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[OpNet] Yes, I'm a walking contradiction...

Sakurako Hino

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And I'm proud of it.

You guys know what I'm like. Just because I've been gone for a while, don't mean it's an excuse to forget all aout me.

To remind those who've forgotten, I'm Sakurako "Endeavor" Hino. Yes, I'm using that nickname again.

A lot of people have been saying "Hey, what's up with the look?"... Well, Just to straighten things out, it's the way I am.

Some people are weirded out, some people like it.

I am just here to remind those who've forgotten to dream to remember what they've lost. To try to once again reach for the sky and grab the stars.

Those that disrespect, just don't have a heart. Some people are so "terminally cool" that they aren't willing to have some fun in their lives, because it'd screw up their "status". Get over yourselves and relax. Life is short (even for some novas out there) so live every moment to it's fullest.

There are better things to get all huffy over.

Just letting that off my chest.

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Guys... I was just getting something off my chest. Nothing more...

I just noticed some people get strung out over simple things. I mean, just because I tend to be on the lighter side of life, it tweaks all the killjoy's noses all outta whack.

I sort of like that.

I guess I like getting the attention.

But really, Apep, your saying it's all about me? Well, I am getting some things out in the open that deal with what runs through my little brain from time to time.

You speak as if it's a bad thing.

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Well, Endeavor..Nothing wrong with wanting Attetion, it what you do to get it.

i think you should nto be ashamed by what you are, nor what you do.

As my Aunt will tell you, it is unhealthly to regert what you do.For no mater what you do there will be reactions to it,and what seems like a bad reaction may not be nearly bad as the one you got if you did soemthing else, or nothing at all.So do not regret wht you do.after all you only live once.

now, that may seem odd to somepopel, but it fits with me, but thena gian it is part of a larger context.so please understnad that what I am saying really jsut means, life if to short for worries, and regrets.

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Originally posted by Sakurako 'Endeavor' Hino:
I just noticed some people get strung out over simple things.
If your talking about me you can just come out and say so. I don't take offense easy. Folks can say all they want and usually do but watching what they do instead of what they say will tells you more about them than any thousand word. Once in a while something strikes me as odd but there's a time honored tradition in my family for getting to the bottom of things. I just ask. wink

Wear what you want. Put atomic power in the trees, make the snow red or turn the sky pink and it won't bother me none. I'm easy that way.
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Right, so if your just getting things off your chest, then why don't you have an opnet journal or something instead?


Why? Is there something you want to know? Or do you simply want to be amused at me talking to myself?

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Apep, you are somewhat right. I should keep things to myself and not here. Sometimes though, I like to talk. That is a common need among people Nova or Human is it not? And what a better way to communicate among great distances between Novas than over something a Nova created, right? Come on, Apep. Just because the subject isn't in your book of "interesting matters", doesn't mean you have to make it interesting.

I guess I should record this in a Op-Blog or something...

Cody... I meant no insult to you. I like you. There was just an issue I had to get off of my chest in general.

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You know, Just to show I have no hard feelings, In 3 weeks, I'll throw a party. I gotta clean and dust off some stuff over here. Silvertalon left it like a bachelor's pad while I was away.

But back on task here, in 3 weeks I'll throw a party, and a few of you guys are invited. Watch your INboxes. Besides, it'd be an excuse to get to see Ronin again.

I just gotta put on a party... I'm so extactic I'm back.

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