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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Fiction - Reflections of Home, Pt. 2

Sonja Bahaar

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Time: February, 2010

Location: New Orleans to Los Angeles

Sonja and Daniel spent two weeks in New Orleans, slowly growing more comfortable with this new world they found themselves in and in their budding relationship. They toured Bourbon Street and the French Quarter, he showed her the sights tourists didn't know about, and they ate delicious, spicy local cuisine, both out and at home, hot enough to wrench tears from the towering blonde that tank shells couldn't. Taking a spin out on the boat was met with enthusiasm, fishing... less so. Gradually, Sonja became less reserved and reticent in their relationship and more demonstrative, beginning to bask in it.

Daniel even managed to make it to second base... twice, over the shirt, and only with Sonja's direct leave. Still, it was more than any other guy had ever gotten willingly and though he had been more than fond of Glacia, Daniel had to admit to himself, the Snow Maiden just couldn't compete with the exceedingly voluptuous Valkyrie, his hands overflowing with her abundant curves. Even as Sonja grew more proficient and accepting with the kissing and the touching, Daniel became less daunted and more relaxed - if not precisely less intimidated - with a girlfriend who was considerably taller and many, many times stronger than he was. An even taller Sonja in heels was a most... impressive sight.

Daniel was a little surprised Sonja didn't even take that much offense when several guys getting an early start on Mardi Gras made a couple of boisterous comments... Though the looks on their faces when she twisted a wrought-iron spar of a decorative fence like a pipe-cleaner probably helped mollify her. As they hastened away, Sonja looked down at Daniel, a tight grin on her lips. "I used to live a block away from the Playboy Mansion, I've heard worst."

Witnessing the exchange and Sonja's somewhat more relaxed attitude, an idea began percolating through his head. If we stick around for just a little longer...

Sonja and Daniel's mother even bonded a bit, when Riva took her pseudo-son's new girlfriend shopping. Sonja had her pride and was somewhat guilty needing the charity until Riva eased her concern with an easy smile and a light laugh. "It's not charity, dear, if you don't ask and we don't mind. Though now I really understand what you meant Sonja. It's really a trial finding clothing and shoes for such a strapping young woman like yourself. Hmm, let's try..."

There were only two things that dampened their time in New Orleans. One, the paparazzi began nosing around, which was very weird to the mutants from a world where those with powers were not so embraced. The other incident was actually somewhat more familiar in their experience, though it was the first time they had personally encountered in this Nova world.

Sonja and Daniel were accosted by a group from the Church of Micheal Archangel, calling Sonja a wanton witch and harlot, shoving unwholesome desired into the minds of ordinary folks and Daniel a red-eyed demon who summoned hellfire. But before it could proceed any further than words - Sonja with thinking about showing them where they could shove their unwholesome desires - a couple of solicitous police officers broke it up, separating the two groups and dispersing the excited onlookers who had been hoping for some action, cellphones held up to capture the possible event.

As the days passed, Sonja was both anxious and reluctant to go seek out the version of her family that resided here, the Allards making it easy to stay, especially since she had nowhere else to go, and nothing else to her name. Finally, after days of secretly psyching himself up and seeing Sonja's downcast expression she thought she hid, Daniel finally made his proposal.

"Sonja," he asked, taking her hand and giving it a squeeze, though he strove to keep his voice casual, "I've shown you most of New Orleans, but there's something you just have to see, if you want to say you've seen the Big Easy. Sonja, do want to stick around and go to Mardi Gras with me, before we head out to find your family?"

Sonja gave a small gasp of surprise. She'd heard of Mardi Gras of course and the licentiousness surrounding it, but she was having fun here and there was such hope in Daniel's eyes and... Fuck it! I'm not an ice queen, I'm not uptight, I can cut loose too. She picked him up, her hands squeezing his ass and tilted her lips up to meet his and gave him a deep, breath-stealing kiss. See, spontaneous! Take that 'Neca. "Yes, I want to see Mardi Gras with you."

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He smiled. "Excellent."

He took the intervening time explaining the festival to her until finally it was time for the grand parade. Taking A note from his dad, he parked a few blocks away and walked up with Sonja. They were hours early, but still the streets were crowded. They drew almost constant attention, until finally He'd had enough.

There was a balcony up top devoid of people at one of the bars, and he smiled. He took her hand in his and with a burst of power and fire they were on the balcony. "We can watch from here."

The proprietor came out and looked about to say something but stopped when he realized the two on his balcony were novas. "Be my guests please. Is there anything you two would like?"

"Just some drinks please." He nodded, almost unable to take his eyes from Sonja. Already people were coming in for a chance to see the two of them.

The hours rolled past, spent people watching as sonja saw how things were done.

As night fell, the party really started. The food was great and seemingly endless, and tens of thousands of people crowded Bourbon street. Perhaps the most notorious tradition as it was involved the exposing of breasts for beads. Sonja recieved many calls for it, but never did it.

Daniel smiled, he'd be amazed if she ever did it.

The floats began to parade by, and true to form, the two of them drew attention, as they'd need a wheelbarrow to cart away everything thrown at them.

Daniel lost track of things for a moment, but Someone from the Krewe of Krewes asked him to show and he smiled. He hooked his hands under his shirt and peeled it off, and he could swear he heard all the women gasp.

He was the image of cleanshaven perfection. His muscles were perfectly toned, perfectly cut and proportioned. Even worse was the way he smiled as he held the shirt over one shoulder and looked at the float. He seemed to smoulder with masculine virility and sensuality.

The beads he caught from that would have filled a five gallon bucket, including some of the best he'd ever seen. He put his shirt back on and turned to smile to Sonja.

"Welcome to Mardi Gras."

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The absolutely gorgeous pair of mutants in a Nova world drew a great deal of attention on their balcony perch, mingled among normal folk instead of the best, reserved sites where all the other Novas and celebrities congregated. The festive atmosphere was pervading and encompassing, and Sonja was truly enjoying herself, even the constant exhortations from the crowds not bothering her as they usually did.

The proprietor kept them well supplied in drinks and food, but if the alcohol couldn't make her drunk, as night fell Sonja felt heady as the party - and people - cranked up to eleven. She hadn't even seen so many bare breasts in one place, not even a porno she had watched a piece off, purely out of curiosity. Even with keeping her shirt on, Sonja, and Daniel, were swimming in beads of all sorts - the calls of beads for boobs was getting hard to ignore.

Then Daniel peeled off his own shirt and the women roared and Sonja didn't even hear them, her eyes glued to Daniel's sleekly muscled perfection. She felt her face grow hot as she realized she was blatantly ogling him - she hated when people did that to her, but she couldn't stop herself. His teasing, sensual smile made her feel weak in the knees.

"Welcome to Mardi Gras."

With his shirt back on, Sonja was able to think again, though her cheeks were still hot and her thoughts were still prurient. Sonja was breathing deeply, full breasts rising and falling impressively as they strained against her tight shirt. Finally, she straightened her toned shoulders and nodded decisively, a hesitant grin on her face.

