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Aberrant/Trinity: East of Eden, Character


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Character types u can be.

Nova’s 1st gen characters

Normal character generation rules 60 Nova points and no Lvl 4, 5, 6 powers. Normal aberrant taint rules on Eden. Because you’re so old you have to have at least 1 mid level aberration or 3 minor ones more if taint demands it.

2nd generation nova’s trues an teras start with normal character creation rules for novas with 30 nova points, no Lvl 4, 5, 6 powers. Sons and daughters of the 1st generation nova couples.(see aberrant a breed apart)


Normal character creation rules with 30 bonus points instead of 15 because it will even out the power gap a little. Any of the orders really, let’s say you were just visiting Eden when the solid human waste hit the rotating blades.

edit : changed the 1st generation nova rules making it either 3 low lvl abberations or one mid lvl abberation more in line with the brainwaves/forcefull personalies/the new flesh system

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here is an example of a true 2nd generation nova i'll be using as a storyteller character

David Marre (2nd generation nova, True)

Concept; The human torch

Son of two novas, David was born almost 20 years ago. He’s now an adult as novas recon such things. When he was young his parents were mostly out clearing the lands of Eden for human settlement and as such they often camped out and so he became very attracted to fire after his apotheosis he became a fire using nova. He’s very interested in Earth having never seen it but his parents told him a lot about the place and now he longs to see the sights of Paris, Rome, and New york.

He has several baseline girlfriends some he like to be seen with and others he doesn’t. His parents do not object although his mother would prefer that he find a nice nova girl and settle down with her. He is treaded much like a noble’s son of old earth. He has yet to experience real love for another other than his parents.

Strength 3

Dexterity 4,

Drive 2

Firearms 3

Martial arts 3

Pilot 2

Stamina 3

Endurance 2

Resistance 1

Charisma 3,

Command 1

Etiquette 2

Manipulation 2,

Streetwise 1

Appearance 3

Style 1

Perception 2,

Awareness 2

Intelligence 2,

Academics 3

Linguistics 2

Science 2

Survival 2

Wits 2

Report 1

Mentor 4

Allies 2

Contact 1

Willpower 6

Quantum 3

Quantum pool 26

Mega stamina 1

Mega appearance 1

Body morph (Energy, Fire) 3

Lvl 3

Immolate (fire) 1

Fly 1

Invulnerability (Fire) 1

Quantum bolt 2

Lvl 2

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since people are going to be trying to kill you i thought it might be prudent to have a medic character for the group.

Jennifer Madovitch (1st generation nova)

Demeanor conniver

Nature caregiver

Born in 2025 to a Russian couple she was the third of four children she grew up in a small city south of Moscow. Her youth was relatively peaceful but she had her encounters with the law. She also drank heavily but it was not seen as abnormal in Russia at that time.

Her eruption came when she was studying in Moscow. She was studying to become a doctor and there were many parties at one of those she met a fellow student they flirted. Thing got a little more serious and they went to a more private place. The boy was the son of a prominent Russian businessman and this man had enemies. When they were driving the car was shot at and the boy crashed the car in a dich she climbed out and the boy was still alive she tried to help but the shooters returned.

She saw them and asked for help. In return they shot her in the gut and then went to the car to kill the boy. That done they left her to die but she didn’t die, she did have a splitting headache

Once in the hospital she was diagnosed a nova and joined project utopia as a healer. She was very good and helped many people but she was also prone to hysterics when under fire and never joined a team tomorrow.

