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I'd like to put a shout-out for those of you planning to do anything charitable for this Christmas season, and request some care packages for my ship. In case you hadn't picked up on it from my comments or the news, we're out here floating off the Saudi Arabian peninsula. Being way the heck out here, mail usually takes over a week to reach us from the US.

Most people like getting snack food, kool-aid mix, coffee, candy, and that protein body-builder stuff is popular (though pricy). Video games, even if used, would definitely be appriciated. Even socks and t-shirts are nice to get. Alcohol and pornography are strictly not allowed. A care package doesn't have to be huge, or extra-fancy, and you don't even have to include a letter if you're lazy.

If you're going to send one, please use the address below. Anything you send, even if it's not to my department, would be appriciated.

Any Sailor's Care Package (or a name, if you happen to know someone on board other than me)

{insert Department Name here}

USS Abraham Lincoln

FPO, AP 96612-2872

Departments (and descriptions) are:


AIMD (aircraft maintenance)

Air (flight deck guys)

Chaplain (religious ministry; also they will distribute any unlabeled care packages)

Combat Systems (IT guys and communications)

Deck (ship maintenance)

Engineering (power&lighting)


Operations (air tower control, sonar, etc)



Training (I work here)

Weapons (armory and magazines)

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