"I hope you know, Daniel, I'm only going to do this because we're on another world, and don't expect that I'll ever do it again," Sonja swore.

Then before she could think about it, Sonja pulled her shirt off in one fluid motion, her very full breasts filling her black bra nearly to bursting, her body otherwise sleek and toned like a dancer or gymnast. The crowd hollered at the tantalizing promise, and with the Krewe of Muses rolling pass them, the women were every bit as loud as the men, beads flying thicker. Sonja took one more deep breath, breasts swelling over the cups, then undid the front clasp and let her girls hang free for everyone and anyone to see.

I can't believe I'm doing this, Sonja thought to herself, barely even able to hear the thought over the mad roaring of the crowd. Sonja laughed, leaning over the balcony railing so everyone could get a good look, deftly catching the barrage of beads thrown her way. Regretfully - to everyone else, anyway - Sonja soon had so many bead strung around her neck and hanging on her chest, she was almost modestly covered, as modest as anyone with curves like her could be.

Sonja turned back to Daniel hauling in for a tight embrace against her (sort of) bare breasts and gave him deep, tongue-tangling kiss, to more approval from the crowd. Sonja finally released him as he was seeing silvery spots in his vision, stepping back and refastening her bra and managing to get her shirt back on, despite all the beads.

Sonja waved graciously and bowed to the crowd, then gave Daniel a huge grin, cheeks still flushed that she was daring enough to do that.

"There! Now I feel like I'm part of Mardi Gras." Sonja rolled her shoulders in a way that made her chest move in a most enticing fashion, though it seemed more like a nervous gesture. She stepped a bit further away from the railing, though she was still in plain view of those passing below.

"Now, what do we do for Mardi Gras after the floats and tit-flashing? And no, there isn't going to be more tit-flashing, not from me."

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Daniel's jaw fell with astonishing ease. He'd seen her once before, by accident he still maintained. the difference between then and now, it was like comparing a child with a grown woman. When she pulled him in, he reacted simply out of instinct and kissed her back.

Finally as the moment faded and she reclothed herself he got the slightest hint of control of himself. "That's probably for the best, I don't think they could take it, or that there's enough beads."

He smiled. "Now, well now there's alot of drinking and other more adult things that the others are going to be doing."

He chuckled "Or you could be one of the people having to clean up the mess."

He pulled her down to him and smiled. "My parents do that, so, as it stands, the house is empty."

His meaning was clear, if he was gonna get hit, fine, he hadn't been this turned on ever, and it took ever ounce of his control to stop. "What I want is to take you home, and arrange a private encore of tonight's festivities." It was almost impossible for his words to be more seductive, the heat in his breath warming her ear.

She nodded her assent and he led her out the back, bringing them to the jeep with all haste, both in a hurry and to avoid the crowds. The ride to the house was too long, and he looked to make sure they were alone.

Satisfied, he nodded, taking her hand and leading her to his room.

"Last chance to back out." He smiled to her before going into his room ahead of her, The very air suffused with warmth, and for Sonja she was unable to resist the effects, and the warmth spread through her. He sat on the bed and beckoned to her. "Come on in, I won't bite, hard."

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This time, Sonja didn't hesitate and didn't back out.

Before he knew it, Daniel found himself with his back on the bed and Sonja's solid weight straddling his torso. With a fluid motion, Sonja pulled off her top once more, the bra following it to the floor. Daniel couldn't do anything but gasp at the sight - a sight reserved just for him. With the way she arched her back, her massive assets jutted forward majestically, casting him in shadow and blocking Sonja's face from his view. But his hands and lips were free to explore the heaving mountains above him, and did. She curled over him, giving him a kiss that took his breath away.

And when his worship began to trail lower and lower, Sonja's panting gasps hitched higher, grew more eager with anticipation. He undid the button of her shorts, but it wasn't enough for the amazonian teen and with her thumbs and a tiny bit of effort, she tore the denim apart. He parted her panties and kissed her, where she'd never been kissed before, her body wracked with a powerful shudder and for the briefest moment, Daniel considered continuing. If Sonja wasn't careful, couldn't control herself, he'd might never get up from this bed in one piece, or even alive.

It was worth it.

And then it was his turn. Her face bright red, lavender eyes aglow, her hands reached inside his pants, hesitated, then caressed his steely hardness, a hardness that felt frighteningly, arousingly vulnerable in her strong hands. His pants didn't fare any better than her shorts had.

And for the second time in his life, Daniel reached third base, this time with a girl who pinned him against the wall, effortless supporting his weight six feet off the ground with one hand. Her ministrations were inexperienced but exuberant and on the cusp of being too hard. With his hands tangled in her hair, Daniel didn't know if he wanted it to end or to never end.

Both of them were panting on the bed, Daniel in almost painful exhaustion, hands trailing across mostly bare flesh. He looked at his girlfriend - still couldn't believe he could say that, that Sonja Bahaar was his girlfriend - a question in his eyes and the curve of his lips.

So a long moment, Sonja really, really considered it, but finally shook her head, climbing out of bed and gathering the remains of her clothing. So much had changed already, their world, their relationship, that would have been a step too far, an irrevocable step, and one she couldn't take, not right now.

At the door, she paused, an arm demurely across her chest providing the barest of modesty, flushed and sweaty, but a genuine smile on her face. "Thanks for Mardi Gras, Daniel. I think... tomorrow, I'll be ready to finally go see what my family is like in this world."

Then she slipped out of the room, into the hall, and into her room. She leaned back against the door, a long pleased sigh turning into a fit of giggles before she fully undressed, but on a nightshirt and climbed into bed, dreaming about what this world held for her next.

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He ached, the next morning, but it was nothing in his mind. He knew going in how strong she was and was relieved that everything still worked.

That night had been a memory he'd never forget. Things weren't totally perfect, but then he didn't want them that way. He had lived a dream and what's more, Sonja seemed to really have enjoyed the experience too. "I guess we really are dating now."

He showered and got dressed, before knocking on her door. "Time to get up Sonja, we've got a busy day ahead of us."

He didn't wait for her, not wanting a particularly awkward moment to be the start of the day. Heading downstairs his parents were at the table, suprising them. He hadn't expected them to be home.

"Good morning Daniel. Did you have fun?"

"Yes we certainly did."

"That's good." His mother was cooking homemade pancakes, which he knew she'd not cook enough.

"So what are your plans for today?"

"I think Dad, we're going to go and try to find Sonja's family in this world."

"And where are they?"


"That's a long way son."

"I know, but I owe it to her. We agreed when we arrived we'd at least try to make contact." He smiled. "We'll be back, I've missed mom's cooking all this time, and finally get to have it again."

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Sonja stretched, her feet poking over the edge of the bed, her ears, growing ever sharper, able to hear all the words spoken in the house, the rustle of the newspaper downstairs, the sizzle of the pancake batter. I can't say I don't have a boyfriend anymore.

After Daniel went downstairs, Sonja got up and took a quick shower, still finding it a bit tight with her relatively new size. Quickly drying her glistening white hair with a towel, she studied herself in the mirror. After last night, she thought there would be some sign visible, that there would be something different, but she looked the same. She flexed an arm, her bicep rising in a solid, shapely ball of muscle, the same size as when she had woken up after her fist night in this mirror-world.