When thing started to go bad for the novas and the world became more hostile she did not know what to do. She tried to hide by she was found out and had to run from the angry mob. Old friends finally persuaded her to go to the moon where she lived relatively peacefully. Moving to Eden with the other novas

Strength 3,

Dexterity 4,

Athletics 2

Drive 2

Firearms 3

Martial arts 4

Pilot 2

Stealth 1

Stamina 2

Charisma 4,

Etiquette 1

Manipulation 3,

Appearance 4

Perception 4,

Awareness 3

Investigation 1

Intelligence 4,

Academics 3

Medicine 5

Science 3

Survival 2

Wits 2


Node 3

Dormancy 3

Allies 2

Willpower 8

Quantum 6 (32)

Taint 4

Mega Charisma 1

Mega Appearance 1

Force field 3

Lvl 3

Extra : Mastery 1

Extra : Projection

Healing 2

Lvl 3

Invisibility 2

Lvl 2

Taint aberrations

Hysterical withdrawal. When under a lot of stress the character snaps and withdraws from the world for a time. In jennifers case she projects a force field around her and simply sits down without moving sometimes invisible

Unearthly beauty (from aberrant rulebook)

Surreality (from forcefull personality)

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(Edit: Formatting, moved 1 dot from each of Endurance and Resistance to Stealth--makes more sense for this character 20101203EST2230)

Name: Lusungu Mercy Chanda

Lusungu was born in 2090. The sixth child of poor Zambian farmers, she ran away from home as soon as she was able to. By six, she had decided she didn't want to end up pregnant and stuck on a farm like her mother or her oldest sister. By ten, she'd mastered an elementary grasp of English and Mandarin, enough to let her get by in any of the cities of the Central African territories. She didn't know how she'd make a living, but she'd find a way.

By fourteen, she'd run away three times, and been brought home all three times by Central District Police troopers. Each time, her father and oldest brothers beat her with a leather belt to dissuade her from trying again. She promised herself that she would not get caught the fourth time.

At sixteen, she ran off to Mongu, hitch-hiking along roadsides but hiding from District troopers. She spent three days in Mongu, dumpster diving, fending off other kids from gangs, and looking for a way to make a living that did not involve prostitution. On the fourth day, she walked into a UAN recruitment office, and claimed to be her older sister, so that she'd be eighteen, the minimum age of recruitment for the UAN armed forces.

"A farm girl? You're eighteen?" the recruitment officer asked her, almost yelling so that he could be heard above the loud rumbling of the laundromat next door. The skepticism painted on his sweat glistened face was abundantly clear to her.

"Does it not say so?"* she replied, her chin defiantly thrust up, another approaching denial already stirring her anger.

But instead of saying no, he just laughed, a deep, bellowing chuckle. "What can you do, little monkey, to make it worth your time in the military? Are you good with a gun?" He laughed again.

This wasn't had she'd planned on things going. She was about to scream in anger, then recovered herself. There was a glint in his eye that told her at least some of this was an act. She sat back, relaxed her shoulders, and answered the question she thought he was asking. "I've taught myself to use the computer in our school. Using it, I've taught myself English and Mandarin. I got from my village to here on my own. I will not return to my village." Her chin thrust up again at the end.

"Well, little monkey, maybe we will have something for you," the recruiter replied, passing a data pad over the desk to her. "Read that over, and put your thumbpring at the bottom."


Three years later, Mercy was a UAN recon squad communications technician. She'd learned to survive almost anywhere on Earth: dessert, tundra, rain forest, mountains. Her squad had even done some training on the moon, but that was more for exposure than out of any likelihood they would actually live there.

She'd also learned that nothing she could've imagined would be so different from her life on a backwater tribal farm as life in the UAN military. For one thing, while Bantu was a common language, in the international community, English and Mandarin seemed to be the languages most commonly used. Consequently, she started going by her English name—Mercy;—most of the time.

During her stay on the moon, she had three days of leave. Her squadies, being the tough jarheads that they were, couldn't stay away from a rough and tumble place. They headed to Luna's Pit. Nothing significant happened, but on the way back to base, a strange man stared at her across the maglev car's aisle for a while. At first, she tried to ignore him, but she couldn't. It wasn't sexual. It wasn't domineering. It wasn't racist. It was.... Evaluating?

"What are you looking at?" she asked him in English, just because he was white.

For a moment, he said nothing. Then—in Bantu—he said "You're not ready, yet." After that, he smiled, and closed his eyes. She looked around at her squaddies, but they didn't even seem to notice. When she looked back, he had disappeared. She felt a little woozie for a while, but by the time she got back to their base, it had passed.


