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EarthDawn: A Brave New World - Sheet: Misthal Thorn

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Name: Misthal Thorn
Discipline: Archer
Circle: 1
Race: Elf
Age: 25

Attributes	Value	Step	Dice
____________	_____	____	____
Dexterity 	19	8	2D6
Strength 	12	5	1D8
Toughness 	15	6	1D10
Perception 	18	7	1D12
Willpower 	18	7	1D12
Charisma 	16	7	1D12

Physical Defense: 10
Spell Defense: 10
Social Defense: 9

Physical Armor: 0
Mystic Armor: 3

Damage: 0
Death Rating: 38
Wound Rating: 10
Uncon Rating: 29

Recovery Tests: 3
Recovery Dice: 1D10

Initiative Step: 8
Armor Penalty: 0
Initiative Dice: 2D6

Karma Dice: 1D6
Karma Cost: 10
Karma Pool: 25/25

Movement, Land: 100/50yrds

Carrying: 90
Lifting: 185

Racial Attributes
Low Light Vision

Talents		Rank	Step	Dice	Karma	Strain
_______		____	____	____	 _____	______
Avoid Blow	 2	 10	d10+d6     0	  1
Direction Arrow* 1	 8	2d6        0	  4
Karma Ritual	 1	N/A	N/A	  N/A    N/A       
Missile Weapons* 3	 11	d10+d8     0      0
Mystic Aim*	 1	 8	2d6        0	  1 
True Shot	 2	 10	d10+d6     Y	  0

Skills                 	Rank	Step
______	           	____	____
R/W, Dwarven	  	  1	 7			
R/W, Sperethiel     	  1      7
R/W, Human        	  1      7   

Elven Lore                2      9
Legends & Heroes (PS)     1      8
Nature		          1	 8

Arrow Carving		  1	 8
Weapon  Runecrafting      1      8

Orichalcum: 0
Gold Coins: 0
Silver Coins: 0
Copper Coins: 0

Legend Points:
Current: 130
Total: 130
Legendary Status: 0


Elven War Bow (Damage Step 5)
Shortsword (Damage Step 4)

Hardened Leather Armor (Armor Rating 5, Initiative Penalty 1)

Standard Quiver: 20 Regular

Standard Quiver: 8 Acid Flight (Flight Arrows w/ Acid Tip's), 8 Dragon Kiss Arrows, 8 Poison Griffin's(Griffin Arrows w/Poison Tips), 8 Crystal Griffin's (Griffin Arrows w/Crystal Tips)

Orichalcum Quiver (Slots for 40 Arrows): 12 Elemental Arrows (2 Air, 3 Earth, 1 Fire, 3 Water, 3 Wood), 4 Arrows of the Night (w/Blood Magic Tips), 12 Crystal Griffin's (w/ Crystal Tip Arrowheads), 8 Sundering Arrows (Armor Piercing Arrows), 4 Crystal Winds (Air Shaft Arrows w/Crystal Tips)

Traveler’s Garb
Mountain Boots
Wool Cloak

Inventory: (Possessions not wearing)
2 Weeks of Trail Rations
Healing Potion
Adventurers Kit w/Tent
Artisan’s Craving Tools

Threaded Items:

In clothing, to mark his present path, he mostly chooses to wear dark colors, black and grays are preferred, but he also likes to mix blacks and reds, and browns are the one color he makes the least use of in his clothing choices, but he does sometimes use it. [in the above picture, imagine the green is a black, and the white is a dark gray]
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Misthal Thorn follows Mes ti’Meraerthsa, the path of the Warrior, and is one of the Dae’mistishsa in his view on the elven paths, though he takes the broader view that any discipline can be followed while traveling any of the paths, rather then the more restrained view of a limited number of paths that some of the Dae‘mistishsa do. He chose to take the direct path of the Archer and embrace certain aspects of it, in his following of this path, he takes action over introspection, as those who walk the warrior’s path do, but the Archer discipline tempers this somewhat, as it gives him something of a mystical bent to his view. As an archer, he likes to be direct and to the point, and abhors lies and untruths, he is honest almost to a fault. A young elf, as he begins his adventuring career he intends to learn as much of the world as he can, before he takes his next step along the paths.

He carves his own arrows, making a few each day, and carving runes in Sperethiel along the shafts as he does, adding a swirl around the arrows themselves, and making them as artistically and astatically beautiful as possible. He prefers to use black feathers for most of his arrows, but sometimes he choses other colors if he’s seeking a particular ascetic for an arrow, most commonly in those cases it’s a red feather of sorts. He often strokes a completed arrow with a loving touch as he puts it into his quiver, at which point he views it as prepared to make it’s mark on the world.

Though he controls it, he does feel as though his arrows are eager to strike a target, that each arrow feels a destiny, and that destiny is to strike a target, and they all seem eager to find their destiny. Some of his better arrows he saves for a particular moment or destiny, as preparation for a greater task then an ordinary target.

He is incredibly intelligent, perceptive and strong willed, but his incredible dexterity is most remarkable, giving him a natural agility that seems almost amazing, his every moment is made with a grace that only adds to his natural appearance and charisma.

Rites and Rituals

Misthal went though the normal rites in terms of his youth, including those around birth, though sense the Kaer had yet to open, a different way was found to present him to the sky, as it had other children. The rite of pronouncement involved a number of other elves, but no other race in the Kaer, it was conducted privately in the elven part of the Kaer. He was born a rather capable pair of elves, both of whom were married to one another, and were entertainer‘s within the elven community. Both of his parents were followers of disciplines themselves, his mother was an illusionist in fact, but embraced the path as a artist entertainer and teacher, making use of illusions often in teaching others. His father, however, was a troubadour, and would often add his music and stories to the illusions produced by his wife, they were both a very good team. His child name given at the rite of pronouncement was ‘Ter’an” [Tear-en] but his return from the rite of passage, he had a completely different name, that of Misthal Thorn.

Instead of three elves who were sworn to safeguard the child included at least one good friend of his father, who was actually a human Archer, and upon completing the rite of passage, he sought teaching from her, and proved to be a very able student. In some ways, his choosing to take the Archer’s path was a desire to be more direct then either of his parents were, as entertainer’s and teachers, and often being more indirect, he wanted more clarity and certainty in his own life, at this time in his life.

Though he loves his parents, there is a bit of tension between him and his mother, due in part to the deep differences between their disciplines and world views. But the tension is not so deep that neither of them can care for one another, and both of them are interested in truth, they approach the matter from different directions. His mother is the one who gave him a measure of value of truth, something that he does thank her for. His relationship with his father is slightly less strained in terms of the way they see things, and he has listened to dozens of tales his father has told, or sung. Legends and stories that have inspired him to heroism and to take up the path of a hero himself, he hopes someday to make his own legends in the world.

Family and Teacher

Ilea Dari- Mother - Illusionist

Janis Moran- Father - Troubadour

Vera Kea - Teacher - Archer

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