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Mutants & Masterminds: The Indigo Children - Hello ... is there anybody out there?

jameson (ST)

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Posted by: Gigaflop on 04/30/10 at 20:58 (-5:00 GMT)

My fellow Indigo Children. I'm not sure how many of you can read this. We've never made a point to identify your physical locations, but I'm asking now, if you can access the Network please let us know and let us know where. As I type this there appears to be an utter and complete blackout here at the Indigo HQ, including, but not limited to, power, phone, and internet. I'm actually pushing myself and accessing the server directly via a satellite link.

Now you know the server isn't where I am, and since you don't know where it or I are, well, we're still safe from hacks. Still if you can see this and post please, please let us know where you are (even just a general location) and pass along any news you may have that will shed some light on this dark.




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Guest Tachikoma

Posted by: Tachikoma on 04/30/10 at 21:02 (-5:00 GMT)

All's well well that runs well in the Land of the Rising Sun ... by which I mean eastern Maine.

TV just popped up something about a blackout in Boston though, damn Bruins game got interrupted...

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Posted by: Mordred on 04/30/10 at 23:46 (-5:00 GMT)

I'm in New York, and what happened was and wasn't an accident. The blackouts were an accident, but the events that led to them were decidedly more sinister. There are people out there that not only know about us, but are hunting us and developing technology that interacts with our gifts. That's what happened in New York and the surrounding areas all the way past Boston.

I've got a few other Indigos staying with me in a safe place, and I'm keeping an eye on some others that are about in the city. If any needs help -a place to stay, help out of wherever or whatever situation you're in now, even just someone to talk to- PM my account here and we can look at establishing real world contact.

For those that are not near New York: keep an eye out for (and sadly I mean this literally) men in black, specifically people pretending to be SWAT/Police/etc. but have non-standard armor or weaponry. They're hunting us, and we don't know how much they know about us. They're obviously well funded and have a more than passing knowledge of Indigo powers. They also have little to no compunction about putting not only Indigos but the general public as well in great danger to achieve their objectives.

Be careful, be alert, and call on me if you need help.


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Posted by: 86er on 04/30/10 at 21:53 (-8:00 GMT)

All is sunny and clear on the waves off the West Coast... Or at least, in the port of Vancouver. I'm doing a little... 'shopping' whistle and accessing the Network from my Blackberry. What's this about the lights going out on the other side of the continent?


Don't like it? Eighty-six it!

Now you see it, now you don't! Thanks, baby!

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Posted by: Mordred on 04/30/10 at 23:55 (-5:00 GMT)

In NY and fine. It was an EMP blast. Saw one of us do it. Don't blame the Indigo though - the Goons in Black were there and they had a machine that was making our abilities go crazy. Don't know how, so don't ask me. The Indigo didn't mean to do it; it was something forcing him to.

Be careful. The GiB are getting ballsy.

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Posted by: Telluris on 05/02/10 at 20:05 (-5:00 GMT)

NYC boy here too. It was a pretty messed-up night. The GiBs were going all out to get one of us (that I could tell). Incidentally, flame-guy out there, if you're on this network, let us know if you're okay? Kinda lost track of you in the chaos.

Big reveal here:

The EMP was me, being messed with like the guy above said. It felt like I was a speaker undergoing feedback, building and building, then *BOOM* - Manhattan becomes Bedrock. It coulda been worse, on reflection. My power is magnetism based, so in the middle of a city filled with steel support girders and lots of lovely ferrous material, I'm just glad I didn't rip the Chrysler building to pieces or something equally 'Independance Day'.

Hope all you Indigos in NY are doing okay, and I'm sorry if my little premature explosion caused shit for you. Watch out for the black vans, guys.

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