Two years later, August 2112, Mercy was on the sunny beach near Edmonton, Queensland, Australia, on leave. She was drinking a her fourth beer, trying to decide whether she would sign up for another tour. Part of her wanted to do that, wanted to stay military. It was a better life than she ever would have had in Zambia. The other part of her was wondering if there was something still better for her out there. She felt like there was, but that was ridiculous.

A shadow fell across her, blocking the late afternoon sun. This would be the third Australian surfer dude to try to hit on her today. She liked the sun, but the men here seemed to be attracted to her here like moths to a flame. She turned to him, about to blow this one off, when she recognized the face.

"You!" He was dressed like a surfer dude, this time, but it was the same man.

"Actually, it's about you, Lusungu."

Mercy got up slowly, carefully putting her beer down. You never knew when there would be another one. She watched him, levelly, and waited. Military discipline taught you nothing quite the way it did patience.

After two minutes, he smiled wryly. "Looks like I lost that bet," he said under his breath, then continued more clearly. "I'm a clear, but not an ISRAn. I work for the Upeo Wa Macho."

He told her that she had a high potential latency, and that she would have something to do with dealing with aberrants. He asked her if she wanted to become a teleporter. She finished her beer before giving him an answer.


Her squad understood. They were happy for her. This would be something new. They went out, had a few drinks to celebrate. It was strange, though. In some ways, some of them treated her like they were envious. In other ways, some of them treated her like she was dead. She mentioned that she wasn't guaranteed to be in, but none of them accepted that.

A few days later, she packed up her few personal belongings and did something she hadn't done in years: she went home.

She didn't know why, but she had a feeling she wouldn't be able to see it again for a while.

She got there a few days later, she got home. Her mother acted like she was a ghost, come back from the grave. She couldn't stop crying. Her father was strange. He didn't know what to make of her. She felt more out of place here than she had ever felt anywhere before in her life.

She stayed the night at her the home of her sister, because the home of her parents just seemed wrong. The husband of her sister tried to rape her that night. She broke his nose and sprained his wrist before she fully woke up. Her sister woke up when this happened. Lusungu left before anybody else could say anything. By dawn, she was halfway to Mongu, again.

She decided she'd head directly to Kenya. The Upeo's base there, and she was supposed to be there in about seventy-eight hours. By the time she was in Mongu, she'd planned out her trip. Dawn three days later, Lusungu was at the Upeo base.


The first year she was in the Upeo wasn't quite as bad as basic training, but they still pushed her hard. Every joe job they could think of, she ended up getting. She got a feel for how all the groups worked. But within two months, she realized something: She'd found a group of people she could respect, and a job worth doing. When the year was up, she did her long walk. Atwane decided to be completely brutal to her: she was left barefoot and naked in Nunavut, in northern Canada, at the start of September, and had only a month to get out to Mars.

When she appeared in Nunavut, she let out a loud scream, once, then started going. Atwan had let her get all her gear together, before personally teleporting her.

It took her almost a week to get to Lisboa, Portugal, but once she was there, it was a short trip to Mars. There were complications, but nothing she couldn't handle.


Now, Lusungu is 24+z year old, and it's been z years since the Upeo exodus. Lusungu has spent the last three years as a member of the Monitors, the branch of the Upeo that usually try to keep an eye on a given colony, helping out with natural disasters and more normal trouble. (So z is the current year - 2114. When I know what year the game takes place in, I'll turn that to a more normal number.)

Lusungu is called Mercy by any of her friends who don't speak Bantu.


* This conversation translated from the Bantu dialect of the region.


Height: 155 cm (5'1" for the metric impaired)

Mass: 48 kg (Weight about 105 lbs on Earth)

Hair: Black and coarse, cut short. It's too much of a hassle in combat.

Eyes: Dark brown, in some light with amber and green streaks radiating from the pupil through the iris.

