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My name is Poula Radyani and I thought I would stop by and say hello in a matter of speaking. I am obviously new to this board, so I felt it would be polite to introduce myself to the local community.

I must admit that I am also looking for support in a programme to help those who have been imprisoned unfairly or have been forced to become refugees. I have undergone both under Yaroslav Radocani in Macedonia and erupted during that time.

In return I will be happy to assist anyone with translations and contacts for the Greek, Armenian or Macedonian communities. I would also not say no to full-time work, as I have been unemployed for several years.

Contact me privately if you wish.

Thank you,

Poula Radyani

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I was an assistant diplomat in the Macedonian government before Radocani took over. Because I was an ethnic Armenian and had also done work with the UN, my family and I were imprisoned. My husband Dimitri died, but my daughter Katja survived.

I developed my first abilities after a terrible beating and being forced to go without food for three days. I became a fast healer, able to take more blows and survive under almost any conditions during that time. I also developed a knack for persuading people and soothing their tempers... I have become good at that.

Nowadays I can present a good impression and translate fifteen different languages. You wonder why I am not with Utopia? It is because my daughter Katja was only a child, and I could not bear to leave her, even to go to work. So I now do translating work at home.

Utopia has done many good things, but you were not there when they came to Skopje. Much damage had been done by Team Tomorrow and Radocani's people fighting, and the only reason they came was because he had illegal technology. I do not see them dealing with Sango of Nigeria or any other of the world's tyrants.

Does this help?

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Thank you. Now for bigger questions:

What are you prepared to do?

What is your social agenda?

(you talk about the world's tyrants and make little of Utopia's respect for national sovereignty)

What is your stance on baseline-on-nova violence?

On nova-on-baseline violence?

Many people, all over the globe, are oppressed in one way or another. Most novas aren't interested in the problems of oppressed baselines.

What are you looking to accomplish?

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Good to meet you Poula. The one-two punch wake up call is hard, its true, but it only makes you stronger. Always remember that; they can only give you something but never take it away. Let me clue you in on the yoo-pees. They don't care about you or your kiddie. What they care about is everybody making nice in world they think has long term marketability. Its all about the rating, Poula.

For those like Poula that don't know me, Charr is as good a name as you'll ever need.

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Sango cheated Utopia and has forced at least one nova I know of to work for him, yet they won't do a thing about it. Frankly, I feel the UN is rather impotent at times, and want to create something that isn't tied up by those rules and regulations.

I pretty much want to create an advocacy and relief group for POWs, political prisoners and refugees, one that utilises nova resources but doesn't rely on publicity. I'm looking for allies, not personnel or backers or anything like that. I'm willing to work for my keep.

If I may be frank, I dislike violence, but I'm also enough of a realist to know that self-defence is necessary.

I'm not anti-Utopian, but I believe they should be doing more. Maybe I'm not seeing very well from outside the organisation; maybe I'm wrong. Anyone from Utopia should feel free to tell me why it took them so long to get to Macedonia.

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Cry me a river.The UN,is weak,and toothless,but it stops more wars,than anything else has.

I mean,really do you want a Un with a strong military presence in the world?Do you want Utopia to stop all the bad goverments?What next,do you throw a fit when Utopia over throws a country that you like?I mean really, the UN is there to stabilize the world,way more than it is to improve it.

And for God's sake, stop your crying about how Utopia doesn't clean up other people's messes.I mean just because they do it once,and indeed many more times, you shouldn't count on them to always do so.

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Y.T., shut up. I have heard you are a killer and mercenary. Tell me, have you ever been tied by your ankles to a roof-beam and beaten? If so, then you can say something about my opinions. If not, go to hell.

I have no dislike of Utopia or the United Nations. I worked for the latter once. I just feel they should do more.

If you really think I'm crying, I'll send you pictures of my scars. Then tell me I don't have a right to say something.

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Poula, why did the UN and PU take so long?

First, the UN's charter forbids it to interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign nations. Radocani was a Macedonian who came to power from within your country, thus he was your problem.

Next, the UN took a series of actions, hoping that force would not be necessary. I know, small comfort to you while you were being tortured.

Force was only used when it became obvious, to the UN, that Radocani was building an army for conquest, thus posing an international threat.


Why didn't the UN have a few mercs go in earlier and assassinate him?

Because it is patently illegal. More importantly, because waves of assassinations would rack the globe. Any world leader, anywhere, would become a viable target.

Why doesn't the UN go after Sango?

Why should they?

Okay, so he is a brutal dictator. He is also improving the standard of living for the vast majority of his people.

All it costs them is the lack of any voice in their governmental affairs.

Prosperity at the price of freedom.

As for his treatments of novas ... What do you propose the UN do?

If they intervene for one oppressed minority, when does it stop?

In case you are wondering, what you want to do is wholesale slaughter of people. To dictate how everyone in the world behaves.

You don't think so?

Consider what your goals are. If someone does something you personally disapprove of, you want them punished.

How far are you willing to go?

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I admit to having sympathy toward your cause. The Project works to improve our world, but has a frustrating tendency to move on a schedule dictated not by need, but by political reality and public image. I'm a radical at heart, and this doesn't sit well with me.

I've talked to a few friends of mine in the UN and a few human rights organizations. The general consensus is that, while you're going to have your work cut out for you in getting this project off the ground, you yourself are dedicated and fairly professional.

As such, I am interested in working with you on this. Unfortunately, I can't vouch for my long-term participation - I'm looking at coming out of a semi-retirement, and there may be greater demands on my time over the next several months. However, I'm sure I can help your startup, and I'd like to be involved beyond that.

Mostly, I'd be bringing to the project a fairly broad assortment of contacts - among both novas and baseline organizations. This would be of most use in cultivating sponsorship and credentials, but I can think of one or two novas and baseline specialists who may be interested in direct involvement. I worked in Project Utopia for years, but I doubt that this would help much - while I'm not on bad terms with Utopia, we aren't exactly speaking.

I have some skill at the negotiating table, and - should it be necessary - my less 'natural' skills could be applied to more direct involvement. However, I would prefer to avoid the later - Quantum Backlash Syndrome has not been treating me well lately, and I would rather not add fuel to that fire.

Let me know if you wish to work with me.

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Originally posted by Poula Radyani:
Y.T., shut up. I have heard you are a killer and mercenary. Tell me, have you ever been tied by your ankles to a roof-beam and beaten? If so, then you can say something about my opinions. If not, go to hell.

If you really think I'm crying, I'll send you pictures of my scars. Then tell me I don't have a right to say something.
First,let's get the drama out of the way,I am dead.Acording to the doctors that were at base,and the US army,I am dead,even got a grave,with nice lot over looking the bay.

Now,as for my job. I fight for an idea just as pure as any others. Should I fight for freedom?How about Nationalism? Maybe, I should force my political views down other's throats.What would you say, if I fought criminals?

I could list reasons each of those are wrong,but that wouldn't change why I do what I do.I fight, so people like you don't have too.I fight so that some people who wouldn't be heard,are heard.I cost a lot,but each life I take is a lose to someone far greater than money.

So, you want show me some scars,think that will make me care about your movement?Maybe when you see mine,you'll see,why I have seen worse.
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