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[OpNet] I hate being a bother

Agnelli Celeste

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I have, if you haven't read the new paper have left Utopia. Yes,a very generic and bland reason.But I can't ,or at least I do not think I could tell more about, over opnet.

I am being hunted by my former team.Right now it is some what of passive a thing.But they will start looking hard, soon.I am a bit scared.I need help. I have information on what Utopia is doing, and why. I seek refuge.

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Agnelli, I've been asked to pass on a message from my boss. She's willing to provide you with sanctuary on the understanding that you're going to have to submit to a telepathic scan to confirm you aren't a plant or wearing a meta-personality or something.

You want help, you got it. These guys aren't going to ask anything in return. Scout's honour.

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Oh my.

Little Miss Teen Utopia's got the goods on the "Best Thing To Ever Happen To The World Since It Began"? Well ain't that a wonder to behold.

Sphere, you do what you think is right. Just I been around a hair longer here's some thing you might want to know. This little piece of work has been ripping into me for doubting the good will of her bosses for the last couple of month. She's grade A I-Was-Only-Follwing-Orders. Since when does Utopia look for someone in passively? Ain't a damn thing done by the big wonder "U" that ain't over the top and twice what's needed without a lick of common sense. You and yours to make the call though.

I ain't interested in no excuses Miss Celeste. No hard luck stories. No special secrets that I just got to know for making the world safe. You made this bed so you can damn well lie in it far as I care. They're YOUR folks. Want nothing to do with them or you.

Save yourself and then you can talk with me. Til then you got nothing I want to hear.

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Isn't my decision Cody, people I'm working for made the call on offering help. She Who Must Be Obeyed has a habit of giving people second chances. I'm a good example. They scrubbed my trail off the opnet and have set me up with a new i.d. outside of business hours. I'm working for the good guys now.

They know all about running from Utopia, been doing it since Slider's death.

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Sucks to have a boss. Just trying to give you a heads up. Find it kind of funny she goes from saying "Heil Hitler" to "Oh, help me from the bad people please."

It really comes down to this - them as work for Utopia gave it all away and smiled when they did it. Responsibility, choice, freedom, power. Everything. Then out of the blue they wake up to something being rotten? No, I don't think so. When she starts telling you "what Utopia did" don't forget to translate that to "What I did by not caring enough to ask". All the tear jerker stories have the same ending.

"Its not my fault".

Sure it is. That's how they got where they are. Its pretty simple to mind. She learns to stand up on her own feet or she'll sell you out the first time somebody quotes that greater good bullshit to her. Some try to change things like Paragon. They know it ain't right but try to make it right. Some just hand it all over and turn into pretty faces talking the party line.

Guess which one your dealing with now?

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I'd be careful about tarring them all with the same brush mate. The Aberrants I've been working with were all in Celeste's position not too long ago. They saluted the flag and marched in step honestly believing Utopia were the good guys working towards a brighter future and all that guff.

Problem is there's a couple of spooks inside the Project who've realised they ain't getting to utopia without doing some bloody questionable things first. Idealists like Celeste here can't see what's going on in the shadows because these spooks are just too damn good. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a sphinx or two helping keep the curtains down.

Til the Aberrants broke away, the only people pointing to Utopia and calling "Foul!" were the Directive who, trust me, are nearly as bad. Or the sodding Teragen, most of whom seem to consider baselines to be at best pets and at worst livestock for the larder.

If she wants our help she's going to have to agree to a scan by the best teeps the Ab's have. So we'll know where she stands before we break cover to pick her up.

These guys are professional paranoids, nearly as bad as Momento. Worst case scenario is I get to scorch some T2M jumpsuits, and how is that a bad thing? Heh.

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Oh come on guys! Utopia can't all bad. I mean sure, it's a big organization and people are people, so your gonna to have some shitty folks messin' the system up. Sometimes the left hand won't even see the right hand let alone know what it's doin'. But if it weren't for their eggheads, I'd still be in a coma. Or I would have shaken the hospital to pieces when I woke up.

Damn man, sold their souls? Don't you think you're blowin' way out of porportion here?

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Cody, Sphere, I think you may be being a bit extreme here. I worked for the Project for quite a while. I didn't sell my individuality, rights, or anything of the kind. I just got a job - nothing sinister about it. I was well paid and, for the most part, I was doing something beneficial to the rest of the world.

That said, I did leave the Project. Due to confidentiality contracts, I can't legally divulge the details; essentially, I found that I was no longer sure that my actions were doing more good than bad, so I chose to move on.

