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Mutants & Masterminds: The Indigo Children - [IN] Hello??!??!! Anyone??!?!! NYC Area


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Posted by: Velocity on 04/30/10 at 21:03 (-5:00 GMT)

So I was on an errand for my boss and listening to my favourite song when all of a sudden – baam – no sound. I checked my Smartphone and it had run out of juice so I think to myself – Vel – you smart girl lucky to have a portable battery pack with you to recharge your stuff.

Tell you what, the battery was dead, too – although I swear it was full before I left earlier today. Anyway... I check my wrist watch just to see how I was doing (you know, my job has a lot to do with being somewhere in time) and if there was enough time to buy myself a new phone since mine was obviously broken – and guess what?

Yeah, broken, too! So this day already looked a lot to like it would suck majorly on it’s last hours. I check my netbook to see where the next retailer was... dead too. Now this can’t be a coincedence. I mean common – broken smartphone, dead battery pack, dead watch and now my netbook, too. God can’t be so cruel, not even my old P.E. teacher could’ve been so cruel. It was just sooo uncool...

now where was I? Yeah – so it happened to me, too. And I was in NYC. Can anyone tell me wtf is going on? This can’t be happening. I can go without music for an hour or so, but without my netbook, without access to the IN and Facebook and Flickr and my Twitter account – no way Jose!


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Posted by: Telluris on 05/02/10 at 20:05 (-5:00 GMT)

Yeow! GREEN! MY EYESSSS! (Just kidding, but seriously, I needed to change my screen background to black to read that. smile )

Like I said over HERE , it was kinda me that happened. Hope all is cool, and don't try to tap me for compensation, because my bank account has more cobwebs than dollars. sorry

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Posted by: Velocity on 05/02/10 at 20:07 (-5:00 GMT)

You?!? It was you? You damaged my hardware! That was easily 1000 Bucks worth of electronics!

Yo, we’ve got to meet, pal. This is most uncool. What the F*** happened? All I read is somekind of GiB. Everyone is going crazy over here about some freaks trying to get at us. If they are responsible for damaging my stuff I won’t blame you for it. But if that’s really the case then we must do something about it. It’s not like I can afford 1000 Bucks worth of hardware every day! They owe me!


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