"Daniel doesn't seem to mind it," she softly said to herself, lips quirking and a slight amount of colour rising in her cheeks. If a guy had told her a month ago that she'd give a boy a blowjob, she would have laughed in his face as she considered breaking bones. I guess the joke is on me, though to be fair, Daniel certainly reciprocated.

The amazonian teen swiftly dressed in a pair of snug blue jeans and a tight, cream, spaghetti-strap top, that showed-off a slice of her taut stomach and a bit of cleavage. She knew it would draw eyes - trustfully, she'd draw eyes wearing a burlap sack - but with Daniel at her side, she didn't mind... as much.

She slipped on her running shoes then headed downstairs, greeting everyone in the kitchen and accepting the stack of pancakes Riva placed in front of her as she sat down next to Daniel. She gave him a smile and beneath the table, she squeezed his hand.

"Good morning everyone. I really appreciate you guys taking me in and I can't thank you enough." She took a bite of syrup-smothered pancake, her purple eyes holding an envious light. She hoped she could slide into this world's version of her family as easily as Daniel did his. "But like Daniel said, I think it's time I look for my own... 'family', not that you guys haven't been very kind, you have, it's just..."

"We understand, dear," Riva said kindly. "It was a pleasure to have you with us, and I hope you visit again."

Sonja got up to get a glass of milk, and returning to the table, she leaned over Daniel, ruffling his hair and lips quirked teasingly. "I think I have reasons to come back."

As they finished breakfast, they chatted, talking about what they did for Mardi Gras - to a degree - then Sonja went to pack her things in the Hummer, which she managed to do in less than a minute. Riva packed them a cooler-lunch, and Quintus took Daniel aside, telling him that they had deposited a tidy sum in his bank account for the trip. Then it was time to go.

They said their good-byes, Sonja even getting pass her habitual physical reserve to give Riva and Quintus a hug that lifted them more than a foot off the ground. Daniel got in the passenger seat, while Sonja climbed in the driver's seat, sliding it way back - Daniel had driven it last.

Sonja leaned over, giving him a fierce kiss - she was coming to enjoy kissing... and more - slipped on her sunglasses and put the massive vehicle into gear. The radio came to life on the local pop-and-rock station.

"Off to the West Coast and the glamour of LA, Danny-boy."

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He nodded, "Can't say I've ever been. At east I can say this much already, I couldn't have better company."

He dropped his shades down to cover his eyes and settled back for what promised to be a long drive.

Twelve hours later, They were at a truckstop refueling.

"So, you wanna call it a night and get a motel, or push on continuously?"

It was a thirty eight plus hour trip one way, and he nodded. He didn't have her stamina, and felt obligated to keep her company while she drove.

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Her very tall, very shapely figure silhouetted by the overhead lights of the gas station, Sonja glanced over at Daniel, ignoring the admiring looks from the clerk and a trucker gassing-up his Mack, though she could hear their horny whispers and panting breath. Daniel tried to hide it, but he was getting tired and she knew he would try to keep her company as long as he could before sleep claimed him.

She wasn't tired in the least, though full night had fallen, but she there was something else she'd prefer doing before Daniel lost his fight against encroaching exhaustion. She smiled down at him, ruffling his silky hair as she bent over to give him a kiss. "There isn't a rush, Daniel. I'm fine with getting a motel room, as long as you have some energy left before you need sleep."

If he didn't have the energy before, he certainly did now, responding ardently to her kiss, his more experienced skills stealing her breath away. Though his wandering hand might have had something to do with it. Feeling daring, Daniel unclasped her bra through her shirt, then darted away as she stared at him, then down at herself in surprise, her impressive breasts hardly sagging despite the lack of support, but jiggling mightily under her shirt.

"I'll go pay and get directions to the motel, while you harness the twins," Daniel teased. "I think I can manage something tonight." Sonja scowled at him, then ruined the effect by sticking her tongue out at him.

The trucker blew his load at the sight of the large woman with a figure more impressive than the one on his mudflats reaching under her shirt to refasten her bra. He might have said something too, except, despite the darkness, the woman seemed to feel his eyes, her lavender snapping to glare at him in emphatic warning. He swallowed whatever he was going to say and climbed into his truck, already reaching for his fly.

Half an hour later found them at a motel, not upscale, but not a dive either, and the rooms were NOT available by the hour. Sonja waited in the Hummer as Daniel went to rent a room. She thought they would have drawn less attention that way, but she noticed all the women in sight, and expect all the ones that weren't, that saw Daniel went instantly on point. Really, she couldn't blame them, but he was hers.

Daniel swaggered back, twirling the keyring around a finger as he led his girlfriend to their room, a large bag from a Drive-Thru in her hand and a backpack over one shoulder. "Got us a room, Sonja, but..."

He opened the room, holding the door for Sonja and waving her in. Sonja instantly saw the but.

"... it only has one bed."

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He noticed the looks and smiled. He might have chatted them up but with Sonja beside him, no other woman even came close to make him thinking about it.

He chuckled. "Of course you can have the bed." He smiled as his hand snaked around her waist to tease her side.

He smiled as he closed the door and set their things down. "So, do you want to shower first, or should I?"

She took the chance to clean up first, too tall to wash her hair without crouching, and suprisingly Daniel didn't try to climb in with her. Upon emerging wrapped in two of the three towels, he didn't even try to hide that he Had thought about it, and the indications thereof.

He moved up close to her, his touch every bit as warm as the shower had been, and she felt him kiss the back of her shoulder. "I won't be in there too long."

With that he peeled off his shirt before going into the bathroom, clearly teasing her.

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Daniel felt the powerful muscles in Sonja's back ripple as his lips brushed the warm flesh of her shoulder, then felt her lavender eyes caressing him as he stripped on his way into the bathroom. Her sharp ears sharp ears caught Daniel's every movement, and as she heard him climb beneath the shower and begin lather up, Sonja briskly dried herself off then slipped into her nightwear.

Reclining on the bed, Sonja looked down at herself as she simply listened. She could hear everything Daniel did in the shower, even his breathing - her cheeks coloured faintly - but she could hear much more too. People in other rooms snoring, fucking, watching TV, she could hear it all, if not necessarily make out every word. And looking out the window through a part in the curtains, she suddenly realized that during their drive at night, her sight hadn't been impeded by the darkness.

I'm still changing - growing - and in ways more subtle than adding five inches of height. What is this place doing to me, to us?

Stepping out of the bathroom, waist wrapped in a towel, Daniel stopped and stared as Sonja turned her head to give him a smile. She was a very sexy negligee - one she hadn't shown off when she bought her clothes in New York - nearly sheer, very feminine, and that displayed her her very tall, voluptuous, yet athletic figure in ravishing splendor.

"You've offered me the bed, but do you want to share it for a bit?" Sonja asked with coy casualness, but betrayed by the faint colour rising to her cheeks, as she patted the mattress next to her.