As Sphere says, some of the powers the be have decided that the ends can sometimes justify the means. However, this does not mean that the Project as a whole is corrupt.

Personally, I suspect that the Aberrants are overly reactionary, but I can accept that they could be privy to information I don't have.

"...a very generic and bland reason...I am being hunted by my former team."

That's strange. Either you're understating the situation, or they think you did something worse that you are aware. They wouldn't be hunting you for just leaving the Project.

I am currently renting a house in St. Louis: 115 Mullanphy St. Feel free to come by and stick around for a while. I don't have anything to hide, so you won't catch as much paranoia as you would from the Aberrants.

As for your old team, I doubt that their bosses would be stupid enough to let them attack me. My contacts would make it very bad PR, and my personal capabilities would make the fight rather...messy.

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I'm working for the good guys now.
And you know this how?
And, most of them were good little Utopians?

You are working for the "good guys" when you are self-employed and chose to do good. Otherwise, you hope to hell the person giving the orders is either guessing right, or filled with non-selfish motivations.
Ever question why the Lady is doing what she is doing? And, what the end results of your little quest will be?

Sphere, I am not for or against your little club. After all, things that would get Utopia of my ass would be a good thing, right?

Alex is probably right, Agnelli. Stay in the public eye, don't make any stupid threats (again), and think about your future.
Go pay him a visit. At the very least, if you get killed there, we will know he is a lousy host. smile
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Celeste'd probably do better going to you Alex, assuming she's not in too much trouble. But as for the Aberrants being too reactionary? I think you'd have to listen to some of the stuff they've found out about before you judge.

I wasn't saying anyone was brainwashed, mate. I just meant that before the Aberrants went rogue they were as dedicated to the Utopian dream as anyone currently serving on T2M. Most of them still are, they want to clean up P:U so it can do it's job proper like.

Well, that's what they say. I'm not too bothered what the end result is. They sorted out some trouble I was in and offered me a decent place to lay my head. I owe 'em big.

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That's funny.

You guys have Corbin, right? Now, there was the selfless face of T2M alright. The prick.

Sphere, I don't doubt some of your Aberrants are on the up and up, wanting to see the Utopian Ideal fulfilled and believing the Project has strayed. Others aren't so noble in purpose, believe me. They have their own agendas and they aren't even quiet about it.

Before you bring down the big PU, think about what might follow. Someone has to.

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I changed my mind,I saw something and was told something I didn't want to know. I think Utopia does wonderful things,the problem is that people are greedy,And those who want power are mainly those least worthily of it.

Craft, I would love to go there, but I am on the wrong side of the world.So if I get there it may take time.

Now, Cody, grow up. I learned something that made it impassable for me to work for Utopia.I can see why they do it, I just can't live with that.As a result I left on less than friendly terms.But what the fuck am I wasting my time on you, for?

Sphere,if I see you, I will let you see if I am telling the truth and what not.Just don't go probing too deeply into my head.I still love Utopia,or rather most of it.My team leader is just a bit gung-ho, the rest of the team is just about five-by-five.

One thing I can say is, stay away from the amp room.SOmething big is going down.I don't know what.

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"I am on the wrong side of the world."

Door's open. If things get worse, you might try to visit the charming Mary Ann Evans in Hong Kong. She might give you some sanctuary, though she does tend to be impatient with visitors. If not, she would probably be willing to send you to safer pastures (among other talents, she's a pretty good warper).

I'm not sure of her current address, but she is a minor celebrity in the area. Wouldn't be too hard to find.

"I think you'd have to listen to some of the stuff they've found out about before you judge."

Let's suppose, for the sake of arguement, that I might be interested in doing so. How would that be handled?

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Sphere: The Aberrants I've been working with were all in Celeste's position not too long ago.

Ain't that a fact. 'Course there was nothing wrong with the choices they made. All with good intentions wasn't it? Can't you just picture them all talking about the nasty people spoiling the dream and Amazing Grace playing in the background? What part of all of this ain't just another way of saying, "It wasn't my fault"?

You might try talking to a couple of Terats before you start buying into that bullshit too. I'm going to shut up now. You and your new friends got this nailed down. I only wanted to say heads up. I done said it.

Mr Grant: Oh come on guys! Utopia can't all bad.

Like Sphere you got a debt and I don't. That makes a whole lot of difference about what you abide.

Mr Craft: Cody, Sphere, I think you may be being a bit extreme here.

