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Mutants & Masterminds: The Unlikely Prophets - Order Profiles: Spartan


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Archon's hatchetman. Most likely, a higher functioning psychopath. His known abilities include superhuman strength, stamina and speed. He is never seen in public without his sword and gun, both of which are custom built for him and him alone.

Spartan's legend is that he is unkillable and uncapturable. He has survived being shot into space, buried under a mountain, and there is rare pirate footage of him being shot and killed; and not long afterwards, Spartan is there at Archon's side, armed to the teeth and smiling like a kid with a magnifying glass over an antfarm.

Spartan has become Archon's personal troubleshooter and hatchetman. If an entire town needs to be wiped out for turning off Order-approved broadcasts, or if they are harboring rebels, or if they are merely suspected of anything, Spartan will go in with zeal and gusto. He refers to himself as a man of peace, since things get very quiet and peaceful after he's been and gone.

Official Origin: Spartan was created by Archon to be the ultimate peacekeeper, soldier and warrior. He was crafted from the finest traits of the countless men and women who gave their lives to usher in the Rise of the Order; since their spirit will never die, Spartan can never die as well.

Secret Origin: Unknown.

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