Daniel didn't need to be told twice.

This make out session wasn't as wild and ardent as their first one during Mardi Gras, Sonja taking it a bit slower and Daniel following her lead. Sonja was much more gentle this time, more aware of her passionate strength and what Daniel was capable of enduring, yet Danial was fully cognizant of the formidable physical power Sonja restrained for his benefit, her silky skinned, solid weight pressing against him.

Their lips buzzing from all the kissing, Sonja stood up, chuckling with amusement as she smiled down at Daniel sprawled out on the bed, breathing deeply. It had been a long day on the road, and though this make-out session hadn't been as long or as exhausting, Daniel was still tired. He tried to sit up, to offer Sonja the bed, but she place a large hand on his chest and pushed him back down.

"You take it, Daniel, really. You're tired and I'm... not. I'll catch an hour or two in the barcalounger, okay?"

He might have wanted to be gallant, but he was tired and the trust of the matter was, if Sonja wanted to pin him bed, he couldn't stop her. Well, possibly with a lot of collateral damage, and even then, it was iffy. "Fine, but at the next motel, the bed is yours, Sonja, no buts."

Sonja acceded with a smile than turned off the lights and settled down in the barcalounger. Soon Daniel was breathing the long, slow breaths of deep sleep and after ten more minutes, Sonja turned on the TV, turning it away from him and keeping the volume just two bars above mute, though she could hear it fine. It helped pass the time and take her mind off the sounds coming from the other rooms.

Daniel woke up to the smell of coffee, fresh muffins, and Big N' Tasty Breakfast Sandwiches. Rolling over in bed, he found Sonja closing the door with a foot, a large Dunkin' Donuts bag in one hand and a cardboard tray in the other holding a pair of cups.

Sonja was freshly dressed in a pair of jeans and a button-down shirt, a hint of cleavage showing, and her sunglasses perched on top of her head. Her grin was perky and she seemed at as energetic as if she had slept for a week. The sun peeking through the blinds was the orange of dawn.

"Rise and shine, sleepyhead," Sonja teased with exaggerated chipperness, "we have another long day on the road."

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He awoke refreshed and far less sore, moving quickly to dress and in his characteristic spontanaeity, he managed to kiss Softly as he finished packing there things. "Let's hit their breakfast, and then we can head out."

After puting a hurt on the breakfast buffet, The two teenage novas checked out and left, getting back on the road to California. Six hours into the trip they stopped at a little diner of the highway to stretch their legs, and were of course the instant centers of attention. The men in the diner couldn't tear their eyes from Sonja, and the women had never seen an asian man quite like Daniel.

"Afternoon Folks, we're just passing through." When they finally sat in a booth by the window, the waitress came up and tried to speak.

Sensing her discomfort, Daniel smiled. "Just bring us two of the daily specials."

She nodded. "You're real novas right?"

He smiled. "Yes, is there something wrong with that?"

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Her hard formed professional smile tightened, a blush suffusing her cheeks. "No, no! Of course not! I mean - It's just, we never get Novas stopping by here. They stay to the big cities and out of the small towns by the highway."

"Well, we are heading to LA, if that makes you feel better," Daniel teased with another smile.

She bit her tongue to stifle her gushing, pulling her eyes off Daniel to look down at her notepad. "So, that was two specials, right? This is a Truck Stop, the specials are pretty big..." She glanced up at the two of them: the gorgeous, lithely muscled Asian man and the stunning, overgrown and robust blonde who looked like she stuffed her shirt with cantaloupes, her sheer size granting her an aura of unearned maturity. "Right. Of course. Nevermind, two specials coming up."

The waitress scurried away, coming back only to serve their meals before hiding in the back again. Sonja quirked a pale brow at Daniel.

"What's her problem?" Sonja murmured quietly as she started on the steak.

"Well, we sort of stand out I guess, Sonja - especially you, in every way," Daniel said with a half grin as he slathered jam on his toast. "It's sorta like as if pair of the biggest movie stars in the world stopped by a tiny diner in the middle of nowhere in our world. You've see what Novas on TV, just as much as I have." He shrugged and bit into his toast.

"I suppose..." Sonja reluctantly agreed, looking towards the kitchen, cocking an ear.

Sounds and voices jumped into cacophonous clarity and she began slowly tuning individual sounds out, searching for one particular voice. Finally, she heard it, faint, probably coming from the back of the building at she muttered angrily into a phone.

"... the pair of 'em, Billy, sitting there, all high and mighty, thinking they're better than us just cuz they have a tumor in their brain. Fucking bitch probably gets off being so tall she can shove those stupid turbo tits in a guy's face just by walking straight ahead. And him, bet he goes out of his way smiling like that, just to see if he can break a couple up. Was oh, so quick to point out that they were going to LA, as if making an excuse for their royal presence in our shithole of a town. I'm telling you Billy, you should..."

Sonja tuned out, violet eyes darkening with her mood. Daniel gave her a curious glance, but she just shook her head. "The waitress doesn't like Novas it seems," she whispered, barely loud enough for him to hear. "Looks like she's jealous and thinks we think we're too good for 'common' people. Let's eat and get out of here."

They ate quickly, then left, Sonja giving Daniel a frown when she saw he had left a decent tip. They got back in the Hummer, Sonja taking her turn behind the wheel, and started down the highway once more. Night was falling and they talking about whether to grab another motel room or push on to the city when they came to a detour.

It was full dark when they found out where the detour led to.

It was a roadblock formed by several pick-ups and Harley's and a large number of men. Armed men. Sonja slowly rolled to a stop, giving Daniel a concerned look.

"Well lookee here, boys. I tolds ya the Lord provides and now we haves us a pair of Satanspawn in our laps," a large man in jeans and denim vest boasted loudly. His hamhock hands cocked a large-bore shotgun and he sneered. "A pretty-boy fag and an overgrown whore with a pair of utters fit enough to tempt the Lord himself."

Sonja held her hands out of the car, then slowly slid out, one long leg at a time. The men blocking the road drew sharp breaths and whistled at the sight until their leader told them to shut up.

"Look guys, we just want to be on our way. We don't-" Sonja began calmly, though adrenaline was beginning to course through her veins, but the leader didn't let her finish.

"Shut yer mouth, bitch. Don't listen to 'er siren's tongue, boys. Satan may have raised 'em up, but the Lord, the Archangel Micheal, and Superior Fire will bring them down!" the leader roared.

Then his shotgun gave a deep, sharp bark as he shot her.

The was an oddly muffled thud followed by a soft ping and Sonja looked down. There was a scorched hole in her shirt, over her left breast, just above and to the right of the nipple. On the ground, she saw the mushroomed remains of the high-caliber, metal slug.

It hadn't hurt, not in the slightest. It had felt like nothing more than someone giving her a poke in the boob, and the slug hadn't made her boob react any more than if it had a simple poke. Sonja had watched the him raise the shotgun and shoot, too surprised that he had actually shot her to consider dodging out of the way. He had shot her! He really had done it.

