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EarthDawn: A Brave New World - Sheet: Arcata Phaedran


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Name: Arcata Phaedran

Discipline: Troubador

Circle: 1

Skin: Light brown

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Sparkling green

Age: 34

Sex: Female

Height: 17"

Weight: 12lbs

Race: Windling

Concept: Rebellious youth of privilege


Attributes	Value	Step	Dice
____________	_____	____	____
Dexterity 	18	7	1D12
Strength 	7	4	1D6
Toughness 	10	5	1D8
Perception 	16	7	1D12
Willpower 	14	6	1D10
Charisma 	16	7	1D12



Physical Defense: 12

Spell Defense: 9

Social Defense: 9

Physical Armor: 3

Mystic Armor: 2

Damage: 0

Death Rating: 31

Wound Rating: 8

Uncon Rating: 22

Recovery Tests: 2

Recovery Dice: 1D8

Initiative Step: 7

Initiative Dice: 1D12

Karma Dice: 1D10

Karma Cost: 5

Karma Pool: 60/60

Movement, Land: 48/24yrds

Movement, Air: 100/50yrds

Carrying: 40

Lifting: 80

Racial Attributes


Astral-Sensitive Sight

Increased Physical Defense

Talents		Rank	Step	Dice	Karma	Strain
_______		____	____	____	_____	______
Disguise Self	 1	 8	2d6    	  0	 1
Emotion Song*	 3	 10	d10+d6    0      0
Karma Ritual	 1	N/A	N/A	 N/A    N/A    
First Impression 2	 9	d8+d6	  1      0
Melee Weapons    2	 9	d8+d6     0      0
Mimic Voice*	 1	 8	2d6       0      0

Skills                 	Rank	Step
______	           	____	____
R/W, Dwarven	  	  1	 8			
R/W, Windling     	  1      8
R/W, Human        	  1      8   

Alchemy & Potions         1      8
Windling Lore             2      9
Herb Lore		  1	 8

Singing                   1      8
Air Dancing               1	 8

Orichalcum: ?

Gold Coins: ?

Silver Coins: ?

Copper Coins: ?

Legend Points:

Current: 150

Total: 150

Legendary Status: 0


Windling Sword

Windling Bow, 10 arrows


Windling Leather Armor

Travelers Garb, with dress

Inventory: (Possessions not wearing)

Threaded Items: None

Backstory: Arcata is the daughter of Havig, a windling wizard who is currently serving as clan leader and 'noble' for one of the two windling clans in the Kaer, and his wife Ilspeck. Havig earned the goodwill of the human owners of the kaer by ceaselessly advocating within the restless windling population for recognition of the many great things humankind had done for the windlings, as well as a variety of games, feasts and competitions meant to keep their minds busy. Overall, Havig's plan works very well...with the ironic exception of his daughter.

Arcata doesn't loathe humans for being humans. She loathes that the windlings are treated as little more than pests, with the exception of her father. She loathes that proper respect is not given. After all, it was child's play for them to keep the high places and the small places of the Kaer kept up, spells and all. She finds that human rule of windlings is simply inappropriate, and seeks to free the windling community from direct human oversight. To this end, she has taken to preaching against the humans' rule. Embarrassing her father mightily in the process, it should be noted.

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