A man does what he thinks is right or he does what he's told is right. Ain't nothing more to it than that.

Miss Celeste: Now, Cody, grow up.

Ain't it a bitch when there's them that remember more than you want them to? I don't know why your wasting your time on me. Can't rightly say why I wasted my time trying to tell you this shit months ago.

In case it slipped your Teen-2-emie brain... I sent one comment your way. One. That's it and that's all she wrote. Now you know where we stand. Everything else was to Sphere. He can make up his own mind as to you being a poor lost lamb or just another case of looking for somebody else to play daddy and make it right.

Grow up? You got that part right anyway.

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I don't feel I got a debt to Utopia, Cody. It wasn't them that took care of me while I was out an' they didn't do much for me when I woke up.

I know that Triton got it's start with Utopia but it is separate as far as I know. if anything', it's Triton that I owe an' I'm payin' 'em back already.

I just don't think anythin's that black an' white is all.

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You ain't never taken a good hard look at the little bits and pieces to see how it fits together, Miss McLacachan? That seems a little strange. Something like that would be right up your alley.

Wouldn't it?

Mr Craft: If it weren't for their egg heads...

You was the one saying you owed them Mr Craft. At least that's what it sounded like. Seems to me your debts are paid but gratitudes a funny thing, Ain't no one else can say when enough is enough.

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Codex: I'm just going on the stuff they've shown me. So take what they say with a pinch of salt. Some of it sounds like the deranged rantings of Fox Mulder on soma. But if they're on the line then P:U's got a lot of explaining to do.

Agnelli: I don't have a personnal opinion one way or the other, I'm just the hired muscle. You need the Aberrants assitance, let me know and I'll contact them.

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Codex, have I told, or asked you leave the project?I don't think I have.I do not think you should, as the things I am talking about, shouldn't effect you or your work. I think it is a personal set of problems, but one that greatly effects, my work environment.

So, by all means stay inside Utopia, and work for a better future.I may be joining you again.

Sphere, I may talk to your friends, but I have seen first hand what the some of the zealots of your cause have done.Please do not take this the wrong way, but running towards your friends was never plan A.

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Alex Craft:As Sphere says, some of the powers the be have decided that the ends can sometimes justify the means.
Maybe. I don't work for the project and I never have, but...

There is a saying: "Never put down to conspiracy what you can write off because of incompetence."

To be in charge is to be responsible for what your organization does, but that isn't the same as control.

The General makes a comment. The Lt. General writes a paper. The Cornel implements a policy. The Captain makes a plan. The Sergeant barks an order. And the Private fires a bullet.

The General never intended any such thing, but filtered through lots of sets of ears... this is a problem for any big organization. The guys at the top are forced to paint things in broad strokes. And then to meet their goals, the layers down cut corners, and/or are forced to reconcile several conflicting sets of directions.
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Cody, you might be surprised at how little Utopia tells me.

Ain't really talking about what folks like Pax or Splash might be privy to. Either the projects on the up and up, so there ain't nothing to find, or they ain't. If they ain't then as big as PU is it stands to reason there's little bits and pieces of odd shit floating around. Things that just don't make sense if the press release is gospel truth.

I pegged you as a body with an eye for detail, Miss McLachlan. It ain't nothing more than same kind of research you do for fun and pleasure. Only in this case none of it happened more than a couple of years ago. Makes it a lot easier to find the cracks in vase if you wanted to.

Troll: "Never put down to conspiracy what you can write off because of incompetence."

There's a difference between asking a question to get an answer what satisfies you and just not bothering to ask. I know what your saying and truth to tell don't much disagree.

I'm still asking the question.

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I have, if you haven't read the new paper have left Utopia. Yes,a very generic and bland reason.But I can't ,or at least I do not think I could tell more about, over opnet.

Ms. Celeste, this situation is a bit beyond my normal field of operations, but I have looked into your dilemma. I must say that I can now see how you and Teen2M had their differences.

You love of combat and destruction, and that doesn't quite fit in with your team's goals. Sorry, we are not elites here at the Project. We are not about laying waste to people because they have a difference in opinion of us.

You didn't see it that way.

I am being hunted by my former team.

Patently false. For one thing, Teen2M doesn't have any such authority. If Utopia had a problem with you, we would work through the legal authorities in a variety of countries throughout the globe and T2M would assist in your arrest.

Right now it is some what of passive a thing.

Yes. That's right. Now we are a secret conspiracy out to silence ... you. I wish your delusional behavior had been spotted earlier.

