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Aberrant: Wild Card - [HW #5] 20 Answers (Matt)

z-Matt McShae

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1. What is your name? Matthew Bartholomew McShae

2. What is your quest? To find happiness

3. What is your favorite color? Blue

4. What primal element do you identify most with? Earth. It's still and deep. When I feel like that, I feel whole and at peace.

5. Who is your favorite band/artist? Johnny Cash

6. Which cultural time period do you wish you lived in? I'd like to have been around at the infancy of rock and roll. It was a fun, exciting time to be playing music.

7. Are your Grandparents still alive? Yes, all four of them. Grandpa McShae is getting up there in years, but he still makes it to the family reunion every year.

8. Who is your favorite TV personality/celebrity? Mike Rowe, of Dirty Jobs. His show is fun, and he seems a normal, down-to-earth guy.

9. What TV channel do you watch the most? The Discovery Channel. Their shows are interesting and smart.

10. What is your ringtone? Ring of Fire (the original by Cash, not the numerous and inferior covers)

11. What is your favorite movie? The Truman Show. A man dares to question his life and find the truth to it.

12. Are you a smoker? No.

13. What is your favorite animal? Dogs. They're loyal to their friends.

14. What is your favorite fast-food place? Burger King - Whoppers are fantastic.

15. If you could be anyone, who would it be? Ewan McGregor or Charley Boorman - I'd love to have an adventure like in "Long Way Down"

16. What is your biggest pet peeve? People who think its okay to treat others as things without feelings or emotions.

17. What is your dream car? The classic '65 Mustang in cherry red

18. How do you keep up on current events? Or do you? Local newspaper; sometimes I see a link on Yahoo that I click.

19. If you were a DnD character, which of the classic alignments would you assign yourself? Neutral Good

20. What is your desert island item? My Gibson; until the salt in the air destroyed it, it would be a great comfort.

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