"You fucker! You shot me!" Sonja yelled, lavender eyes blazing with fury, hands balling in a pair of fists that could hit with far more force than any shotgun. "You really shot me! We just wanted to get to LA to find my family, you assholes!"

"Holy fuck! Shoot her! Shoot them! Before they drag us down to Hell with them!" the leader shouted in a panicky voice as he brought his shotgun up for the barrage.

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Daniel saw red. Sonja could protect herself and he was relieved that she wasn't hurt by the bullet. "Superior Flame huh? Let me show you what that really is." An Aura of flames exploded into existence around him, the ambient temperature around him soaring almost a hundred degrees. A blast of flame caused one bike to explode, sending debris flying.

"You know, the name calling doesn't bother me, though I find it hard to believe you dumbshits would call me gay when it's pretty damn obvious she's my girlfriend. We've both been called worse."

By now the men were all dropping their guns, the heated metal was impossible to hold on to. Their skin began to crack and burn, worst than any sunburn.

His eyes flared, and the temperature increased even more. "What pisses me off, is that you hauled off and shot her. That's attempted murder where I come from, and I'm in my rights to burn all of you to ash."

Daniel, still the impossibly attractive Asian man, was wreathed in searing flames, his eyes burning with fire hot enough to melt anything known to man. "What do you think, should we teach them a lesson, or do you think we've done enough? We can always call the cops, but that's simply going to delay us."

By now they'd all discarded any metal on their person, it was simply too hot to bear in the presence of the enraged nova.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Sonja felt the heat rise higher, hot enough to make her clothes smolder, and yet, if felt no more painful than a hot, summer sun. Daniel could see smooth muscle ripple the length of Sonja's forearms as the clenched her hands tightly together in front of her - a nervous gesture he knew she used to prevent from lashing out and breaking something... or someone.

And she did want to lash out, with fists and feet, wanted to feel the men break and shatter. She had never felt stronger, faster, it would be so easy. In their world, mutants were looked down upon, feared, they even sent killer robots after them. But she had never been subject to such blatant, and lethal prejudice.

Her strong, flawless jaw clenched, teeth tight as she took a deep breath - the bullet hole in her shirt stretching wider - then exhaled. Her hands relaxed as she stretched her strong shoulders, a nasty, yet stunning, smirk gracing her lips.

"Fucking Rednecks never learn their lesson. We've wasted enough time on these fucks," Sonja growled, and Daniel could tell how badly the towering young woman wanted to hurt these guys, only her own morals stopping her from acting. "But before we leave, we have to take care of one thing..."

Suddenly she was gone, dashing forward with blinding speed, a tall, white-hair woman, powerful and voluptuous and so beautiful, so quick, the men didn't even have time to react. Her fist punched through the hood the big Ford Pick-up blocking the rock, her hand closing on the engine block, slender fingers crushing steel. A short, blurring spin, and with one hand, Sonja flung the truck through the air, nearly a kilometer away. Another truck fared no better. One motorcycle was effortlessly ripped in half, another crushed into a roundish mass the size of a beach ball, which she punted with a perfect kick after the first truck.

Sonja bowed, waving at the empty road. "There! The road it clear now."

The amazon strutted back to her Hummer, her attackers shrinking away from the incredibly strong, incredibly beautiful woman. Yet they couldn't help but be turned by the display, hips swinging with her graceful saunter, big breasts bouncing enticingly with every step. One man, with more bravado then sense, stood up, leveling a shotgun wrapped in a t-shirt at her, though his hands shook badly.

Sonja walked right up to him, until the barrel was pressing against her tight, taut waist. "Go ahead, bitch, take your shot," Sonja taunted with false cheer. "But after, I'm gonna shove so far up your ass, you'll be gargling bullets."

The man staggered back, falling down on his ass as he scampered away on his hands and ass. Sonja smiled, crushing the shotgun down to the size and shape of a softball. With perfect form, her arm windmilled, then she through the steel ball through a car parked on the side of road. Sonja made a production of wiping her hands than climbed into her truck and started the engine.

After a moment, Daniel dropped his flaming aura and followed her, sliding into the passenger seat. Without further ado, Sonja drove away, giving the rednecks a mockingly friendly wave, though her hand was tight on the wheel.

As the drove through the night, Daniel understood Sonja didn't want to talk, so he kept silent, allowing his girlfriend to deal with the situation as she choose. Realizing she didn't intend to stop for the night, Daniel laid back the seat and dozed as he could.

He woke up to golden sunlight as they drove through the heart of early morning Hollywood. Sonja seemed to be in the same position as she had been last night - one hand on the wheel, an elbow propped on the open door window, her cheek resting on the knuckles of her other hand.

"Home sweet home," Sonja muttered without looking at him, her voice bitter.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Daniel smiled. "Never been to LA before."

"I think it best Sonja that we go to a hotel, if only because we need to shower and change after that little ordeal." Her shirt still had holes in it from the shotgun blast.

His own clothing had tiny cuts from shrapnel from the explosions of the bikes.

"We want to make a good impression on them after all. Showing up as we are now is probably not the best option."

She nodded once, accepting his logic, and they found a decent and clean motel. Once they had the room, he grabbed the meager luggage they had, and led her to the room.

"You want the shower first Sonja, or should I just go on ahead?"

"Go ahead, You'll get it warmed up for me."

He smiled. "Indeed."

He stripped as he went, and climbed in emerging about ten minutes later, wrapped in a towel. "Your turn Sonja, got nice and warm."

He was concerned for her, They'd been shot at before, but after things being so good, to find bigots like they had made even his generally happy disposition darken some.

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  • 3 weeks later...

"Thanks, Dan," Sonja said with a brief smile, giving him a quick, one-armed hug that lifted him off the ground in passing as she gathered up a new set of underwear and a change of clothes.

In the bathroom, the tall mutant quickly stripped, wiggling a finger through the hole in her top, frowning at her wrecked bra. It still surprised her that the gunshot hadn't hurt in the least, but she was still pissed too - it's not like a woman her size could walk into any store and pick up a bra that fit right.

And both her and Daniel had been sorely disabused of the fact that even if this world seemed to accept mutants - Novas - embrace them, almost worship them even, there were still those here who hated her kind just as much as the majority of her world did. This new world they were in, the same, yet so different, now seemed just a bit darker. She began to worry, just a bit, how the version of her family found here would receive her.

Sonja made her shower quick, glad the showerhead was attached to a flexible hose, so she could actually get under it without crouching. She dried off in a blur of motion, fixed her hair - she was really loving the short cut - then got dressed in a pair of snug, light-blue jeans, a white button-down shirt, and a black, sleeveless vest for a low-key, business-casual look. It flattered her athletic, Barbie-Doll-like figure very well, while also somewhat curtailing her dramatic proportions, to which Daniel could well attest as she stepped out of the bathroom.

"Okay, you ready to go, Daniel?" Sonja asked briskly. "I want to get this done before I have a chance to reconsider."

Daniel finished buckling his belt than looked up at Sonja. She looked calm, confident enough, but he noticed a slight tightness around her lavender eyes. He flashed her an easy grin and gave her a thumbs up. "Ready."

