how much their life sucks. The best thing to come out of your life is your friends? That sounds great on a Hallmark card, but is kinda depressing in a children's book way. I imagine this cartoon-looking griffin moping his way through a book only to get to the end and find out he has friends.

Shit, Totem, does life really suck that hard for you?

Violette D'Aronique: Holy shit. A T2M'er gives me solid advice on my eruption plans. That's pretty cracked out. You're okay too. But, you get the obligatory One Eye Blind Girl crack for that first paragraph. Yeah, One Eye Blind Girl, I'm aware that someone could take me away if I try erupting like a moron. Didn't think I'd considered that? Well, fuck you, I have, and yes, you're right again, it be better to do a little time to be a Nova once I got out of prison.

Signy: Alright, screw this. I thought you wanted to help me, but you can't say anything simple if your life depended on it. Hey, shit for brains? I'm a fucking baseline here, 'kay? Or an unerupted Nova, however you want to call, but I ain't got Nova intelligence for figuring out cryptic messages and back-ass symbolism. "Games of Novas?" What the hell are you talking about? Just tell me what I need to do, in simple sentences, words of one syllable, without any fucking obfuscation. That's my big word for the day. It just sounds good. Kinda rolls of the tongue all nice like. Ahhhhb-fffeeeeewwwwwww-skaaaaaaaaaaay-shuuuuuuuuun. Can you do that? Can you give me answers without trying to sound all cryptic like? Please?

Alchemist: And a third vote in the you have to be really scared category. There's also the live a dangerous life suggestion, which basically would put me into the quantum accident category. Well, shit, if it's the choice of being a quantum accident or remaining like I am then I'd take the quantum accident route. Course, Karma would probably make me like Totem's girlfriend griffin as payback for giving everyone here such a hard time.

I think I'll try the self-made Nova route, but thanks anyway,

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Simple English you say?Here it is.Call up Doors Air lines.You then will give them a time that would like to be picked up.You will be flown on a private jet to San Diego.You can bring up to 30 guests.I would not recomend more than 15.The plain wile able to bring 32 people, it is tight fit,and the food on the plain is not so good when there is more than 15 or so people. In San Diego, you can either make aragments for rooms on your own, or stay at any hotel you wish.Futher more if a rental car, or cars are needed .

I will pay for all this, all I ask is that you make it to San Diego at your best time.

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Yeah, you're right. Eruption totally changes everything. My life was pretty fucking shitty before mine. So I guess I can sympathize.

So if you're wanting to go the fear route, I've met some novas along the way that would probably enjoy instilling that in you. I think they'd be amused at your plight, but then I'm not sure what they'd do to you if their scare tactics didn't work.

At the very least, all I can do for you is tell you if this quest of yours will get you killed or not. But I'd have to see you in person for that. And really, if I saw you in person, I might just have to sock you one for being such a bitch to everyone here. You've definitely got some nerve, I'll give you that much.

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