I ask you this: Why would we want to silence you, yet let you meander about, posting willy nilly on the forums for all to see?

But they will start looking hard, soon.


I am a bit scared.I need help.

Yes, you do need help.

I have information on what Utopia is doing, and why.

Sure. Go ahead. Tell the whole world why don't you. Or, should I?

How about this?

Breaking News!:

Ms. Agnelli Celeste leaves Teen2M because she wasn't consulted on team policy! Unhappy with not being allowed to beat in everyone's brains that wasn't part of Her Project, Ms. Celeste leaves in a huff, with legions of black-clad ninja assassins following in her wake.

OR, how about this:

Utopia employs some terminal asses!!!

Yes, some of the people who want to make the world a better place don't do it in the finest fashion. Some have their own agendas (gasp!), or wish to put their own spin on policy. Utopia moves toward perfection, but we aren't there yet.

I seek refuge.

And, you have found it. Mr. Craft is an excellent man. I hope he can help you find some piece of mind.

Ms. Celeste, you have a violent focused nature. It was hoped that Teen2M could focus that energy into a constructive pattern, but they couldn't.

Your way, or the highway, right?

I apologize if you feel they kept you back all this time, but I really don't think you could have passed the psyche for T2M in your present state.

Regan, if you like I can share what I have found out about this embarrassment. For that matter, I would like to meet with you. I will check with Pratima.

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Paragon, how little you know me.Look at the records of what I have said and done.You would see,that I objected to combat up until the point where words would no longer be valid.

Maybe you are looking at things I posted here.I mainly posted when I was not thinking right.When I was upset,mad stressed.

But then again,you forget to say the jobs that I enjoyed doing the most, and asked for was to help the poor.Building things, like houses.But my Team leader is a miny Pax,right down to the lack of hair.

The only time,I killed any one was when ordered by my team leader.

No,I do not think Utopia is at fault.I do think that my team leader and the head of my department are at fault.

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Killing somebody cause you was ordered to do it?

Yes sir, no sir, put a bullet in somebody's brain right away sir!

I ain't never gave you shit for making a choice. You get it every day and five times on Friday for saying, "I was just following my orders." I give you extra special rations of shit for trying to justify NOT MAKING A DAMN CHOICE!

Paragon, I meant what I said to Miss McLachlan. Think about it. What are doing for these people. Really doing. There's good and then there's right. You sure your doing what you think your doing?

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Cody, what have you done with your life?Have you tried to make a better world?Have you saved lives of others?Have you changed the lives of others?

All I have seen, is that you point fingers.Big, deal.You want to change how novas on this board,or world act?Well, tell me what gives you in site on the morals of a battle field?Working in a team?Being in stressful places? Understanding true loyalty?Trusting, those around you with your life?

So,until you do something in the real world,shut the fuck up.

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There you go again trying to change the subject. Well since you brought it up, here you go.

Yes. I try to not fuck up the world and maybe even make it a little better. Are we gonna talk about how your life is so much harder cause you let someone else take every bit of responsibility?

Yes, I do touch lives and what the fuck business is that of yours? Was I suppose to stand up and pose for the cameras? Was I suppose to use it to make folks see things my way. Is this the part where you start telling me saving two lives is better'n one? Or start with your goddamn sob stories?

Yes, I have changed folk's lives STARTING WITH MY OWN!

Pointing fingers? Oh, you mean where it ain't fair pointing out to some folks their irresponsible and generally selfish bastards? Yep, that would be me. What are you going to tell me about loyalty Miss Teenie 2M? Boohoo, your famous and its just so hard being a life size action toy. Life is full of bullshit excuses. You think any of yours are new?

Your angers just as bad your charity. Ain't got no focus so its useless for anything but making yourself feel better. Responsibility, Miss Celeste. Don't tell me you ain't had no dictionary in Addis Abba? Ain't nothing wrong with feeling good. Just don't try to sell me on how selfless you were. Ignorant, stupid, just didn't know no better? These I can believe. Misused? Bullshit. You gave them the leash and put the collar on your own damn self.

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Cody, you miss the point.I don't care what you think.You can tell me that I am wrong all you want, that doesn't make you right.

See,it is easy to point at people,and tell them,that they are wrong.It is hard to tell them, what they should do,that would be better.

Now,you have yet to show, or tell me why you even remotely know anything I have gone threw.

To put in terms you may understand.Do,you ask a 12 year old boy, how his baby's sitter's pussy is?If he told,would you listen?

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