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New game : East of eden


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East of eden

Hi I want to run a game that mixes aberrant/trinity a little. This is the first time I ever tried an online format of role-playing. I am usually a storyteller but my group kind of drifted apart IRL and now I’m bored. So I thought why not try to set up something

I want to make a game of the nova colony of Eden. Since I also like to blow stuff up I thought I might be better to make it a war chronicle. So your all on Eden and the colony gets attacked and we sort of go from there. If you’re interested I posted the first scene and a thread where u can deposit your characters.

Also it would help if your character has some reason to defend humanity, or is at least a somewhat good guy. Then again u might just like the carnage of combat.

Any help or comments appreciated.

allowed characters (See thread)

1st generation aberrant

2nd generation abberant


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Eden is detailed in the stellar frontiers book of trinity here is the short short version.

Eden is a colony set up by remnants of the space brigade and several Teragen members to create a nova lead human colony. Here nova’s rule without interference of baseline mortals, there word is absolute. This is not to say the novas are cruel. They are allowed to take any non personal property they want. In return for this absolute power they make life on Eden more pleasant. They develop cures save mortals who are in danger, there is a sort of nobles oblige among novas with regard to the baselines

Most baselines are happy with this arrangement treating the novas like living gods. Although there are some dissenters who despise the novas for there superior attitude most suffer in silence, not because the novas would harm one like that but because of the social censure such an individual would face at the hands of his/her baseline peers.

The planet is covered by plants and animals. Although this is deceptive, most plants and animals are part of giant interconnected organisms at war with another such organism. They identify self organisms with pheromones.

Harmony is the only and largest city on the planet about 80.000 of the 100.000 people live here with a standard of living higher than most of settled human space. Most novas have either a country house or live in the Palace of enlightenment, a huge citadel made of quartz and basalt in monumental style. Imagine the Parthenon but bigger and more splendid.

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Other threads on this: http://www.rpg-post.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/259077/Aberrant_Trinity_East_of_Eden_.html#Post259077

Char Gen: http://www.rpg-post.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/259076/Aberrant_Trinity_East_of_Eden_.html#Post259076

To Clarify: Trues get an automatic +2 social disad? And 1st gen's get either a +1 or a +3 (from aberrations)?

And any clues on whether we'll be a high experience or low experience game?

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Trues and terats do not get any penalty on Eden since most of the population has grown up with them as defacto sons and daughters of the gods. They are treated much like nobles sons and daughters were treated.

So trues and terats get no automatic +2 difficulty on social roles on Eden. In fact all aberants not obviously crazy have there maximum social penalty lowered to a maximum of +1 due to taint or other factors. The abberant might look like the swamp thing but he is still your highness swampthing to baselines.

On other planets however they do get this penalty because of there peculiar upbringing and/or taint

As for experince i have no idea what would amount to high or low experince on online boards, as i said i have no experince in online roleplaying. i would like for it to be high since i assume the characters would get into a whole lot of drama because of the conflict taking place.

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Ok, how about a bit more information, so a few questions.

As a second Generation Nova, using the 2nd Gen experance chart in a Breed Appart, or the regular one? Do you get more NP's later, or just the base 30?

You are using the following books, right? A Breed Apart, The New Flesh, Forceful Personalities, and Brainwaves? How about things like the Aberrant Compendium or the like?

With the Eden situation being so different, shouldn't one have a level of influence/backing/resources for free just by being a nova?

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I'm interested--not committing yet, but interested. I'd also like to hear a little more, especially about Teragen members being part of Eden's Nova elite.

As far as psion PCs go, are all of the WW canon aptitudes available? Do characters have to be members of any particular organizations? What about additional techniques from the splatbooks?

Just how combat heavy will this campaign be? Any investigation or social situations, or pretty much just whoosh-BOOM?

I think that's it for now. smile

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if you play with a second generation nova you can use the tabel om page 46 in a breed apart. so you start with a less powerfull character but grow quicker in power.

i would use, A Breed Apart, The New Flesh, Forceful Personalities, and Brainwaves. but i haven't read it cover to cover, if i have a problem with something i'll let u know

i supose the special place the nova occupy on eden would count as backgrounds, influnce 2-3 resources 3-4 fame 2, but these background work only on eden.

about 1st generation nova's, the way i see it most of the nova would have beloned to the space brigade, but in the end it got pretty bad on earth and they tried save all nova's not immediately hostile. in that group you can fit whatever you want, teragen or aberrant.

as it is a roleplaying game it will have combat social and diplomatic scenes, but the background is a war story with some emphasis on diplomacy.

eufiber? sure why not

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A Jumper would be cool, Teleportation is one of those areas that a Psion is better off then a Nova, because of sheer verstility, it takes a Nova a lot more purchases to match what a psion can do with a few dots (Warp, Teleport, Spatial Manipulation, etc).

Myself, sense this is an invasion, I'm thinking of a physically focused Nova.

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Originally Posted By: Envoy
Not me, but if everyone else was adverse to playing the vital role of 'busdriver', I could bring myself to make a 1st Gen Nova with a 'Traveler' theme.
The two concepts I'm toying with are an Earth Elemental type char (unsure whether 1st or 2nd gen would work better) and a 1st gen "Mimic" (think Exiles) with one of his power sets being Warp.
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Oh dear goodness. Psi and Quantum get around about as well as oil and water. smile In canon, psi is subquantum. There is a mode known as quantakinesis that manipulates quantum, but it's very inefficient. Using psi around novas is harder, and psions can make using quantum harder.

On the other hand, I think it's harder for novas to notice psi use, while quantum use is generally somewhat noticeable by most psions. I really can't think of a good analogy to explain it. Sorry.

If this game looks like it's seriously going ahead, and I'm included in it, I'll make an Upeo teleporter.

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Turns out with 30 freebie points, it can be done 2 ways, the good way and the bad way.

I think I'd like to do this. It'll be the most equipment dependent character of the bunch, from an offensiveness point of view, and he'll be like a howitzer in a tin can, in some ways, but the worst that happens is he goes splat!, right? Right!? wink

Demonpiem, I'd like to know just how you interpret psi and quantum interaction, though.

One thing, to make it efficient, all of us will have to hold hands when we teleport. whistle

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Originally Posted By: Courier
One thing, to make it efficient, all of us will have to hold hands when we teleport.

Please tell me that character is a hot chick. laugh

I wasn't planning on it, but I also hadn't really come with much.... Busy day at work today.

I'll, uh, try to accomodate that request somehow. If you can get me a picture of a woman in military fatigues with a gun that looks "hot" and "real military", well, it won't hurt the chances of that happening.

I was aiming for Congolese, but that's just because what I do have is someone trained in the UAN military as a member of a recon squad. Not a sniper, but certainly someone good with a gun, and good with her hands. I haven't served in armed forces, though, so most of my background would be based on Tom Clancy books and movies, and John Ringo's Legacy of the Aldenata series. Apologies in advance if I don't pull off a proper portrayal of military behaviour.

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characters can be submitted to me in private message if u want or on the page i made for it both are fine.

quantum and psi; i've been reading field report NoeticScience it seems to indicate that high quantum would somehow interfear with psi. the difference in quantum and psi would have to be rather large though to make it do anything. but i don't think that it will add anything to the game to make this into a penalty for psi users.

as for bus drivers ally cost, if you just want transportation to the battle field it won't cost u anything in ally. presumeably the ones in charge would like u to be able to help and fight. however if you want to use one for personal reasons or just for kicks an ally rating would be required. also remember that you guys are members of a ruling elite, some perks are to be exspected.

Envoy, a chronokinetic how would that work. sounds wierd

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