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Aberrant RPG - Aberrant Underworld released (almost).

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We got a book! We got a book! Stop the presses and dance, I said DANCE, for joy!


Its such a good life right now. I'll be the first to admit I'd rather have had the mega-social / mind control book but hey at least we got a... freakin'...book!

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A book! Even if it is an E-book, it's a book!

This does bring to mind a thought. Do you think it's possible that the Aeonverse is going to become a Web-only deal from now on? Not that I wouldn't mind that, at least we'd get books, but the trend does seem to be less popular == less paper, if you get my drift.

Also, if I recall from conversations elsewhere, E-books are by far less expensive to make and sell (plus, less problem with Printers and all that).

*sigh*, I need a credit card...

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Originally posted by Centipede:
Fortune: What is
the mega-social / mind control book?

It was supposed to be the next release, i.e. before Underworld. Supposedly its subect matter was very, very mature, too mature for WW. It was shifted to another publisher (Black Dog?) right before Aberrant got shifted to Anhouse(sp). After Ab got shifted the Mega-Soc book (name?) kind of disappeared. It was unclear whether they didn't want to have Ab released from two publishers or whether that book just didn't meet standards.
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Well, Centipede, the story is like this. Way back in the past there were three proposed books for Aberrant.

Cult Of Personality - mega social attributes.

Brainwaves - mega mental attributes and quantum powers.

Aberrant Underworld - Crime, illicit pleasures and punishment in the AB world.

The rumor mill, in between the stories about the conspiracy to kill the game, said that the first two books were going to be combined and due out last fall. Which actually made sense when you think about. When the shipping dates passed and nothing came of it the rumors went nuts again but the best 'story' that I heard had to do with the publishing house. The story goes that the first two books would end up being 'Blackdog releases', meaning mature content, and that the publishing house WW uses for Aberrant (Arthaus) wouldn't be publishing a Black Dog book. The reasons why get pretty ambiguous but it was an interesting story if nothing else.

Anyway, after more months go by the rumors say that WW has decided to put out the third book instead of some combination of the first two. Again the reasons are pretty ambiguous as rumors usually are and more time goes. Eventually, WW has some inhouse publishing problems with Arthaus but since they essentially have a Trinity book called Terra Verde ready to go in all other ways they decide to publish it as a downloadable Adobe PDF document.

The response to Terra Verde was "not terrible" according to the WW webmaster and "pretty good" according to the Trinity Developer. Apparently the truth is closer to the pretty good side since WW was willing to send the book out the door even as an ebook. In the months since then, say the rumor mill anyway, the production staff has been debating on completing the books that were close to complete anyway and then pushing them out the door as ebooks. Since AB: Underworld was almost ready to go to the publisher at the time all the Arthaus production problems came up its the natural choice for the next ebook.

Now you know as much as anyone else does outside the WW offices. Granted half of this most likely out of context or incorrect but that's why rumors are so much fun...


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