They got back in the car, Sonja driving again, and Daniel got his first good look at LA. She took them through West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, driving down the famous Sunset Boulevard and Rodeo Drive, and Daniel had to admit, the affluent glamour was impressive. Every woman he saw was beautiful, only suffering due to him sitting next to a woman like Sonja with advantageous genetic anomalies going for her.

They passed the commercial district, heading into a residential area of grand mansions with extensive grounds, mostly gated, and Daniel begin to understand just how rich Sonja's family was. Sonja's lips twisted wryly, she felt incredibly conspicuous in her Hummer, its obviously used appearance so out place among all the pristine vehicles.

Daniel noticed they were driving slower and slower as they approached one particularly impressive, modern-organic style mansion, Sonja turned to him.

"Do you want to get something to eat first?"

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He smiled. "I'm not really hungry Sonja." He looked towards the mansion. "We can eat after we meet your family here."

If she really pressed the issue he'd acquiesce, but he knew she needed to do this as much as he had. He smiled. "Don't worry, I'm going to be right there with you, just as you were for me."

He chuckled, and reached out to squeeze her shoulder. "With the way mutants, or novas as we're called here are generally reacted to, I'm sure it's going to go well Sonja, so just react and be yourself. " His tone was sincere and even, he was trying to boost her confidence, but without phony compliments.

"I would like to meet your family as well. Everything is so new and different in this world, It makes it all exciting in a way, and a little bit terrifying."

He massaged her shoulder gently. "We face it together though, and I know I don't have to worry about things, we can handle most anything."

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  • 1 month later...

Be myself, Sonja thought wryly, looking at Daniel's hand on her strong, shapely shoulder, then down at the rest of her. She was still herself, true, but she was different too, and not just because she was... bigger. But Daniel was right - no more delays.

"Okay Daniel, you're right," Sonja agreed, patting his hand on her shoulder, then turned off the engine. "Let's see my family and what this world has done to them."

Sonja climbed out of her Hummer, and with Daniel at her side - though nearly a foot shorter than her - they walked up the drive to the place that looked just like her home on her world. The mature trees lining the drive were the same, the smells were all intimately familiar, even the ivy climbing the stone facing of the mansion looked exactly the same. In every way Sonja could sense - and now, she could sense a lot - it was home.

And yet, it was not.

Standing on the front step, Sonja could hear the sounds of movement and talking inside from several people, though not enough to make them out clearly. Somewhere, there was baroque music playing. Well, some people at definitely home...

Sonja took a deep breath, fulsome chest swelling massively, gave Daniel a slightly uncertain smile, then knocked on the massive, carved oak door. Sonja could heard something like a pair of girls bickering, then the patter of feet. A moment later, the door opened.

"Hello? Can I help yo- Ohmygawd! You're a Nova! And you're a Nova too! Do you know 'Neca?" the girl squealed, excitedly. She looked about twelve, cute, with midnight hair, huge, dark liquid eyes, and a complexion somehow both fair and dusky. She gave Daniel a dreamy smile, then yelled over shoulder. "Neca! There's a pair of Novas here and the guy is hot!" She blushed furiously, realizing she said it out loud and gave Daniel a sheepish little wave. She gave Sonja another once-over, lips twisting with envy and insouciant amusement. "The girl looks like a super-sized Barbie Doll."

Daniel rolled his eyes - Sonja was never going to escape the Barbie comparisons - and glanced up at his girlfriend, hoping she wasn't annoyed by the comment. Instead, he saw Sonja stagger, her face deathly pale and tears glimmering in her captivating, lavender eyes.

"Saja?" Sonja whispered in heart-rending disbelief.

"Are you okay?" Daniel asked. He remembered Sonja and Oneca mentioning a younger sister, but no more than that.

Sonja didn't even seem to hear him. She knelt down on a knee and pulled the girl into a tight embrace, seeming to engulf her due to the huge size discrepancy between the two.

"You're alive! Saja! I don't believe it! You're alive!" Sonja cried, not noticing the girl she called Saja was squirming to get free, though her efforts were completely futile, nor her muffled commands to let her go.

Just then, there was the sharp click of heels on the marble floor and Daniel found himself staring way up at another girl, just as tall as Sonja, though five inches of that came from her boots. Daniel recognized her as Oneca Bahaar, but only just.

The Oneca he knew was less than five and half feet tall, extremely beautiful, but still humanly so, with fierce, golden eyes, a tattoo spreading from her left eye, that shifted and writhed with her temperament, and a sensual, gothic fashion sense. This Oneca was all that and more. With heels, she still must've been as tall as Sonja was before her sudden growth spurt, and just as preternaturally stunning. And if she was deliciously curvaceous, shown off to great affect in her black-and-deep green, corseted dress and mesh sleeves and bodice, it was to the exceeding degree Sonja was.

And seeing her younger sister being hugged by a complete and oversized stranger, Oneca's golden eyes flared brightly, the smell of sinful spices and brimstone growing sharper, a dangerous frown gracing her full lips.

"I don't know who the fuck either of you are - and though you might be worth getting to know," she said, giving Daniel a smirk, though her smokey voice didn't lose the irritated edge that was growing into a protective fury, especially when she looked back at Sonja and Saja, "if this over-stacked bitch doesn't let my sister go, she's gonna get burned. And that's just for starters."

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  • 3 weeks later...

"Now let's all Calm down." his voice carried extra weight, as he squeezed Sonja's shoulder, having not forseen this, mostly since she'd never really mentioned another sister. This world's Oneca was definitely a nova, though different from the one he was used to.

"Sonja, let her go. You're scaring her needlessly." She could break him in half easily, but she could sense his words were mostly for her own good.

"No one is getting burned. Things might get warm, but burning is likely not gonna happen." He speared Oneca with a perfectly innocent smile, and eyes that seemed to be deeper and more vibrant than she'd ever seen.

"I'd like to ask if it's possible we could come in and talk, quietly and peacably to you, Oneca, and your family. We have something that will likely come as a shock to tell you, and we've come a very long way to do so."

He wasn't being overt, he really just wanted to defuse the situation, and give Sonja the same chance he'd had, and hopefully, the same results.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sonja put Saja down and wiped her eyes with the heel of her hands, then leveled a look at Oneca that was both pleading and hard - this Oneca seemed every bit the bitch the Oneca from her world was. But she was still family... she hoped. And Saja was alive here!

"Please, 'Neca," Sonja asked in a low voice.

Oneca gave this over-built woman a dark look - it was rare she met a woman near her own age who was even more attractive than she was and who could meet her eye to eye, even when she was wearing five-inch heels. But she was curious why a pair of novas she never met or even heard of just showed up on her door-step. And the guy was gorgeous, if too preppy for her taste.

"Fine," Oneca said with a sniff. "Saja, go get mom and dad. I'll show our... guests to the den."

Giving Daniel one more bright-eyed stare, Saja nodded and scampered off, as Oneca led Sonja and Daniel through the house. Inside was every bit as luxurious as the outside would lead to believe. Sonja found the floor-plan and basic layout was as she remembered from her reality, but some of the furnishings and decorations differed, though not by a lot.

