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[OpNet] Great Data Swimming Holes...

Sakurako Hino

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Thought I'd impart a few locations for those that can jump into the opnet like I can.

There are a couple of OpNet Cams of the Akihabara discict that provide a beautiful cityscape at night. Great for terminal wallpapers. Not to mention walking in their public server is a treat. Brilliant red green and blue neon data streams leading through a space station like data motif.

PU's Public Server is just what I expected, Utopian, and looking like "Metropolis". What's weird is the vibrance of color. You'd expect something so... boring... to be a drab grey...

N! Prime's server is a sight to behold. It's various sections gleam with data! It's almost like being in an aquarium with those under-water walkways. Only difference is that there are massive multi-color data streams swimming around in the ether of empty bandwidth.

Any other data divers with a few choice dive zones?

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There's a site out that of a nomadic bent that caters specifically to your particular application. The site changes address daily -- only the '1337' can keep up with it -- but it's specifically designed to please the sensory perception of data divers like yourself with a kelidescope of aberrant stimuli.

I'm no OpDiver myself, but I could hook you up with someone who could tell you where it is at any given moment.

Careful, though. I heard it can get addictive.


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A Digital Shang-Ra-La...

Hmmm.... I've heard tells. May have even seen it for a split moment...

Crap... this sounds like one of my old Shadowrun adventures...

Sorry... Being a Nova is new to me. The Nova urban legends though... I've known since N-Day.

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