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Aberrant/Trinity: East of Eden scene 1.


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how does your character react the the invasion of eden airspace?

1. Eden colony is under assault

A blue and green ball hangs in the void shimmering with life and vitality. Lazy white clouds drift over the planet as the sun shines down on its oceans causing the waters of Eden to shimmer with white sparkles.

A hole square opened up in the void above Eden. First no one noticed but soon something came through the hole. A long sleek ship thousands of meters long slid out of the holes. The ships were jet black bristling with what looked like cannons and other weapons. The few ships in orbit of Eden were quite surprised, one such ship was the Maria a small freighter

Inside the Maria was Jessi a young girl of some 12 years old. As so often she was looking out the windows at the stars and there she saw the square hole open in the darkness of space.

‘What is that?’ asked Jessi of her father.

The older man looked and he saw the humongous ships coming out of what seemed like black holes in a dark star studded sky. he looked closer but he could not identify the ships they seemed somehow alien. Maybe they were ships the nova rulers had created, they could do anything.

‘I don’t know’ the older man said to his daughter as he looked out the window.

Jessi and her father looked as three of the huge spear like black ship moved out of the portal, surrounding them were dozen of smaller ships like little obsidian spear points.

Jessi jumped off the bench she used for her star gazing and ran to get a book. It was her favorite and showed all the space ships the nova and people of Eden had built. It was worn from use and she climbed back on the bench.

She knew it cover to cover but maybe she had just forgot one. With the book on her knees she flipped through the book seeking something like what she was seeing.

The three huge black ships moved closer to the planet and then the unthinkable happened. The lead ship fired what looked like a beam of red light at one of the orbital facilities. It was almost beautiful.

The old man froze in shock. He could see the beam slice into the station and a piece of the station drift away. He was brought back to his senses by a question of his daughter.

‘What’s that light daddy?’ she asked pointing at the yellow explosion ripping through the orbital facility.

With a muttered curse he jumped away from the windows and took of though the door at a dead run. Yelling for all he was worth. ‘JACK FIRE UP THE ENGINE, YOU LAZY DOG’

A perplexed Jessi stayed near the window looking at the bright red beams lancing from the huge black ship. It looked so beautiful like one of the laser shows she had seen on Eden.

The Maria shuddered to life and Jessi held on to the rail next to the windows. She could feel the engine roared to life and the ship started to move. She could see the huge black ships take apart the orbital facility and somewhere she knew that people were dieing but it all looked so clean and so colorful like it was not real, a trick maybe.

The ship pitched towards the planet and began its suicidal descent. A little black spear head came flying at it. Jessi could see it closing and she was afraid then. She could hear yelling and screaming from the door that led to the rest of the ship.

Tears formed in her eyes and she kept looking at the black spear head moving closer and closer to the ship. Then bright red beams lanced from the spearheaded craft and struck the Maria.

The ship groaned and then explosions rocked the ship and a loud emergency signal blared through the ship. Jessi looked at the doorway and the emergency bulkhead slammed shut with a loud thunk. Fear finally getting the better of her and she started to cry

Mortally wounded the ship lurched towards Eden as gravity took over and drew the ship closer to the gravity well. The ship entered the upper atmosphere and started to tumble end over end as it was unable to stabilize its reentry.

As the small ship started the glow red from reentry the huge black ship took position over Eden and they started to rain down destruction as bombs were fired from the underbelly of the huge black ships while the black spear heads decimated the orbital ships and facilities

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