Soon, they were all gathered in the den. Sonja frowned as Oneca lit a cigarette, the frown deepening when her parents made no comment, other than the blond woman scrunching up her nose in distaste, much as her own did. Rahim Bahaar was an urbane, sophisticated man of Iranian descent, a little below average height, but of stocky and solid build. Asa Yngveldurdottir-Bahaar was a tall blond woman possessing in full measure Scandinavian beauty and a bearing full of pride. Both seemed bemused by two strange Novas appearing in their home.

"So what's this thing that you two 'came from a long way' to tell us that will 'shock us'?" Oneca exhorted with a smirk brimming with teenaged arrogance.

Sonja took a deep breath and squeezed Daniel's hand so hard, he was afraid she was going to crush bone, then said, "I'm... Sonja Saffira Sigrún Bahaar."

Sonja and Daniel then tried to explain how they were from another dimension, where Novas were called mutants, and how they thought they ended up here. How there were trying to adjust. At first, they were met with frank disbelief, but as their story progressed, and Sonja gave details of her family - some of which matched exactly, others not so much - the disbelief faded.

Asa Bahaar, tilted her head, beginning to see the resemblance in the shape of the face of this large, young woman. Her lips quirked into a frown both regretful and protectively determined.

Rahim folded his arms, his dark eyes hooded and severe. "So, you were the one who was siphoning funds from our daughter's account?" he demanded.

"I... yes," Sonja admitted. "I thought it was mine at first - I thought this was still my own world, just that things had changed, somehow. Then... well, I wasn't sure what else to do."

Oneca's reaction was the most dramatic. She burst out laughing with cruel mirth. "If all this bullshit is true, I can't wait 'til our other sister gets a look at you. The real Sonja. She should be back soon, ballet practice should be over."

Other sister? Sonja pondered with rising trepidation. Somehow, she had thought her debit card was matching up with Oneca's - or maybe Saja's. Since the Daniel from this reality wasn't around any longer, somehow she came to believe the native Sonja wasn't either. Now, she knew better.

Sonja's hyper-keen hearing heard a car pulling up, light footsteps skipping up the front stairs. A moment later, the front door creaked open and a high, clear voice called out, "Mom, Dad, I'm back."

"Sonja, we're in the den," Oneca said back in a loud voice, barely constraining her vicious excitement, her eagerness to witness this meeting. "There's someone we want you to meet."

Sonja's heart-rate quickened, her breathing rapid and shallow as she heard the footsteps approach. Sonja stood up from her chair, turning to face the entrance and a moment later, came face-to-face with her counterpart.

Instant recognition flared in the eyes of both Sonjas, and both recoiled in shock at what they saw.

The native Sonja was five feet tall at most, slender with less of a bustline than her twelve year-old sister. Her pale blond hair was cut in a pixie-ish style and at most, she was mildly cute. Her slender limbs were firm, but possessed nowhere near her dimensional sister's muscular tone or inhuman strength.

The disparity between the two Sonja's was almost frightening. One was a powerful mutant - Nova - awesomely beautiful and a superhuman physical juggernaut. The other looked like she was waiting for puberty to notice her.

Daniel saw his girlfriend gasp, a look of pity and something like relief in her eyes, thankful that wasn't her. Across the other's face, flashed dismay, envy, and self-loathing. Of the three Bahaar sisters, she was the eldest, and yet, the least. She shot Oneca a scathing, tear-filled glare then run away to hide in her room.

Oneca's mirth had faded away, giving this alternate Sonja a dark glare, as if it was her fault her sister was distressed. "You should leave. Now. You might have the same name, but you aren't part of this family."

Rahim nodded agreement, standing up and giving the towering woman a severe look, despite the fact she could probably destroy him with a single finger. "I am sorry for you plight, but you are not our daughter and the sight of you is causing her pain. I wish you leave her and never have anything to do with us ever again."

Only Asa Bahaar showed a trace a concern this stranger with her daughter's name. She whispered something in her husband's ear, then left. Several minutes later, she came back and handed Sonja a duffel bag with a sad smile on her face. "Here, take it. It's twenty thousand dollars. We already have three daughters and one Sonja - we do not need another. I... I hope you understand and can make a life for yourself here if you never find a way back home, but it will not be with us."

Her composure cracked, and with a stifled sob, Asa excused herself to check on her true daughter.

Daniel looked up at Sonja, seeing her swallow convulsively, her eyes tight with the effort of breaking down in front of everyone. Sonja nodded at the others. "I... I understand. I'm sorry for any trouble I caused." She reached forward with a wistful smile and tousled Saja's hair, ignoring her scowl. "I'm glad that here, you still have a long life ahead of you. I hope it turns out everything you want it to be. My Saja died too young."

Sonja hitched the duffel bag over a shoulder and turned to leave. "Let's go, Daniel," she said sadly, then glanced back over a broad shoulder for one final time.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Daniel said nothing. He paused to take one of her hands in his, and lead her away. She could have stopped him, but she didn't. He led her to the passenger side, in her state of mind it wasn't wise for her to drive. They set on the road, Daniel driving North out of the area, stopping to fill up on gas, and then drive more. At sundown, he pulled into Hotel that looked nice, yet, as far from the beaten path as it was, he didn't see many cars.

He looked to her. "We'll sleep here tonight. In the morning we can decide what to do next."

He went inside, paying for the room in cash, getting the key, and then returned to the hummer. Sonja was still there looking about ready to fall apart to his eyes, and a ant's pace from despair. Her reunion was pretty much the opposite of how his had been.

He opened the door and reached inside, finding her hand. The Young male nova smiled. "Come on, We can make an early night of it." He grabbed her things, intent to take what burdens he could upon himself. "I'll let you have the shower first.."

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  • 1 month later...

"Thanks," Sonja said softly with a melancholy smile, giving Daniel a quick, one-armed hug, then heading for the bathroom. Inside, jaw clenched, she stripped naked and ducked into the stall, turning the hot water all the way up. The water was icy cold then quickly warmed to a searing heat, but Sonja didn't flinch as it jetted against her nearly invulnerable flesh.

She hadn't known what to expect from this world's version of her family, but it hadn't been that! Her youngest sister was alive and well and wanted nothing to do with her. And the alternate Sonja... She shuddered, shaking beaded drops of water from her skin into a fine mist. She had been so... tiny, plain, flat. It had filled her with something almost like disgust seeing her looking so much less than this world's Oneca - an Oneca who seemed to have all the mutant powers and enhanced physique of her world's Oneca and Sonja. She hadn't realized how much she took it for granted that she had been the tallest and prettiest of the Bahaar sisters. And now that she was even taller and prettier than before, somehow, she didn't fit in anymore. Her real family was unfathomably far away and this version of it wanted nothing to do with her.

Sniffing, wiping tears that blended into the shower water from her eyes, Sonja felt so alone... Except, she wasn't. She had Daniel, who, while their lives as they knew them got turned upside-down and inside-out, had become her boyfriend. She couldn't tell him just how grateful she was. But maybe.. she could show him, and in so doing, find the loving connection to another living being she was otherwise lacking.

