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[OpNet] Well, it'd be rude if I didn't...


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Originally posted by DigiGeist:
Hello all.

I really don't feel comfortable giving out my name, but DigiGeist will suffice for now, friends.

Now, where's the Ampwells?
Simply showing up here is more than enough for some Novas to know everything about you. If you truly want to stay hidden, poking your head up from your hidey hole is not the way to go about it.

Now, if you wish to join the social interaction here, that's fine. We teach each other, learn from each other, and more often than not annoy each other to no living end. If you'd like to partake of that, feel welcome. You have to make a serious effort to be driven away. But, please, we've had enough 'mysterious' posters to last a lifetime. Join or do not, please don't try to flit about the edges and be seen as some enigmatic faceless presence.
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The reason why I hide my name... Oh hell. It's Samuel. Samuel Davison. I used DigiGeist as my user name for years before my eruption. I sort of like using it now as my "tag" as it were.

Really, it's not to be mysterious, it's how all my friends know me.

And yes, I'm a dude. A fully rendered, binary code dude.

At least when I'm inside the 'net.

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You don't know how welcome those words make me feel. I've been a gamer geek for like... ever. Either at the tables, or later on the opnet's many MMORPGs... You should try being on one while actually "in" one. It really spices up the experience.

And first person shooters... boy howdy I own when I'm really being in first person.

Here, it's sort of boring. I just rattle off a thought, and I go about my buisiness. I can multi-task lurking this server and go elsewhere.

I know, dosn't say much for the place, but that's just all I can do here...

At least untill I get verified by the admins.

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Well then, Mr. Davison, welcome to the Carnival.

You should know who I am from reading the archives. You have exhibited your recollection of one incident in my past which was publicized here. (to my error I might add.)

So, all I ahve to say is, don't crash the server, and you wont make your dear Mahou muss up her sailor suit. ~.^

Yes, that was a joke. laugh. OBEY.

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