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EarthDawn: A Brave New World - Sheet: Nayobee Menelmacar Firandiel


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Name: Nayobee Menelmacar Firandiel

Discipline: Warrior

Circle: 3

Skin: Pale

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Age: 120

Sex: Female

Height: 6 Feet

Weight: 120 lbs

Race: Blood Elf

Concept: Warden

Nature: Survivor

Attributes	Value	Step	Dice
____________	_____	____	____
Dexterity 	17	7	1D12
Strength 	13	6	1D10
Toughness 	15	6	1D10
Perception 	13	6	1D10
Willpower 	13	6	1D10
Charisma 	20	8	2D6



Physical Defense: 9

Spell Defense: 8

Social Defense: 11

Physical Armor: 7

Mystic Armor: 10

Damage: 0

Death Rating: 65

Wound Rating: 10

Uncon Rating: 50

Recovery Tests: 2

Recovery Dice: 1D10

Initiative Step: 7

Armor Penalty: -2


Initiative Dice: 1D8

Karma Dice: 1D6

Karma Cost: 10

Karma Pool: 25/25

Movement, Land: 85/42yrds

Carrying: 105

Lifting: 210

Racial Attributes


Low-Light Vision

Increased Social Defense

Increased Spell Defense

Pain Resistance

Reduced Recovery Tests

Armor Restrictions

Wood Longing

Talents		Rank	Step	Dice	Karma	Strain
_______		____	____	____	_____	______
Acrobatic Strike 3	10	D10+D6	  0	 1	
Avoid Blow*	 1	8	2D6	  0 	 1	
Karma Ritual	 1	spec	n/a	  0	 0	
Wood Skin*	 3	9	D8+D6	  0	 0	
Melee Weapons*   3	10	D10+D6	  0	 0	
Unarmed Combat*  3	9       D8+D6	  0	 0	
Air Dance	 3	10	D10+D6	  0	 0	
Durability (9/7) 3	spec	n/a	  0	 0	
Tiger Spring	 1	8	2D6	  0	 0	

Skills                 	Rank	Step
______	           	____	____
R/W, Dwarven	  	  1	 7			
R/W, Elven        	  1      7   

Climbing	          1	 7
Disguise	          1	 9
Etiquette	          1	 7
Hunting		          1	 7
Wilderness Survival	  1	 7

History of the Scourge    2      7
Blood Elf Lore            2      7

Weapon Rune Carving	  2	10

Orichalcum: 0

Gold Coins: 2

Silver Coins: 56

Copper Coins: 1

Legend Points:

Current: 0

Total: 3,300

Legendary Status: 0



2x Daggers


Short Sword


1 Set of Traveller's Garb

Small Backpack

Belt Pouch

Blood Ivy Weave

Blood Ivy dask

Huntsman's Boots

Blood Elf Winternight Cloak

Inventory: (Possessions not wearing)

Adventurer's Kit for Blood Elves

Artisan Tools for Rune Carving

10-Foot Rope

Blood Wood Bedroll

Threaded Items: None

Blood Ivy Weave - 250sp - armor 4 - mystic armor 5 - 25lbs - init -1

This is the Blood Wood's unique version of fernweave armor made from the blood ivy plant instead of deep forest vines and herbs. Blood ivy has deep purple leaves with light green edges and thin black veins. Also, unlike regular fernweave it doesn't need to be watered; it does have another requirement however. The blood ivy of the armor will actually send root tendrils into the wearer (or simply absorb the shed blood from blood elves) thus requiring a single recovery test be removed (this is not in addition to the racial trait of the blood elves). This will automatically happen after 12hrs of wearing the armor. Lastly, blood ivy doesn't take as well to being made into armor as the standard fernweave plants and thus needs to be trimmed every year and a day. This needs to be done by an elementalist familiar with blood wood flora and costs 200sp. Outside the blood wood the trimmed blood ivy pays for the cost of trimming it.


Blood Ivy dask - 50sp - armor 3 - mystic armor 4 - 12lbs - init -1

Made out of the same blood ivy as the blood ivy weave, and so has the same appearance and trimming requirements (though the shield only costs 50sp to trim). It has the same requirement of a sacrificed recovery test, but if wearing both armor and shield, the sacrificed test for one will count for the other.

Huntsman's Boots


Just like dry boots except that the addition of true air keeps the inside clean and helps with drying as well as reducing fatigue from walking. The wearer can walk an additional 5 miles per day.

Blood Elf Winternight Cloak


Just like the dwarf winternight cloak except that it has an everclean enchantment on it as well. Plus it's made with fine elven craftsmanship that doesn't snag on a protected elf's thorns. +4 armor vs. cold attacks/spells/weapons.

Blood Wood Bedroll


Very rare and prized in the blood wood is this variation on the bedroll of comfort. It has the properties of the bedroll of comfort, keeping you comfortable in any weather, plus it also has an everclean enchantment inside. On top of that, there are kernels of true air woven on the bottom side that allow it to float about 6inches above the ground, thus keeping it clean and dry even in the swampy forest floor of the Blood Wood. This also gives the sleeper a measure of protection, especially from threats such as blood oaks and assassin vine and limited protection from root walkers. The bedroll comes with a small anchor to keep them from floating away even in the strongest of winds.

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