Sonja finished her shower in a blurring instant, skin scrubbed clean, short silver-white hair gleaming, then strutted out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped inadequately around her towering, voluptuous figure. Daniel stood up from the bed, his shirt off and looked up at her, seeing the passionate light in her lavender eyes and the tight, fierce grin on her lips.

"Sonja, are you okay? I thought I heard-" Daniel began, but Sonja didn't let him finish, her words stopping his thoughts in their tracks.

"I'm better than okay, Daniel," she said in a sultry voice, her hands on his shoulders. "I've decided, tonight... we're going... to... fuck."

"Sonja! You don't - Are you sure - I don't -"

Sonja took a deep breath, chest swelling, towel falling to her feet and leaving her gloriously nude. Her hands slid down to his hips and ripped his pants off. "I wasn't asking," she threatened. "You're my boyfriend, and tonight is the night when we will first make love." She threw him onto the bed and straddled him with a flowing movement, her solid weight settling on top of him. He could barely see her face past the thrust of her bust, her nipples stiff and swollen with arousal. "I hope you're ready, Daniel, because I expect my first night of sex to be a long one."

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His own natural reaction to Sonja's very agressive attitude was natural, his shaft hardening quickly, rising behind her buttocks as she straddled him. His hands moved independently, one to rub the small of her back, downward to squeeze her supple and firm rump. The other hand moved up to squeeze a breast almost as big as his head.

"I'm not going to drop the ball here, I promise that."

He couldn't reach her face to kiss her, so instead he kissed the full breast he wasn't squeezing, teasing her with his tongue.

The foreplay continued as her strong hands played over his body, her hips grinding against his shaft, abit of a blush coming across her face as she realized that Daniel wasn't a big man compared to her, though in at least one area, he more than matched her. She'd seen it before, but didn't remember it being so large, or hard.


He nodded, as she raised herself up, now he could see her face, and he smiled. "You can set the pace Sonja."

She nodded, taking the shaft in her hand, then lowering herself onto it. There was a moment of pain, and even Daniel winced momentarily, then only pleasure...

Hours later, She rolled off of him, breathing deeply, and it seemed Daniel was exhausted. A few moments of watching her breathe put that to lie, as he took position, hard again between her legs, plunging in at her nod. There was no pain any more, only a blissful union of two mutants. his lips and hands stoked the flames of her lust, and her legs tightened around him, a very low audible crack heard.

Hours later he stopped, and left her on the bed going to the bathroom. She rolled over happily and dreamily content as Daniel was proving an able and effective lover. He came back and she felt him get onto the bed. "Get up." She turned to look back, rising up, her legs spread, and that was all he needed. His shaft speared into her from behind, she could feel him go all the way in, stretching her lewdly. The orgasm that hit her as he did it was second to none, as if by chance or design he hit her just right. Her body shaking he continued his hands reaching to her breasts squeezing them as he pumped.

The heady end of their lovemaking came an hour or so before dawn, The two finally spent, having fulfilled so many fantasies of each other and more.

Daniel woke as the sun rose, the light filtering in through the window shade. He was suprised to find himself alone. More than that, he ached.

His hips were discolored with bruises, and to the touch he was sore. His pelvis had cracked the night before, he was sure of it. When her legs had closed around him tightly, after the initial pounding he'd taken beneath her it was enough to hurt. He'd been lucky, enough juice applied had let him continue, and she'd not complained about the change in position.

"Definitely can't let her be on top anymore." he mumbled. He knew he wouldn't say no though. the pain was part of the price, which he'd always really pay.

"Where is she I wonder."

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"Just getting us some food," Daniel heard, Sonja's deeper and richer than he remember, so resonant he could almost feel it making his bones vibrate. He watched with wide eyes as she ducked through the door - and she really had to duck, narrowing her shoulders to fit through the frame - then straightened once more, a wry grin on her lips as she gestured at herself. "As you can see, Daniel, it happened again - I had another growth spurt."

Daniel certainly could as he craned his neck up and up, taking in all of his girlfriend, and there was a lot. Sonja must've stood a full seven feet tall and her very tone and athletic figure had thickened and broadened into an obvious and powerful muscularity. Her shoulders were as wide as the doorway, and even relaxed, her arms bulged with clear muscle. Her shirt straining across her broad back and huge chest revealed her cobblestone-like abs standing out in stark relief and a pair of jeans torn into a pair of daisy-dukes showcased a pair of long legs like rippling columns of power.

Sonja had changed more than just in height and physique. Every movement she made held an even greater grace and she was staggeringly beautiful, as beautiful as any woman Daniel had seen in this world full of novas. She stood with a commanding, room-filling presence and her purple eyes were bright with a heightened intelligence. Sonja was now a veritable demi-goddess.

She sauntered across the room in three long strides, sitting next to Daniel, the bed creaking under her bulk, a huge bag of fast food in her hands. "Needed fuel and thought you might like something, too," she explained, giving Daniel a self-conscious smile. "I didn't hurt you too much, did I?"

"Nothing I wasn't willing to endure to climb Mount Sonja," Daniel said with a teasing grin, making Sonja blush.

She bumped him with a shoulder, nearly knocking him off the bed and making him groan. "Sorry. You should know, you've changed some too, if not as much as me."


Sonja scooped him up in an arm and carried him into the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, Daniel saw that he was barely eye level with a set of boobs at least as big as his head. He also saw what she meant. He might not have been any taller or more muscular, but he possessed an incredible, masculine gorgeousness. He felt Sonja's large, strong hands sliding over him, her lips nuzzling at his neck. "It's only because I think you need some time to recover that I'm not ravishing you right now... that and I really am starving."

The two of them settled around the tiny kitchenette table, Sonja looking almost comically large in comparison, and started digging through the food she had procured. Sonja's appetite seemed endless, Baconator Triples disappearing one after the other down her throat.

"So, what now, Sonja?" Daniel asked, while scarfing down his own comparatively modest portion of the food.

Sonja looked thoughtful for a moment, draining a super-sized coke in one go. "I think I'm going to try-out for this Teen Tomorrow Team we've been hearing about. A chance to travel, maybe make something of a life, and to do some good."

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He smiled up to her. "So long as you're happy Sonja."

"Dad told me about DeVries. It's more than just a fighting Elites killing people employer. They provide real training, excellent pay, and a vast variety of jobs are available."

"I was always more of a lover than a fighter anyway." He smiled. "Especially of you."

It was out, and her reaction wasn't what he feared. At first though it seemed like it would be. She pushed him out, and spun him around so she could look into his eyes, and then pulled him down to her, laying on the bed. The lovemaking that followed was more gentle and tender than what had happened the previous night, but every bit as special.

By noon they'd finished and cleaned up, resolving to drive back home and let his parents know their decisions. It seemed nothing could separate them, and yet the choices they made would certainly do so.

Daniel looked to her as she rode, he had to drive now because she'd no longer fit behind the wheel. He smiled... The future in this world looked bright.

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