Manner: Usually pretty calm and quiet, almost sleepy. Prone to bursts of intense energy and volume in direct proportion to explosions, projectiles, and general mayhem in her vicinity. Generally inclined towards circumventing those who seem to be incompetent.

Style: Tends to wear slightly worn, non-descript military surplus clothing whenever she can get away with it. Doesn't particularly care about impressing people with her looks.


Str 2

Might 1

Dex 3

Firearms 3

Melee 3

Stealth 2

Sta 5

Per 2

Int 2

Engineering 3 (Communications Gear)

Investigation 1

Linguistics 2 (English, Chinese/Mandarin) (Native: Bantu)

Survival 3

Wits 4

Meditation 2

App 2

Man 2

Command 1

Suberfuge 1

Cha 2

Savvy 1

Willpower 8

WP 8/8

Psi 6 (min 6)

PP 6/6




Basic Technique: Spatial Sense

Translocation: 4

Spatial Integrity, Jump, Shimmer, Long Jump

Transmassion: 4

Relay Object, Relay Person, Transmit Object, Transmit Person

Warping: 0

Auxilliary: 0


Allies 3 (3 bonus points)

Cipher 1

Contacts 2

Resources 3

Status 1 (Upeo Wa Macho)


Spider Harness

5d10 L Dmg +0 Acc 5 Mass 2 Tolerance (Formatted)

Maneuvers: Weapon Strike

Concealability: Overcoat

It is photosynthetic and thermosynthetic, so that it can recharge up to 6 biolaser battery packs at a time, taking about an hour to recharge each clip. The harness also has 8 "spider" legs that the wearer can control when it is formatted to him. The legs can be used to assist in climbing, can fend off attackers coming from behind, and be used to attack. The harness also gives 2 extra dice to Athletics rolls involving falling or climbing. The spider harness provides +2/+2 soak on attacks to the back.

Hunting Knife

Str+1 L Dmg +0 Acc 0.5 kg Mass

Maneuvers: Disarm, Parry, Weapon Strike, Two weapons

Concealability: Jacket

Ares Whistler Sonic Pistol

6dB Dmg +0 Acc 50m Range 1 ROF 20 Clip 1 kg Mass

Maneuvers: Multiple shots, Two weapons

Concealability: Jacket

Alchemy 2118-D Biocarbine laser carbine

8dL (+1 F) Dmg +0 (+2 F) Acc 510 m Range 15 ROF 40 Clip 3.5 kg Mass

Maneuvers: Multiple shots, Spray, Two weapons

Concealability: Overcoat


Mercy usually tries to keep a small assortment of grenades. There isn't much that a teleporter can't hit precisely with a grenade. ;-)

Field Suit


1 Bashing/3 Lethal, 0 Bulk rating

Personal Computer System

Steinhardt MI-CC Minicomp

Standard: [3/3, 0] Ceramic-polymer shell, cell-link, locator beacon, Patton military agent, no cell-link subscription. Mass 1.5

DataWarp Patton agent, Performance: 4

Applications: Administration* 1, Current Events 1, Geography** 3, History 4, Linguistics 3, Mathematics 3, Politics 1, Regulations* 3, Tactics 4

*These apps have been patched to reflect Upeo policies and procedures.

**This app has been updated with terrain of known areas of the Terran extra-solar colonies by the Upeo, and Eden by a cyberkinetic nova.

Accessories: HUDset (mass: .5), one-handed chording keyboard (mass: neg)

Military binoculars with low-light and IR enhancement. Mass: 1

GPS/Inertial Compass (the former isn't usually all that useful), modded by the Upeo for frequent changes of planet. Mass: neg

Emergency Toolkit: Mass 2

Fieldkit (basic camping gear). Mass: 1

Flashlight. Mass .5

Beef jerky. Mass .5

MREs, Lasagna. Mass .5

Hot hot hotsauce in a squeeze tube. Mass .5

Has a nice condo in Mlenga Senga on Lake Tanganyika in the old D. R. of Congo. It's being used as a crash pad by one of her old buddies from her UAN days.

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